Manila Megastack 5: Kickoff Final Day Updates

May 04, 2016

Out of 333 entries, we are down to 35 players, each of them vying to get that first place cash prize of P640,000, bragging rights as the first winner of the bigger and better Manila Megastack 5 series, and a seat to the APPT 10 Manila. The P2M Kickoff event easily surpassed the guarantee bringing the prizepool to over P2.8M. Random updates and all the action at the final table will be posted right here.

9:00PM: Ijima wins!

Daiki Ijima and Christopher Mateo were all in preflop with Mateo holding A♦3♠ and Ijima with A♥Q♣. The board ran dry for Mateo 4♣8♣6♠10♦4♦ and Ijima eliminated Mateo. Ijima claimed the trophy of the bragging rights for winning the first event of the Manila Megastack 5!

8:40PM: Heads up

We are at the heads up round. Final two players

Daiki Ijima 1,728,000
Christopher Mateo 1,608,000

Players decided to strike a deal of 50/50. They each would receive P522,224. They will play for the trophy.

8:30PM: Tolentino out in 3rd place

Julian Tolentino was eliminated in 3rd place by Daiki Ijima in hand that had Ijima raising to 65k and then having to decide on whether or not to call Julian Tolentino’s allin. Ijima called. Tolentino had 10♥10♦ and Ijima had A♣J♣. The board ran K♦5♣7♣A♥Q♣ and Tolentino finished in 3rd place.

8:15PM: Gupta railed by Mateo in 4th place

Christopher Mateo ended Piyush Gupta’s run in 4th place but before doing so, they were in a hand together that had Gupta losing a chunk of his chips. It began with Mateo raising to 53k then re-raised to 155k by Gupta. Mateo called and the flop ran 6♥3♠7♠. Gupta led out for 115k and Mateo called. On the turn of 4♥, Gupta checked to Mateo who moved all in. Gupta gave up his hand.

Following that, Gupta was all in with his ace-nine off and was up against Mateo with ace-jack. Mateo dominated the whole way, even landed a jack on the flop, and Gupta was out in 4th place.

8:00PM: Great call for Mateo sends Pangan out in 5th

Christopher Mateo raised to 60k preflop and was answered with an all in of 303k by Luke Pangan. If Mateo intended to think about it he didn’t take very long. He decided to rely on his fearless persona and called. When Pangan opened up J♣10♣, Mateo was ecstatic with his A♥4♦. The board bricked and Pangan was railed in 5th and very unhappy about it.

7:50PM: Ijima keeps banking on Mateo

Daiki Ijima has doubled up several times in this tournament and all have been courtesy of Christopher Mateo. In this hand, Mateo just eliminated two players and before his chips were neatl y arranged, some of it went to Ijima. On a board of A♦A♠J♦9♣, a bet of 350k was made by Mateo and Ijima check-called. On the river of J♣, Ijima checked again, Mateo checked back. Ijima had A♣Q♣ for trips and won a massive pot. Ijima now has 1.1m chips.

7:45PM: Two heads roll! Mateo dominates

It was a three-way all in that began with Thomas Larsen raising to 51k, three-bet by Christopher Mateo then a shove by John Riad. Action back to Larsen and he went all, and Mateo snap-called. Larsen had A♠Q♦, Mateo with Q♠Q♣, and Riad A♦9♥. The board ran blanks and Mateo’s ladies scalped two players. With more chips, Larsen takes 6th place and Riad in 7th place.

7:30PM: Ijima doubles up through Mateo

Daiki Ijima has moved all in twice so far at the final table and had no challengers. In this hand, he faced off with Christopher Mateo that saw a raised pot preflop. When the flop landed 6♣A♣2♦, Ijima bet 40k and Mateo pushed all in. Ijima snap-called. Mateo with A♠3♠ and Ijima with A♦Q♠. The turn of 4♥ and river of 10♦ were no good for Mateo to overtake and Ijima doubled up to around 900k.

7:20PM: Gupta scalps another, Kweon ends in 8th place

On a board of K♠Q♥2♣, Piyush Gupta bet 40k, was raised to 97k by Soomil Kweon, and Gupta flat-called. On the turn of 10♦, they both checked for a free river card of 2♠. Kweon moved all in for 167k and Gupta called. Kweon had 10♥9♥ and was way behind Gupta’s A♥A♦. Kweon was eliminated in 8th place. Gupta up to 900k.

7:15PM: Larsen doubles up

Thomas Larsen was all in and needed to get lucky with his 5♦7♦ against Soomil Kweon’s K♦J♠. The board did just that as it gave him a straight on the flop that was ahead to the end, and Larsen earned himself a double up.

