Manila Megastack 5: Live updates of P2M Gtd Kickoff Flights

May 03, 2016

Action is underway for the first event of the Manila Megastack 5, the P2M Guaranteed Kickoff event. We will post random updates right here throughout the day. There will be a total of four qualifying heats today. Each level increases every 30 minutes for Flight 1 and Flight 2, and for the Turbo heat it increases every 15 minutes. For the Flipout heat, it is a one-handed lucky draw and cards will be dealt as soon as a table is filled up. Buy-in is P10,000 for this event.

MM5 Kickoff Flight 1.jpg

1:45AM: Walder wins several pots and delivers the bubble (Flight 2)

Alain Walder had a heyday during the bubble stage picking up several big pots. In one hand, he had pocket eights, in another his continuation bets awarded him a well-deserved pot against Jayde Fernandes, and then at the final hand of the flight, he called the short stack’s all in holding A♦K♥ against A♣7♦. The board ran 4♠A♠4♣6♥10♥ and Walder bagged the pot along with the final scalp of Flight 2.

1:30AM: Yang avoids elimination (Flight 2)

Pohsiang Yang looked down at pocket eights and felt it was time to go all in with his short stack that could not even meet the big blind. He had to dodge two players, John Tech and Ron Tate. When the board completed to A♦K♥3♠7♥8♣ with both Tate and Tech checking all the way, Yang won with his 8♠8♦ set against Tech’s A♥9♥ and Tate’s 10♥7♠.

1:15AM: Fernandes’s kicker plays (Flight 2)

Jayde Fernandes called the 10,500 raise of a player and the dealer felted 2♥K♦4♠. Both players checked. On the turn of 5♥, Fernandes bet 16,500, and he was called. Then on the river of Q♦, both players cautiously checked. Fernandes won with his A♣10♥ higher kicker against A♥9♥.

1:00AM: Dementev with quads; bubble time (Flight 2)

With 20 players remaining, Andrei Dementev eliminated one when his pocket twos landed quads on the board. It is now bubble time with 19 remaining.

12:45AM: Gupta earns a hefty pot vs Kim (Flight 2)

Catching the action only on the river betting, the board was 5♠A♠8♥K♥Q♥ and Piyush Gupta bet 18k into a pot of around 32k. Kim tanked then called. Gupta had K♠K♦ for a set and Kim mucked.

12:30AM: Edoc railed in a three-way jam (Flight 2)

It was a three-way all in party with Alain Walder holding A♠K♠, Lester Edoc with J♥J♦, and Jaeman Jeong with A♣A♥. The board ran K♣Q♠6♣5♣2♠ and Edoc was out, Walder won the side pot, and Jeong scooped the main pot for a triple up.

12:15AM: Fernandes takes it with a check-raise (Flight 2)

With a flop of 6♥K♣A♦ on the felt, Jayde Fernandes on the small blind seat bet 8500 and was called by both Thanh Duong and Lester Edoc. On the turn of J♣, Fernandes checked, Duong checked, then Edoc bet 13k. Action back to Fernandes and he check-raised to 32.5k. This was enough to win the pot with both Duong and EDoc folding.

12:00AM: Mateo rails two players (Flight 2)

Christopher Mateo’s chips have been swinging but after railing Karl Thorson, he went on the uptrend and railed another player, with his pocket tens holding strong against a player’s ten-eight suited.

11:45PM: Duong sends the unfocused home (Flight 2)

Thanh Duong called an all in by a player who acted out of turn in back-to-back hands. Duong had A♣5♠ and was up against A♦8♦. The board ran 9♥5♦6♣3♦Q♠, and Duong scooped up the pot while railing one in the process.

11:30PM: Tech loses one the doubles up (Flight 2)

Despite being crippled down in chips, John Tech called a short stack’s all in. He had king-jack but was up against pocket aces. The aces held up and Tech had to relinquish more chips. A couple of hands after, Tech bounced back with a double up when his two hole cards connected with a flush.

11:15PM: Dementev picks up a big pot (Flight 2)

Andrei Dementev was in a hand that had a board of 4♥4♣10♥7♠ and a big pot in the middle. Sitting on the big blind position, he bet 6800 and was called. On the river of 5♠, Dementev continued and laid out 16,500. Again he was called. Dementev had 4♠2♦ and won the big pile.

