Manila Megastack 4: Tetsuya Tsuchikawa bags the Main Event title

December 06, 2015

After six days of non-stop poker action at PokerStars Live Manila poker room at City of Dreams Manila, Japanese poker pro Tetsuya Tsuchikawa overcame a field of 375 entries to reign victorious and claim the first place cash prize of P752,200 of the Manila Megastack 4 Main Event. This was the biggest ever turnout for this event in Manila blowing away the 2M guarantee and sending it into the next million range.


Tsuchikawa’s run at the Final Table

Tsuchikawa came into the final table of 9 running seventh in chips but after several uncalled all ins, his stack was in great shape to start battling against the big stacks and cause some damage to others. His first massive double up happened at three-handed when he moved all in with K♣9♥ and was called by then chip leader, Filipino player Joven Huerto who held A♣6♣. Tsuchikawa paired his king on the board and took over the chip leader status. He continued to dominate the felt and claimed over half the chips in the table with his Q♠10♣ landing one of the many outs he needed for a club flush.

Shortly after, his stack took a hit against Filipino player Anacleto Quijano but was able to gain some of it back after eliminating Huerto in third place. At heads up against Quijano, their stacks were almost evenly distributed though Tsuchikawa had a slight advantage. He lost several pots to Quijano but all for naught because he catapulted into a dominating lead when his K♥2♦ top pair held up against Quijano’s flush draw. With a 5:1 chip lead, it was all over in two hands. Tsuchikawa defeated Quijano and claimed the Main Event championship title and trophy.

Congratulations to Tetsuya Tsuchikawa for his victory at the Main Event!

Final Day Recap

The day began with 48 hopefuls looking to get in the money at 36 players and then take it to the finish line. The bubble burst when Filipino poker pro John Tech eliminated Franklin Acfalle. Yet despite Tech’s massive stack he was unable to go the distance and was eliminated by Quijano with ace-eight landing a full house over ace-seven.

Another big stack unable to make it to the final table was Chinese Taipei’s Lee Chung Yeh and Filipino player Renato Pacayra. For Yeh, he was quite active at his table. He was all in several times and his stack swung drastically until Filipino player Eugene Co finally put an end to his day. As for Pacayra, he was all in with ace-ten against fellow countryman Edilbert Gopez’s (4th place finisher) pocket threes but even if an ace graced the board, so did a three giving Gopez a dominating set. Falling as well was Korea’s Jae Wook Shin whose set on the flop with pocket eights was crushed when Brice Augustyn’s (5th place finisher) pocket kings felted a king on the river for a higher set. During that hand, Augustyn also eliminated Wzardioline Lazier. Augustyn entered the final table as the chip leader.

At the final table of 9, Filipino player Roden Munoz was first to go when his short stack was just too small to gain any momentum. The next casualty was Steve Moon (UK) whose small pair was crushed at the flop by Augustyn’s big slick. Huerto took care of Stefano de Caro in sixth with pocket kings ruling the moment, then Quijano railed Darshan Sami (UK) in fifth and Augustyn in fourth. Despite not having railed anyone yet, Tsuchikawa made his move and eventually eliminated Huerto in third and Quijano in second to be the victor in the biggest Manila Megastack Main Event turnout to-date. You can read up on some of the action of the final day, just click here.

MM4 Final table.jpg
Final Table Payouts:
1st – Tetsuya Tsuchikawa (Japan) – 752,500
2nd – Anacleto Quijano (Philippines) – 480,200
3rd – Joven Huerto (Philippines) – 304,100
4th -Edilberto Gopez (Philippines) – 240,100
5th – Brice Augustyn (France) – 176,100
6th – Stefano de Caro (Taiwan) – 144,000
7th – Darshan Sami (UK) – 112,000
8th – Steve Moon (UK) – 94,400
9th – Roden Munoz – 76,800

We’d like to thank everyone who came out to support this event and help making it a big success.


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