7:10PM: Gupta sends Chen out in 9th place

It was an odd moment for Jing Liang Chen in this hand that sent him packing. PIyush Gupta raised to 32k and when action landed on him, he misread the raise thinking the new red chip was worth 50k and threw in 57k in the middle. After the dealer adjusted the chips to a min-raise, action went back to Gupta who shoved. Chen snap called and it was a showdown. Chen with A♣10♥ and Gupta with 6♦6♣. The board bricked and Chen was eliminated in 9th place.Gupta now at around 600k.

7:00PM: Perreau bluff exposed by Mateo, out in 10th place

David Perreau and Christopher Mateo were in a pot of around 120k already in the middle. The board was 8♣4♦A♠Q♣ and Perreau led out for 50k. Mateo quick-called. On the river of A♣, Perreau moved all in putting Mateo in a dilemma. He asked Perreau if he had a full house already. After a bit, Mateo called anyway and Perreau got up and said good call. He had 2♥3♦ bluff and was eliminated by Mateo’s J♥J♦. Mateo back up to around 900k.

6:45PM: Perreau folds to Ijima

David Perreau raised to 28k preflop but was three-bet all in by Daiki Ijima who had less chips. Perreau opted to fold while showing his A♦J♦. Ijima shared back 10♠10♥.

6:30PM: Kweon quick double up against Mateo

Christopher Mateo seems to be getting the short end of the stick against Soomil Kweon. He has just doubled him up again. Mateo raised to 30k, Kweon jammed all in, and Mateo called. Mateo had A♥J♣ against Kweon’s A♣Q♣. The board ran 8♦2♦8♥10♥Q♠ and Kweon doubled up.

6:20PM: Final Table of 10

Kick-off Final Table_manila.jpg
Thomas Larsen 160k
Christopher Mateo 786k
John RIad 106k
Luke Pangan 285k
Soomil Kweon 208k
Piyush Gupta 364k
Julian Tolentino 580k
Jinng Liang Chen 294k
Daiki Ijima 218k
David Perreau 335k

6:15PM: Dementev falls in 12th place; Walder out in 11th

Andrei Dementev busted out at the hands of Julian Tolentino. Dementev had ace-nine and Tolentino with ace-six. Tolentino landed trips and Dementev was out.

Tolentino also railed Alain Walder, denying him a seat to the final table of ten. Tolentino had J♠J♥ and Walder with A♣9♦. The board ran 10♦6♥K♠7♠4♥ and Walder bowed out in 11th place.

6:00PM: Double ups

Quite a number of players are doubling up twice, one of them was Soomil Kweon. For Kweon, he doubled up through Christopher Mateo with 7♣7♠ winning with a set on the board against Mateo’s A♣9♣. On his next one, he doubled up through Mateo again with his A♥4♥ landing an ace on the board against Mateo’s pocket queens.

Piyush Gupta also doubled up twice. His first was 10♣9♥ besting Kweon’s A♠Q♦ on a board that ran 2♥8♠8♦6♦9♦. On the next one he had Q♣10♣ against Mateo’s A♦K♠. The board ran J♣2♠Q♦5♥6♠ giving him a pair and avoiding elimination.

5:45PM: Mateo scalps another

Christopher Mateo called Heiko Kilmanschewsky’s all in, Mateo with J♣J♥ and Kilmanschewsky with A♥K♦. The board ran A♣5♥6♣ giving Kilmanschewsky the lead but with the turn of K♣ and river of 4♣, Mateo completed a flush and Kilmanschewsky was eliminated. Mateo rose to over 1M chips.

5:30PM: Mateo crushes Fernandes’s ace king

5-20 image.jpg
After a preflop raise war ended in Christopher Mateo all in and Jayde Fernandes calling, it was a showdown. Mateo with 5♠8♠ and Fernandes with A♥K♠. The board ran 10♣4♠10♥2♠5♦ and Mateo eliminated Fernandes with a pair on the river.

5:15PM: Tate runs into trouble a few times

Ronnie Tate’s run just ended in a few hands all within the same level. In one hand, there was 70k in the pot and a board of A♦8♣9♠. Tate bet 35k only to get shoved by Heiko Kilmanschewsky. Tate tanked then folded. On the next hand he was in a raised pot prefllop again and was up against Piyush Gupta. The flop was Q♦3♣7♦ and Tate led out for 25k. He was flat-called. On the turn of 4♥, Tate continued and bet 45k but Gupta went all in for an additional 31k to call. Tate folded.