11:00PM: Gupta hurts Tech’s stack (Flight 2)

Piyush Gupta made a big call for all his chips against John Tech. The hand began with Tech limping in on the cutoff then Gupta raising to 6500. He was called by the big blind player but when action was back to Tech, he jumped all in with his stack that covered Gupta and the big blind. Gupta was unfazed and called for his tournament life while the bb backed out. Tech had 6♠3♠ and Gupta had A♣J♥. The board ran well for Gupta, pairing both of his cards, and won a massive double up to bring him up to around 130k. Tech fell to 30k.

10:45PM: Mateo exposes Duong’s bluff (Flight 2)

Catching the action only on the river with a 9 high board, Thanh Duong bet 16.5k, which was roughly half the pot. Across him was big stacked Christopher Mateo who gave it some thought and eventually called. It was a good gamble as Duong had a jack high hand that while Mateo had ace-king for a higher hand.

10:30PM: Thorson rails Angeles (Flight 2)

Karl Thorson and Rommel Angeles were all in with Thorson holding A♦Q♥ and Angeles with 10♣10♠. Ronnie Tate folded his big blind and showed Q♦J♦. The board ran 7♦5♦6♥2♥Q♠ and Thorson won connecting with a higher pair on the river.

10:15PM: Turbo Flight begins (Turbo Flight)

The next qualifying heat of the Kickoff is underway, the Turbo Flight with levels increasing every 15 minutes. There are currently 25 players for that event with late registration open until the end of round six.

10:00PM: Paulsen rails Gutierrez (Flight 2)

Kai Paulsen raised to 1600 preflop and big blind player Pedro Gutierrez called. The flop landed 2♠7♠4♥. Gutierrez bet 2k, Paulsen moved all in, and Gutierrez did the same. Paulsen had 7♣8♣ top pair and Gutierrez with 5♣6♠ open ended. The turn of A♠ and river of Q♣ were no good for Gutierrez and Paulsen was awarded all of the chips. Gutierrez was eliminated.

9:45PM: Tate’s aces cracked; No show Gupta doubles up (Flight 2)

Ronnie Tate called a short stacks all in and was looking to scoop up the pot with his A♠A♦ against A♣J♦ however, the board had other thoughts in mind. The board ran J♣9♦J♥3♥K♥ giving his opponent trips and a double up.

Piyush Gupta doubled up in a hand that we only caught on the river. The board was 4♠5♦A♥8♠4♥ and Gupta checked. The player he was up against took the moment to send out a big bet, covering Gupta’s stack. Gupta snap-called. Gupta won the double up when his opponent mucked. Gupta scooped up the pot without a showdown of cards.

9:45PM: Official Flight 2 tally (Flight 2)

There were 175 entries for Flight 2. They will play down to 18 players.

9:30PM: Nunez lands trips, send one packing (Flight 2)

Phjay Nunez had Q♣8♣ and got the better of a player with K♥10♥ when the board landed two eights on the board.

9:15PM: Tan eliminated by Duong (Flight 2)

Johnson Tan moved all in in mid position and big blind player Vi Khoa Duong called. Tan had A♦Q♣ and Duong had K♠K♥. The board ran 4♥J♥5♣Q♥8♥ giving Duong a flush for the win and all of Tan’s chips.

9:00PM: Update on Flight 2 (Flight 2)

With Flight 1 having just ended, Flight 2 is in the heat of the game with 115 out of 160 entries in the field. There is still 25 minutes left before late registration closes. More notables to mention, Kai Paulsen, John Tech, Mike Takayama, Wayne Yuan, SJ Kim, and Henrik Tollefsen.

9:00PM: Larsen closes out Flight 1

Big blind player Thomas Larsen called the small blind player’s shove and it was a good call because the sb had Q♣4♣ and Larsen had K♦J♠. The board ran well giving him a king on the river and Flight 1 ended with the 12 remaining players qualifying into the final day.

8:45PM: Kodu doubles up Mordassov

Oleg Mordassov three-bet all in on top of Mikiya Kodu’s raise of 13k. Action back to Kodu who called despite being chatted up by Mordassov that he had better and would show if Kodu folded. Kodu opted to call anyway and true enough, Mordassov had better with A♥K♣ and Kodu with A♣J♣. The board ran 10♣2♦8♣K♥8♦ and Mordassov doubled up to and neared 100k.
Mordassov picked up a couple of more pots after with shoves that weren’t called.

