More than 700 turn out for Twitter Poker League

July 26, 2011


Another good turnout in this week’s Twitter Poker League, with 730 players taking to the virtual felt. The prize-pool this week would be split between 108 players, and 1st place would pick up $132.58. Team online member and legendary poker blogger Dale “Daleroxxu” Philip (@Daleroxxu) joined us this week, as well as well-known UK grinder James “epitomised” Atkin (@epitomised). As ever the game was action packed, here’s how it all went down.

Three of last week’s top four finishers returned this week to take on the bounty challenge. “Harmonica007”, “$Meinpot24$” and “” each now had a 300FPP bounty on their heads for anyone who managed to knock them out.

harmonica007 bounty.PNG

“Harmonica007” was knocked out in 163rd place this week, when he lost the above hand. His pocket sevens were a big favourite preflop, but by the time the river hit “andexx78″had made trips. He picked up the pot and the 300FPP bounty for knocking him out. Current leaderboard leader “$Meinpot24$” got it all-in short along with “albertocamba” and “v_myaso”. With “$meinpot24$” holding an Ace, the Queens were way ahead preflop. By the time we reached the turn, “albertocamba” had top set and the only flush draw. Only to fall at the final card, when the J♦ came on the river giving the nut straight, and the 300FPP bounty to “v_myaso”.

meinpot bounty.PNG

Last week’s winner “snaggerjo” lost the flip below to finish in 438th and hand his bounty over to “Diffirinzial”. Be sure to make a note of this week’s top four finishers, as they’ll be the ones to knock out next week, in order to claim the FPP bounty prizes.

snaggerjo bounty.PNG

Not long after the last bounty player had been knocked out we took our second break, 108 players would be paid this week and we were very close to the money. Unfortunately for “dmXwaar” who finished in 109th place, he narrowly missed out on making the money and picking up at least 5 leaderboard points. Once the bubble had burst the race for the final table was on and among the chip leaders were “3Karen3” (@facetiouskaren) and “Epitomised” (@epitomised).

“Epitomised” (@epitomised) fell after we reached the final four tables, finishing in 31st place with the help of an ‘anti-rail’ from @Daleroxxu in the chatbox. He was constantly urging players to call the crazy bluffer, and almost certainly destroyed what little fold equity he had. It was great fun to see this additional commentary and I’m sure that James will return the favour if Dale ever cashes. It wasn’t long after that, that we had our final table; which looked a little something like this:

8 4 FT.PNG

There was little waiting around and we had our first elimination within the orbit, when “GREGORI1955” shoved with A♣K♠ only to be called by the shorter stack in the big blind who held Q♣Q♥. Luckily for him though when the cards were dealt 6♣8♣3♦ J♣ 5♣ he made the better of the two flushes, knocking “epelekas” out in 9th place. “GREGORI1995” didn’t last long despite that, as he was knocked out next in ei8th place. Oddly “trobenta845” decided to min-raise 7♥3♥ under the gun and was called by the short stacked “GREGORI1995” along with two other players. “GREGORI1995” held A♠Q♦ and when the flop came 3♣3♠A♥ he was all too happy to shove his last few chips in, only to be snap called by the deceptive trips. No hope for “GREGORI1995” on the turn 8♦ or river 2♥ and he was out.

Seventh place this week went to “Gozlinski” of Poland, who picked up $22.99 for his efforts after he lost his flip with 7♣7♦ vs. K♦Q♦. Six-handed play begun with “ZloyK@kPes” leading the way by far, and “trobenta845” was comfortably in second. “trobenta845” showed us some more of his abnormal strategy when he min-raised from the cut-off with 8♣6♥ and called the shove of “MIGUELENO100” resulting in an obscure flip vs. A♥4♥. The flop 5♣7♥Q♣ was scary for “MIGUELENO100” as it gave his opponent an open ended straight draw, the turn brought A♦ but the river brought a cold 9♠ making “trobenta845” a straight and left just five players at the table.

“Fish_Marius” bust in 5th after he flopped a worse top pair with K♥9♦ vs. the A♥K♣ of “ZloyK@kPes” on the Q♥3♥K♦ flop. All the money went in, and with no upsets on the turn 5♣ and river 10♦ play was now four-handed. A strange dynamic occurred with four players left, as the shortest two stacks included previous winner “Lindowsweet1” who was definitely focused on gaining as many extra leaderboard points as possible. So much so that because he was 3rd/4 in chips he folded down to <3 big blinds, allowing "$r.Noguera" to bust before him. Of course as soon as that had happened, "Lindowsweet1" threw in the towel and came 4rd the very next hand, when he was virtually forced all-in in the big blind.

Heads up play then begun between “ZloyK@kPes” and “trobenta845”, they were fairly even in chips, with around T$100k between them. It all boiled down to the final hand, where on a flop of 2♥7♦4♠ “ZloyK@kPes” didn’t believe “trobenta845” when he 3 bet shoved. He did in-fact have 9♠7♠ for top pair, and A♥8♥ was way behind. The last two cards of the night, 5♠ and 10♦ changed very little and “trobenta845” took home the win. He received $132.58 and 20 leaderboard points for the victory.

We’re only half way through this season, so it’s still anyone’s game. With over $2,100 in bi-monthly prizes and just a $1.10 buyin, what are you waiting for? Head on over to // to find out everything you need to know, and be sure to follow @tpokerstars on twitter for all the latest coverage for the events.


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