MPC Red Dragon Day 2: Level 18-20 (Blinds 8,000-16,000, Ante 2,000)

January 19, 2013

1.30am: 18 Bags Full

The 18 remaining players have bagged their chips and will now head off into the night, returning tomorrow at 2.00 pm. We are quite certain that Shashank Rathi is going to be our chip leader, but we will have confirmation, along with a wrap of the day’s action and the final day table draw posted shortly!

1.10am: Just One More

“The good news is we are one level further into the tournament, the bad news is we still have 18 remaining,” said Danny McDonagh as he informaed the final two tables that they will only be playing one more hand before bagging up their chips!

12.50am: Down to Two

The recent elimination of Chia-Chi Lui in 19th place has seen a table break and the final 18 players move to just two players. At the end of the night there will be a redraw.

12.40am: Honbing Down

What was 20 is now 19 as Hongbing Li has been sent home. We arrived at the action with a 5♦4♣7♠ flop on the felt and with Li moving all-in against his lone opponent, Shashank Rathi, Having Li well covered, Rathi made the call, flipping over K♠10♥ as he did so. Although Rathi only held over cards, they were still in front of Li’s Q♣J♣. The 6♥ turn and the 2♠ river weren’t helpful to Li as he was sent home in 20th place.

12.25am: One Hour Left

As expected, it has been confirmed that there will be one more level tonight. The only way we wont play out the level is if we make it to the final nine, but with 20 players remaining, that is very unlikely to happen.

12.20am: Level Up, Blinds 8,000-16,000, Ante 2,000)

12.10am: The Final Break

The players have been sent on their final 10-minute break of the night.

12.00am: One More Level

We have just been made aware that it is highly likely that we will play one more level tonight before packing up shop. This is regardless of how many players are remaining! At the moment there are 20 at the tables.

11.55am: Unfortunate End For Im

We have just received word that Team PokerStars Pro Vivian Im has been eliminated following an unfortunate running of her pocket kings into the pocket aces of an opponent. While Im will no longer be able to add an MPC: Red Dragon title to her already illustrious resume, she still bowed out in a respectable 21st place.

11.50pm: Chieng Charging Home

Nearing our (probable) final break of the night and the eliminations continue to fly. The latest addition to the rail is Alexandre Chieng. His last hand started when the under-the-gun player raised it up to 27,000. Vyacheslav Kuzmin then moved all-in for 219,900 and this is when Chieng shoved for his 125,000-chip stack. The rest of the table got out of the way and Kuzmin tabled his A♠K♦, which was in great shape against the A♣Q♦ of Chieng. There was no good news for Chieng on the 5♦J♥7♠8♠7♦ board and with that it was over in 22nd place.

11.30pm: Tan No More

Unfortunately it was somewhat inevitable following her crippling hands which can be read below, but Jay Tan has now found the rail. The short-stacked Tan’s final hand saw her all-in preflop holding J♦8♦ against A♣8♣. No help came for Tan and it was over in 24th place for a HK$31,000 score.

11.20pm: Tan on the Brink of Elimination

Just a few hours ago it was looking like Jay Tan was a real threat to make the final table of this event. After all, she was the first player to surpass 700,000 in chips. It didn’t stay that way for long though, with Tan first losing half her stack, and now leaving herself with just a few thousand in chips.

We arrived at the action with a 9♣A♥7♠10♣ board already out on the felt. The hand involved Tan and Shashank Rathi and it was here on the turn that both players got all their chips in the middle – around 450,000 each. Tan’s K♥K♣ was not in good shape against the 10♥7♣ of Rathi and when a 3♥ hit the river, Tan was left with just under 20,000 in chips, while Rathi is now the first player to have more than 1 million in chips.


Shashank Rathi is dominating late on Day 2

11.10pm: Level Up, Blinds 6,000-12,000, Ante 2,000

10.50pm: Lau Sends Yin Home

Marcus Lau has just dealt a fatal blow to Jixue Yin In 27th place. The hand in question saw Yin move all-in preflop holding 9♣9♥, while Lau held A♦K♦. By the time the 4♥Q♦7♥8♦ board had ran out to the turn, Yin was needing to dodge a huge amount of cards. Unfortunately the A♥ on the river wasn’t good for Yin and he was sent home with a HK$26,100 prize for his time.

10.35pm: How Go the Stacks?

At this moment with 29 players remaining, it looks like it is Yoshitaka Okawa who has the chip lead with 645,000. Some of the notable names that are travelling along nicely, or are at least alive in the tournament, include Jay Tan (470,000 in chips), Team PokerStars Pro Vivian Im (395,000), Michael Marvanek (375,000), Shashank Rathi (360,000), Yvo Molin (210,000), Vyacheslav Kuzmin (140,000) and Lim Wai Cheung (140,000).

10.20pm: Enrico The Latest Busto

Enrico Chong is the latest player to hit the rail, with his K♣Q♠ unable to improve against the 9♠9♦ of his opponent. Chong was all-in for 99,000 preflop on his last hand, but found no luck on the 7♦6♠4♠2♥7♠ board. Following Chong’s elimination, just 29 players remain and we are a just a couple of bust-outs away from moving to the final three tables.

10.10pm: Back for More

The 31 remaining players are back from their break and ready to keep making their way to the final nine. It is still unclear exactly how much longer we will be playing this evening, but at the very least we will make it down to just two tables of nine.

Level Up, Blinds 5,000-10,000, Ante 1,000


Who will be the king (or queen) of PokerStars Macau this weekend?


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