8:30PM: Flores triples up

The only female left in the field, Remedios Flores, was in a three-way all in situation holding A♠10♠ and was up against Luke Pangan with A♣A♦ and Moo Suk Sung with Q♦Q♥. The board ran 5♠J♠8♥8♠6♥ giving Flores the nut flush and she tripled up to over 130k while Sung bowed out.

8:15PM: Perreau rails De Caro

Stefano de Caro had ace-queen and was all in but David Perreau had ace-king and more chips than him. The board was no help to de Caro and he was railed.

8:00PM: Kotani climbing

Tempei Kotani has been picking up many pots and was seen railing a few players. He recently landed a well-deserved pot against Oleg Mordassov. It began with Kotani raising to 9k and Mordassov quickly called along with the big blind player. On the flop of 5♦4♠K♠, the big blind checked to Kotani who bet 13k. Mordassov called and the bb folded. On the turn of 3♦, Kotani continued and bet 18k, Mordassov called. On the river of 2♥, Kotani didn’t bother counting out a bet and moved all in. This had Mordassov in a bind as he was covered by Kotani. Mordassov asked Kotani if he would show if he folded and Kotani said no. Mordassov folded shortly after.

7:45PM: Sung shoves for the pot

Action began with David Perreau limping in on the utg seat then Luke Pangan raising to 8k. Down the orbit was Moo Suk Sung who tanked and when time was called by Perreau, he moved all in with 42.5k chips. This seemed to have sent Perreau in a dilemma of what to do. After a few minutes, he opted to fold and action moved to Pangan. He folded as well and Sung won the pot.

7:30PM: Yoshioka’s bullets finish off two players

In a three-way all in fiesta, Shigeho Yoshioka had A♥A♠ way ahead of Amy Butterfield’s 3♦3♣ and Arthur Gugol’s Q♦Q♠. The board ran clean and Yoshioka was shipped the pot with two players packing to go.

7:15PM: Pangan continues to soar

Chip leader Luke Pangan claimed another sizable pot against two players at the table. Catching the action on a turn board of 5♥7♠5♠K♥, sb position Pangan checked to the bb position who bet 6k. The button player, David Perreau called the bet but when it landed back to Pangan he check-raised to 15k. With a hefty pot already in the middle, Pangan was called by both players and the river of J♣ landed. It was checked by everyone and Pangan won with his 9♣5♣ trips.He now has over 240k chips.

7:00PM: De Caro’s small pair survives against Mordassov

Stefano de Caro shoved his remaining 17,400 chips and Oleg Mordassov snap-called. De Caro had 4♦4♣ and Mordassov with K♥Q♦. The board ran 2♥4♠2♣A♦7♠ giving De Caro a full house and a double up.

6:45PM: Ogi doubles up through Yoshioka

Hisashi Ogi may have been behind preflop with Q♥9♥ against Shigeho Yoshioka’s A♦K♦ but when the board ran 2♠8♣4♦9♣9♦, he had trips and doubled up.

6:30PM: Larsen gets aggressive with jacks

Thomas Larsen kicked off the hand with a limp, the player beside him raised to 5200, one player called, and action landed back on his lap. Larsen three-bet to a massive 60k bet, sending the initial raiser out of the hand but the caller stuck with him and called for his tournament life. Larsen had J♣J♠ and was up against K♦J♦. The board ran blanks and Larsen claimed a hefty pot while booting one in the process.

6:15PM: Agarwal up and out, Pangan over 130k

Sudhir Agarwal three-bet Justin Worth from 6k to make it 17.3k. This put Worth in the tank but folded explaining to his tablemates that he had “at best, a 50% chance. Agarwal won the hand.
A couple of hands after, Agarwal would meet his end at the hands of Luke Pangan. Agarwal had pocket queens and Pangan had ace-king. The board felted a king on the flop, and Pangan’s higher pair held on the rest of the way. Agarwal was out and Pangan climbed to around 130k.

6:00PM: Flight 2 gets underway (Flight 2)

Flight 2 of the P2M Kickoff has just begun with 75 players already at the tables. Players such as Cristopher Runas, Yao Hui, Dave Erquiaga, Andrei Dementev, Jack Liew, Renatio Villanueva, Edwin Marzan, Karl Thorson, Dhaval Mudgal, Jae Wook Shin, to mention a few.

