Moneymaker Tour: Tuesday morning

August 21, 2018

Spell it however you wish, it’s going to be a blast

They’re back at it. This time we got 69 runners, with 34 re-entries, for a total of 103 entries. I don’t know if we’ll hit a thousand entries by the time the dust settles, but we’ll be close. I present here some of the breakfast club participants in the Moneymaker PSPC Tour stop at Lucky Chances, outside San Francisco. Not a lot of commentary, but not much needed. I’ve been chatting with these folks while they were playing, and they’re awesome. They’re good-natured, take their beats in stride, and are enjoying being part of the whole event.

He wanted a picture for his wife. Now she can see him on the blog.

Yes, we’re having fun

You check? I check too.

Win on Sunday and you can buy more than one bike.

Some people having more fun than others.

Didn’t we see you at Stones? (Yes, we did – final table to be specific)

Hollister is a real place. But it’s a small farming town. Go figure.


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