In the final hand, Tate called Christopher Mateo’s raise of 21k and saw the flop land 7♣3♦K♥. Tate bet 20k and Mateo check-called. On the turn of 9♦, Tate went all in and Mateo check-called again. Mateo had 9♥7♥ and Tate with K♦J♥. The river of 10♦ was no goo for Tate and Mateo won with two pairs. Tate was eliminated.

5:00PM: Flores railed by Riad; Dementev eliminates Sayo

Remedios Flores, the only female left in the mix, was eliminated by John Riad. Flores had ace-two off suit and Riad had J♥J♦. The board gave Flores a pair but Riad still won with a flush with four diamonds on the board.

John Sayo went all in with 20k left and big blind Andrei Dementev called. Sayo had K♣J♦ and Dementev with A♣6♣. The board bricked and Dementev eliminated Sayo while scooping up the pot.

4:45PM: Pangan rails Lin

With everyone folding to the blinds, Luke Pangan went all in and big blind Hung Sheng Lin snap called. Pangan had K♥9♣ and Lin with Q♠Q♣. The board ran K♠4♠8♥A♥6♣ and with his high card connecting with a pair, Pangan took the chips and Lin was eliminated.

4:30:PM Pangan loses more chips, Alain earns the pot

Luke Pangan called Alain Walder’s raise of 18k and the dealer felted 7♣7♠3♥. Pangan quickly acted out and bet 19k. Walder called. On the turn of 7♦, Pangan bet again and sent out 25k, and again Walder called. On the river of 2♦, Pangan checked instead and Walder moved all in. Pangan folded.

4:10PM: Mateo tanks Larsen

Just before the break, Thomas Larsen and Christopher Mateo were in a raise war preflop that led to Mateo shoving all in. With more chips in his section of the felt, Larsen was placed in a dilemma but folded up in less than a minute.

4:00PM: More fall: Hsu, Lam, and Lopez

We didn’t catch the hand but Yuan Kai Hsu fell at the hands of Julian Tolentino. Then Louis Lam was railed by David Perreau with Lam’s 10♠10♦ losing to Perreau’s A♠K♠ that found an ace on the flop. As for Jose Lopez he called John Riad’s all in with A♦J♦ against Riad’s 9♠9♦. The board ran 7♦6♣9♥4♦A♠ and Lopez was eliminated.

3:45PM: Chen bags a massive one against Pangan

We were called over to witness a massive pot between Luke Pangan and Jing Liang Chen. The board was already filled up with a pot of over 200k and 5♦J♠2♣J♥6♠. Pangan pushed all in sending Chen to the tank for a long time. He eventually called and Pangan revealed his 2♦7♦ that was way behind Chen’s K♠K♣.

3:30PM: Gupta with a lucky turn double up

Piyush Gupta was all in and Soomil Kweon called. Gupta had queen-jack and Kweon with ace-king. The board ran A♥3♥K♠ and instantly Kweon was up with two pairs. The turn however changed it all with a 10♠ giving Gupta a straight. The river of J♦ kept Gupta ahead and he doubled up.

3:15PM: Maeda falls in 24th place

Azusa Maeda moved all in and was snap called by Daiki Ijima. Maeda had pocket queens and Ijima had pocket aces. The board bricked and Maeda was out.

3:00PM: Mordassov falls hard to Mateo

3 pm image.jpg
Oleg Mordassov and Christopher Mateo were in a hand that saw a raise preflop. At the flop of J♥10♥6♥, Mordassov bet 15k and Mateo moved all in, way covering Mordassov’s chips. This sent Mordassov tanking for some time and some comical words were exchanged. Still, Mordassov had to decide and he eventually called. Mordassov had A♦6♣ for a low pair but Mateo had A♥A♣ for an overpair and even a nut flush draw. The turn of Q♣ and river 8♥ were no help to Mordassov and he was out in 25th place.

2:30PM: Pangan rails Kim

Luke Pangan has added more chips to his arsenal after eliminating John Kim. Kim was ace-king and Pangan with pocket tens. The flop landed a king but with the turn slapping a ten, Pangan retook the lead with a set and eliminated Kim.

2:15PM: Bust outs

Early eliminations have dwindled the field down to 27. There will be no table re-draw as it is based on 10-handed. First one out was Jeong Jaeman followed by Yusuke Kakiuchi, Anthony, Gabitan, and Mikiya Kudo. Filipino pro John Tech fell in 29th place and Norway’s Henrik Tollefsen in 28th place.

The final day begins, players are eager and in their seats. The clock has just counted down. Level 12 blinds at 1500-3000 ante 500.


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