MPC Red Dragon Day 2: Level 14-15 (Blinds 2,000-4,000, Ante 500)

January 19, 2013

7.20pm: Break It Up

With the bubble burst, the remaining players have been sent on a 10-minute break.

7.15pm: Unfortunate Roller Coaster Bubble

Finishing as the bubble boy is hard enough. But doing it the way we just witnessed is just plain cruel. The hand that ushered 65 players into the money began with one player opening the button to 9,000. Bin Sun was on the button and shoved here for 38,000 and the opening player called, having the Sun. It was a classic race, with Sun holding A♥K♠ and the other player holding J♥J♣.

When the Q♥A♣8♣ hit the felt, Sun was obviously very happy and showed it by shouting out in joy. Unfortunately a J♦ would hit the turn and crush Sun’s dreams and hopes. A meaningless 2♠ fell on the river and with that, the bubble had burst!


Being the bubble boy certainly hurt Bin Sun

7.05pm: Bubble Time

Just 66 players remain and so the money bubble has arrived! Play is now hand-for-hand and the next player eliminated will be sent home with no money for their time!

7.00pm: Wu Sent Home

Team PokerStars Pro Raymond Wu was short stacked following a hand that saw him not able to make a flush holding 10♠9♠ against the flopped two-pair of Alex Zhang. Just a short while after the above hand Wu has been spotted leaving the tournament area. Better luck next time!

6.40pm: Play Tightens as Bubble Looms

There are currently 69 players at the tables, and with 65 players set to cash, we are nearing the money bubble! It’s no surprise that the play has tightened up somewhat heading towards the money. We will be sure to let you know how the bubble unfolds!

6.25pm: Rathi Rising

The big chip stacks in the room are starting to make themselves known, with Shashank Rathi the latest player to find our radar. Rathi recently took down a handy pot that started when he opened it up with a raise from middle position. The player in the big blind called and the dealer flipped over a Q♠3♠A♣ flop. A couple of checks would see a Q♥ land on the turn and this time Rathi would bet 6,000 when his opponent checked. When the player opted to call, the dealer completed the board with a K♣ and the action was once again checked to Rathi, who this time bet 12,000. That bet was too strong for Rathi’s opponent as Rathi raked up the chips and now sits with a stack of well over 200,000.

6.15pm: Level Up, Blinds 2,000-4,000, Ante 500

6.05pm: Big Day for Kevin Zhang

Kevin Zhang has had a huge day. He started with just around 30,000 in chips, but has since run that up to around 250,000 and is one of the chip leaders!

6.10pm: Vivian Cruising

We caught a player recently leaving Vivian Im’s table, while Im was busy stacking up some new found chips. The Team PokerStars Pro is now among the chip leaders, with a stack of over 200,000. Im has had a huge amount of success across Asia and an MPC: Red Dragon title would certainly be a fantastic addition to her resume.


Vivian Im is all smiles sitting behind her big chip stack

5.45pm: Tan Now Among the Leaders

Jay Tan has just scooped up a sizable pot to now sit among the chip leaders here on Day 2 of the MPC: Red Dragon. We arrived at the table to find Tan getting all her chips in on a 2♠9♦Q♠ flop. There was already around 30,000 in the pot at this point and Tan was all-in for 65,000. Tan’s J♠9♠ had plenty of outs against the 2♥2♦ of her opponent, and hit one of those out when the board ran out with a J♦ on the turn and a 7♠ on the river. Despite a little confusion when the dealer mistakenly mucked Tan’s hand, the prominent female poker player raked in the pot and now sits behind a stack of around 160,000.

5.30pm: Wenlong Down, Xiaohu Up

Wenlong Jin was one of the early chip leaders, but has since since his stack take a hit to fall well under 100,000 in chips. We recently arrived Jin’s table to find him partaking in one of the biggest pots we have seen here today. There was a J♠9♦5♠10♦9♠ board and there was already a monster 80,000 chips in the pot. Jin checked here and his one opponent, Xiaohu Yi led for 23,500. Jin didn’t look happy about this bet, but made the call nonetheless. When Yi turned over his K♠Q♦, the straight was enough to rake in the handsome pot. Following that hand, Yi is sitting with around 160,000, while Jin is still healthy.

5.15pm: Back For More

The players are back from their break and ready to keep playing towards the money bubble here on Day 2 of the MPC: Red Dragon Main Event. Let’s see if we can burst the bubble before the next break in two hours time.

Level Up, Blinds 1,500-3,000, Ante 500


Team PokerStars Pro Raymond Wu is trying to navigate his way through the MPC: Red Dragon


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