MicroMillions 5: Woe to those who crossed paths with blackcat6688 in Event 85 ($2.22+R NLHE 3x-Turbo)

July 27, 2013

Turbo tournaments – wildly popular but damn hard to win. They require a unique strategy, flawless poker, and a healthy dose of that special sauce known as “run-good”. It’s a mystical combination that blackcat6688 put together today in 2013 MicroMillions 5 Event 85. Go figure, that was unlucky for every other player who crossed blackcat6688’s path.

Players do love the Saturday Splash, upon which Event 85 was modeled, and it showed in today’s swollen prize pool. More than 16,000 players executed an average of four rebuys and half an add-on each. As a result, the prize pool was $180,000 and the champion stood to earn more than $21,000.

It would be one of these nine players.

MM5 Event 85 final table.png

Seat 1: Stiffer1987 (65723450 in chips)
Seat 2: blackcat6688 (36508221 in chips)
Seat 3: criscon901 (160273213 in chips)
Seat 4: FatalRevange (60656826 in chips)
Seat 5: dogsballs (14368848 in chips)
Seat 6: leeski90 (68336553 in chips)
Seat 7: Bkk Uni (35331150 in chips)
Seat 8: pokerwpi (15620184 in chips)
Seat 9: dskdavid (50364555 in chips)

Level 59: blinds 1.4M-2.8M, ante 280k
Average: 56.3 million (20 BBs)

The final table opened with a bad beat administered by chip leader criscon901. On the 2nd hand of final-table play, criscon901 opened for 7 million. Bkk Uni shoved all in for 33.3 million, folding everyone except criscon901, who called with pocket 8s. Bkk Uni was in line for a sizable double-up with pocket kings, but an 8 flopped. Bkk Uni never recovered, exiting in 9th place.

“Unlucky,” noted table host and PokerStars Team Online player Andre Coimbra.

There was nothing unlucky about the next elimination. From first-to-speak, dogsballs moved all in for 12.8 million with pocket 6s. blackcat6688 and criscon901 called from the button and the small blind, respectively. cricscon901 check-folded pocket 4s on a flop of K♥J♥10♠ after blackcat6688 bet. blackcat6688 then showed down A♦Q♣ for the flopped Broadway straight. dogsballs was drawing dead to 8th place after the turn blanked.

It wasn’t all eliminations at the final table, of course. pokerwpi got a sizable double-up by open-shoving pocket queens and beating out FatalRevange, who called with A♥J♥. The two traded chip counts, with pokerwpi valuting to about 60 million and FatalRevange sinking to 30 million. But FatalRevange doubled back through dskdavid just two hands later, making J♥10♣ work all in pre-flop versus dskdavid’s 7♦8♣.

Despite that double-up, pokerwpi was unable to avoid finishing in 7th place. With blinds at 2 million and 4 million, pokerwpi open-shoved from the small blind for 57.8 million with A♠7♦. It was the best hand, but dskdavid called with Q♥J♦ and rivered a queen-high straight to send pokerwpi to the rail.

Three hands later, after blackcat6688 bested leeski90’s pocket jacks, all in pre-flop, by making a pair of aces with A♥J♣, the five remaining players began to push for some sort of deal. Four of the five players were in agreement, but short-stacked Stiffer1987 (79 million in chips at the 2.5 million and 5 million blind level), refused.

Stiffer1987: no
Stiffer1987: only last 3

Try as they could – and they did try – the other four players could not convince Stiffer1987 to agree to a deal. After Stiffer1987 was eliminated in 5th place, however, things changed. Stiffer1987’s demise came by three-betting all in for 76.1 million with A♥2♥. FatalRevange, who had opened with pocket 10s, quickly called the all in. 10s held up on a king-high board.

The remaining four players paused the tournament and asked for chop numbers. Those numbers offered dskdavid $12,112 on the bottom end of the scale and $15,544.38 to FatalRevange as chip leader. The other two players fell in between. FatalRevange tried to squeeze an extra $456 out of the other three players, which lead criscon901, who stood to receive $13,601, to ask for $15,000.

The deal was going nowhere fast, as the other players stood firm that it was chop numbers or nothing. When dskdavid said no three times, the tournament resumed. That softened FatalRevange’s resolve.

FatalRevange: ok
FatalRevange: deal

Yet the tournament continued, as at least one of the four players failed to check the “discuss a deal” checkbox, even though all four players seemed to be in agreement to do some sort of deal. It consisted of all of them typing variations of “deal” or “yes” into the chat without anything getting done. Finally, table host Andre Coimbra paused the tournament on his own.

This time around the four players quickly agreed to an ICM chop of the remaining prize pool. All that was left was to play for the champion’s set-aside of $3,000.

The blinds moved up to 3.5 million and 7 million, putting significant pressure on all remaining players. Clashes would soon be unavoidable. The players began playing a game of “All In Chicken”, taking turns moving in and seeing if anyone would call. When dskdavid took a turn from the button with pocket 4s, criscon901 woke up with aces and snap-called. dskdavid’s 4s did not improve.

criscon901 took over the chip lead with that pot, climbing all the way to 297 million. FatalRevange and blackcat6688 each had about 100 million in chips. blackcat6688 struck first, doubling through criscon901 all in pre-flop with pocket kings against criscon901’s pocket 3s. criscon901 got the chips back by eliminating blackcat6688 when K♥Q♠ overcame A♦10♣ by spiking a king on the river.

That left criscon901 and blackcat6688 to battle for the last $3,000 in the prizepool. The battle took three hands. On the first hand, blackcat6688 opened for the minimum 16 million from the button, then called criscon901’s three-bet shove for 300 million. criscon901 had the better hand, A♦3♠, but blackcat6688 took the pot with K♦J♥, a hand that made a pair of jacks on a board of Q♠6♦10♦J♣5♥.

criscon901 folded the button on the second hand of heads-up play.

On the third hand, and the last hand of the tournament, blackcat6688 opened for 225 million. criscon901 called all in for 79.7 million with the better hand once again, K♣2♥, but blackcat6688’s Q♣9♦ flopped a queen, which was enough to drag the pot and send criscon901 to the rail as the runner-up.

The deal was tough to come by. The chips, as the often do in turbo tournaments, seemed to move around the table haphazardly. Yet at the end, all of them wound up in front of blackcat6688’s seat. That’s the object of the game, whether you’re playing at home with friends or you’re playing to become the latest MicroMillions champion.

MicroMillions 5 Event 85 $2.22+R NLHE (3x-Turbo) results

Players: 16,723
Rebuys: 64,788
Add-ons: 8,755
Prizepool: $182,337.32
Places paid: 2,250
* indicates 4-way deal

1. blackcat6688 (China) – $15,351.54*
2. criscon901 (Brazil) – $13,453.12*
3. FatalRevange (Brazil) – $14,468.54*
4. dskdavid (Portugal) $13,618.64*
5. Stiffer1987 (Netherlands) – $6,381.80
6. leeski90 (United Kingdom) – $4,558.43
7. pokerwpi (Russia) – $3,099.73
8. dogsballs (United Kingdom) – $1,641.03
9. Bkk Uni (Sweden) – $1,094.02

MicroMillions 5 is winding down. There are 15 more events spread out over today and tomorrow. Grab your piece of the action! Check out the schedule of remaining events and all the MM5 stats on the MicroMillions home page.

Dave Behr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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