Moneymaker Tour: Junior back for more

August 26, 2018

Junior Merafuentes, as you’ll have read elsewhere here, was the runner-up at the first Moneymaker Tour stop at Stones Gambling Hall in Sacramento. Like so many poker tournament runner-up stories, it was bittersweet. Taking home over $5,000 on a day that you invested $86 must be called success by any measure. But down to heads-up, and Cliff Ellefson leading by just a handful of chips, Junior woke up with pocket tens when Cliff shoved on him. You can read the details of what happened here; the short answer is that Junior started way in front, but Cliff got there.

Junior is an awesome guy (with an awesome wife, Chrissy, as we’d learn this weekend) – we were tickled to see them both here at Lucky Chances. They both entered the final qualifier day yesterday (I mean, $5k will pay for a few $86 bullets). Unfortunately, Kristen didn’t make it to the end of the day, but Junior did. He and his donkey survived a nail-biting bubble when he was down to a very few chips – that’s documented here. He’s got a short stack coming into today, but he’s got some extra karma on his side; we’ll let Chris Moneymaker tell you about it.


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