MPC Red Dragon Day 3: Level 23-24 (Blinds 20,000-40,000, Ante 5,000)

January 20, 2013

6.50pm: Extended Break

The three remaining players have been sent on an extended 25-minute break.

6.45pm: Confusing Times

Sometimes the language barrier is hard to get past here in Macau. There are so many nationalities represented at the tables, that things can get lost in translation. Just before the break there was a bit of a confusion at the final table. It all started with Yoshitaka Okawa limping the small blind and Zhenwu Wang checking the big. The dealer flipped over a Q♥8♥10♣ flop and both players checked as a 5♦ hit the turn. This is when things got confusing.

Okawa checked and Wang bet out 40,000. Okawa then raised to 100,000. Wang then said raise and Okawa immediately said all in – before Wang had announced his raise amount.

The above scenario was confusing because the players involved did not speak the same language as the tournament director. And so, over the next five or more minutes, the situation was remedied, eventually coming to the conclusion that Wang must put in a min-raise. Eventually Wang opted to fold his Queen-Nine face up for top pait and a straight draw, while Okawa obliged by showing his J-9 for the flopped straight.

6.35pm: Homan Houshiar Eliminated in 4th Place (HK$353,000)

Homan Houshier was in middle position when he shoved for 206,000 holding A♣Q♣. Houshier received two calls, one from Yoshitaka Okawa and one from Zhenwu Wang and then had to watch on as these two players partook in the hand.

Okawa and Wang opted to check down the Q♠2♦10♠5♣9♣ board, and was quietly confident at tripling up.. That is until he saw Okawa’s J♦8♦ for a rivered straight. Wang’s K♦10♦ went into the muck along with Houshier’s cards and it was out in 4th place for the player from Canada.


Homan Houshiar – 4th Place

6.25pm: Kevin Zhang Eliminated in 5th Place (HK$261,000)

It’s been a while since we have seen an elimination, but alas, Kevin Zhang has hit the rail and taken the official 5th-place finish. Zhang’s final hand was somewhat unlucky, being all-in with A♣K♦ against Yoshitaka Okawa’s A♥9♥. The board ran out Q♥8♥Q♦9♣3♣, with Okawa flopping a big draw on the flop and hitting a pair on the turn to end Zhang’s tournament.

For his effort Zhang took home HK$261,000 and with that we are down just four players!


Kevin Zhang waves goodbye to the MPC: Red Dragon

6.05pm: Tuominen On the Move

Yoshitaka Okawa has once again sent some of his huge stack in the wrong direction, this time to Eemil Tuominen. The hand began with Okawa limping from under the gun. Tuominen then raised to 105,000 from the button and the blinds got out of the way. Back on Okawa and he opted to get aggressive, shoving all in. Tuominen made a quick call, tabling his A♥K♦, and was then happy to see Okawa’s A♠9♦ hit the felt.

When the dealer spread out a Q♥3♠K♥9♥Q♠ board, Tuominen raked up the big double, now sitting with 1,600,000 in chips, while Okawa is down to 2,800,000.

5.50pm: Wang Wins Off Okawa

Yoshitaka Okawa was under the gun when he raised it up. Only Zhenwu Wang made the call in the big blind and a Q♥3♠K♥ flop was dealt. Okawa led for 170,000 on the flop and Wang promptly raised to 340,000. Okawa thought long and hard before announcing the call, which ushered in an A♠ on the turn.

This time time Okawa opted to check and then folded when Wang tried to bet 400,000 (but was forced to bet just 300,000 due to string betting).

Following the above hand, Okawa moved down to around 3,500,000 in chips, while Wang is steady on 2,000,000.

5.35pm: Level Up, Blinds 20,000-40,000, Ante 5,000

5.15pm: Eemil Snags a Big Double

Yoshitaka Okawa continues to share the wealth around during the last level or so, recently donating to the cause that is Eemil Tuominen. It started with Okawa opening to 90,000 from the button. Zhenwu Wang called in the small blind and then it was on to Tuominen in the big blind, who moved all in for 650,000. Okawa snapped it off and Wang got out of the way.

Tuominen was looking good at this point, with his A♠10♠ in front of Okawa’s K♥Q♥. Tuominen stayed in front as the board ran out 5♣7♦9♦2♣J♥ and with that doubled to around 1,3000, while Okawa is beginning to fall down to well under 3,000,000 in chips.

5.00pm: Michael Marvanek Eliminated in 6th Place (HK$209,000)

We are now down to five-handed play! The most recent elimination began when Michael Marvanek moved all in for 355,000 from under the gun. Zhenwu Wang was the only player to make call, sliding out the chips from the big blind.

Marvanek was not in good shape, with his J♥J♦ having to come up against the K♥K♦ of Wang. The 6♥Q♦3♦4♥5♠ board was of no help to Marvanek and with that the Aussie was sent home in 6th place.


Michael Marvanek – 6th Place

4.50pm: Wang Wins One

The action continues to slow up during the final six. The only real hand that saw some action recently started with Kevin Zhang opening the pot to 70,000 from the cutoff. Yoshitaka Okawa and Zhenwu Wang both made the call from the blinds to see a 6♦K♠2♥ flop hit the felt.

Checked to Zhang, he continued for 80,000 here, with Okawa folding and Wang making the call. On the 4♠ turn, Wang led for 130,000 – enough to see Zhang fold and Wang scoop up the pot.

4.35pm: Six Back to Play

The six remaining players are back from their break and ready to keep playing towards crowning a champion! Yoshitaka Okawa is still a dominating chip leader with over 3 million in chips, while his opponent’s Michael Marvanek, Zhenwu Wang, Eemil Tuominen, Kevin Zhang and Homan Houshiar are trying their best to close the gap!

Level Up, Blinds 15,000-30,000, Ante 5,000


Here’s what the final six are playing for!


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