5:45PM: Yoshioka shows Pangan

Shigeho Yoshioka and Luke Pangan were in a hand that was raised preflop. On the flop of K♦5♥7♥, Pangan bet 4k and Yoshioka called. On the turn of 9♠, Pangan continued and bet 4k again and this time, Yoshioka moved all in for an additional 12,100 to call. Pangan didn’t even think about, he quickly folded. Yoshioka showed Pangan his pocket kings for a set.

5:30PM: Gopez tanks Perreau

Edilberto Gopez gave David Perreau a very difficult decision when he moved all in on top of Perreau’s raise for an additional 25k to call. Perreau commented to Gopez “I know how you play”. Gopez laughed and still, Perreau had a decision to make. He eventually folded.

5:15PM: Good timing for rockets

With one player raising to 2500, Arthur Gugol moved all in on his big blind and was glad for the snap-call. Gugol had aces against ace-king. His aces were good all the way through the board and he doubled up.

5:00PM: Perreau lays down a big one

David Perreau was sporting a fairly healthy stack and decided to limp in a hand but then called a raise to of nearly three times the blinds. On the flop of J♠6♠6♥, Perreau checked to the raiser who bet 7400. Action back to Perreau, he counted out the bet, easily affordable compared to his stack, but eventually felt it was better to fold. He showed his A♠3♠ hand.

4:20PM: Late registration closes

Late registration and re-entry is now closed. There were a total of 113 entries. We will play down to the last 12 players which is 10% of the field.

4:15PM: Gupta jams and tanks Winston

Action began with Koh Zhi Rong Winston raising to 1k on his turn. Next to him was Kevin Nettles who called. But acting next was Piyush Gupta who threw in a raise of his own, an all in raise. When action swung back to Winston, he was unhappy and troubled at what to do because he was covered in chips. The clock was eventually called and Winston reluctantly folded. Nettles did the same and Gupta was awarded the pot. Winston revealed his A♣Q♠, no one else showed, well, except for Gupta who showed his hand to his buddy, Julian Hasse who was not a player at the table.

4:00PM: Worth shoves and wins

With a pot of 10k brewed in the center, Justin Worth moved all in on a board of A♣9♣J♥ sending his challenger to the tank. He eventually folded and Worth was awarded the pot.

3:45PM: Riad eliminated

John Riad kicked off the hand with a raise to 1500 but when action swung to the big blind, he three-bet to 6600. Riad tanked then went all in and he was quickly called. Riad had 10♠J♠ and was up against A♥Q♥. The board ran low and Riad was eliminated.

3:30PM: Nasa loses an all in to Okuma

With one player already in danger of losing his tournament life, that is, Koji Okuma, Sandeep Nasa joined him in the all in and it was a showdown. Nasa had 6♥6♠ and was up against Okuma’s Q♦10♦. The board ran high, crushing Nasa’s pair with a straight to awarded to Okuma. Nasa had to fork up 4500 chips for Okuma’s double up.

3:15PM: Muranaka triple barrels Gugol

Tsuyoshi Muranaka checked his big blind with two limpers in the pot. At the flop of Q♦9♥10♥, Muranaka bet 800 and was called by one player, Arthur Gugol. On the turn of J♣, he continued to fire out, now a 1500 bet, and Gugol called. On the river of 3♣, Muranaka banged out 2500, and Gugol folded.

3:00PM Behal with a good flush

Catching the action with a flop on board 10♥5♦Q♥, Tsuyoshi Nitta bet iand Sumit Behal added more to the pot with Nitta betting and Behal calling. With 4500 already in the middle, the dealer felted 3♠ on the turn and again Nitta bet, laying out 1700. Behal check-called. On the river or 7♥, action was the same with Behal handing the betting action to Nitta who bet 1700, and Behal check-called. Nitta had Q♠10♣ but Behal had better J♥9♥ flush.

2:00PM: More notables to mention

The first hour of the Kickoff has gone by and more notables have filled the seats such as Yao Hui, Joseph Sia, Stefano De Caro, John Kim, Joven Huerto, and Sammy Bolung.

1:30PM: Kickoff Event begins

Tables are filing up for Flight 1 with five tables already seeing some quick action. A few notable players have been spotted such as Julian Hasse, Jessie Leonarez, Jeon Seung Soo, Jean Issa, and Justin Worth.


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