Movers and shakers

February 10, 2006

There have been some significant chip moves here – and three huge pots in particular that have given us the runaway chip leaders.

In the first, Ram Vaswani knocked out both Teddy Tuil and Sami Torbey, PokerStars qualifier, when he called two all-in raises with ace-king. Sami, who was shortstacked, moved in under-the-gun with ace-seven, Teddy came over the top for all his chips with pocket eights and Crazy Horse called immediately. The king on the river ended proceedings for those who dared to mess with the Hendon Mobster. He has more than 220,000.

Ram Vaswani: near the chip lead. Again.

The lead lasted about ten minutes, when Jon “Texas” Hewston shot his way to the front. His play was slightly more basic, calling a 90,000 pre-flop all-in re-raise with aces. His opponent had ace-queen and it was all over fairly sharply.

Jon “Texas” Hewston: not from Texas, shooting to the summit

Shortly after, Theo Jorgensen, from Denmark, knocked out Julian Gardner in a massive pot.

Ken Johnson, our qualifier from Utah, has moved up to around 95,000 and is now on Ram’s left. The pair of them are going towards the television table fairly soon.

Chip count has now been updated across the top of the screen.


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