Mobile portrait tables now available on PokerStars

July 13, 2021inPoker

PokerStars has launched new portrait tables on mobile devices for .BE and .UK players across a variety of games, improving ease-of-use for our players.

You already know when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em, but now you can choose how you hold your mobile when playing poker.

The comfort and convenience of PokerStars players who play on their mobile devices are always on our minds. That’s why players on .BE and .UK can now choose to play in both portrait and landscape (with other markets following soon).

This means you can turn your smartphone and have your game turn with it, allowing you to play with one hand and enjoy a more natural transition from the PokerStars lobby to your PokerStars tables.

There’s been an increasing demand for apps in portrait mode–in fact, it’s the growing industry standard–and this move is the first step to improve the PokerStars mobile table experience, building a platform to create the best mobile poker table in the industry.

There’s more to come, too.

PokerStars is actively working to upgrade our tables across all platforms, both from a design perspective and a user experience perspective, including developing key table features such as hand replay on mobiles.

Stay tuned for those developments.


PokerStars players can start using portrait mode on their mobile devices by either downloading the PokerStars client from BE/UK app stores or simply updating the version you already have.

When you open a table of your favourite PokerStars games–be it a multi-table tournament, cash game, or Spin & Go–you’ll be able to hold your phone in portrait mode.

You’ll notice a couple of differences on mobile to desktop versions of PokerStars. For one, Chat is currently not an option on mobile devices (although it might be re-introduced in the future, depending on user feedback).

You still have our beloved Throwables, though, and let’s face it: sometimes you can say a lot more by throwing one of those at an opponent than you could by typing it out!

Aside from those, it’s your favourite PokerStars games on mobile devices, only better.

How will you hold yours?



PokerStars staff

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