MPC20: Final Table Live Updates

January 21, 2014

11:25pm: Percy Yung Eliminated in 2nd Place (HK$1,159,000), Buyanjargal Bold wins!

The record-breaking MPC20 Red Dragon Main Event is all over!

The final hand of the tournament saw the short-stacked Percy Yung move all in from the button. Buyanjargal Bold made the call and with that Yung was at risk.

Yung: K♥9♣
Bold: A♦8♦

“King! Nine!” came the cries from Yung’s rail.

Unfortunately the cries were not heard though as a A♠4♣6♠4♠2♠ board were the last five cards anyone would see in this edition of the Red Dragon!

As per the earlier deal, Yung takes home HK$1,159,000 – the largest tournament result of her career.

Congratulations to Buyanjargal Bold, winner of the MPC20 Red Dragon Main Event! For his effort he collects HK$1,492,000 and will now go down in history as the first-ever player from Mongolia to win the Red Dragon!


Percy Yung – 2nd Place

11:15pm: Percy Down Under Ten Big Blinds

Percy Yung has taken another hit to her stack and she is now down under ten big blinds with only around 1.5 million in chips.

The most recent pot that went in the wrong direction for Yung started when she opened the button to 400,000. Buyanjargal Bold called from the big blind and the dealer flipped over a 3♦5♥4♣ flop. Bold led for 515,000 and Yung made the call.

The Q♣ turn would see Bold move his gigantic stack all in. Yung eventually opted to fold and will now have an even larger chip deficit to fight against.

11:05pm: Yung Down to Three Million

Buyanjargal Bold has increased his chip lead!

Bold had the button and raised it up to 385,000. Percy Yung called and the dealer flipped over a 4♥3♠A♠ flop. Yung check-called a bet of 515,000 here and a 10♣ hit the turn. Two checks and the board was completed with a K♥.

Yung led out on the river, making it 550,000 to go. Bold made the call and Yung was very reluctant to show her cards. Eventually she did table 6♣5♣ for a busted straight draw, while Bold turned over A♣7♠ and scooped up the pot!

Yung is down to 3 million, while Bold up around 12 million.

10:50pm: Yung Gets Some Back

Percy Yung has just won a few more chips.

It started with Buyanjargal Bold limping the button. Yung checked and a 4♠J♠3♣ flop was spread on the felt. Both players checked and a 10♥ hit the turn. This time Yung led for 175,000 and Bold raised it up to 380,000. Yung made the call and a Q♣ completed the board.

A checked from both players and Yung would table her J♣8♦ – enough to win the pot.

10:35pm: Yung wins a Big One

Percy Yung had lost quite a few small pots and was looking fairly short before the following hand played out.

Buyanjargal Bold had the button and limped in. Yung checked out of the big blind and the dealer flipped over a 9♣7♦6♦ flop. Yung check-raised to 750,000 here and Bold called. The Q♥ turn would see Yung lead out for 650,000 and Bold call.

On the 9♥ river, Yung took her time before checking. Bold checked behind and Yung turned over 10♥8♥ for a flopped straight and Bold’s cards went into the muck.
Despite winning this hand Yung is only up to around 5 million, while Bold is in control with around 10 million.

10:15pm: Back for Level 29

The two remaining players here in the MPC20 Red Dragon Main Event are back from their break and the cards are in the air for Level 29. Blinds are now 80,000/160,000 with a 20,000 ante.

10:05pm: Two Go to Break

The two players have been sent on a 10-minute break.

Check back here soon!

10:00pm: Yung Falls Again

Pery Yung is back under 3 million in chips.

The hand started with Yung having the button. She raised it up and Buyanjargal Bold called from the big blind. On the 10♥8♣8♥ flop, Yung check-raised to 485,000 after Bold bet 160,000. Bold made the call and the dealer flipped over a 5♠ on the turn.

Bold instantly moved in here, with Yung having 3.6 million behind.

Yung tanked and eventually folded.

9:45pm: Yung Gets Some Back with Big Bluff

Percy Yung had the button when she raised it up. Buyanjargal Bold called from the big blind and the dealer flipped over a 9♠7♥8♥ flop. Both players checked and a 2♥ was dealt on the turn. This time Bold led for 180,000 and Yung made the call.

The river was a 9♣ and Bold led for 435,000.

“One million,” Yung quietly said.

Bold folded and Yung triumphantly tabled her 10♠4♦ for a whole lot of nothing.

9:35pm: Massive Hand Sees Bold Take Lead

Buyanjargal Bold was on the button when he limped in. Percy Yung checked and a 7♦3♣5♣flop was spread on the felt. Yung check-called a bet of 275,000 ere and a K♠ hit the turn. This time when Yung checked, Bold bet 435,000 and Yung raised it up to 1.2 million. Bold called and a 9♠ was dealt on the river. Yung checked again and Bold moved all in for 3.9 million.

Yung called and Bold tabled 7♥5♠ for flopped two pair.

Then Yung tabled her flopped two pair – 5♦3♦ and those cards went into the muck.

Bold is now on 10.8 million, while Yung is down to 3.9 million.

9:20pm: Heads-Up Begins

The cards are back in the air as Buyanjargal Bold and Percy Yung battle it out to slay the Red Dragon! Stay tuned to find out who wins!


One of these two will win the MPC20 Red Dragon Main Event

9:15: Break to Ready Heads-up

The table is being readied, the chips rearranged and the Red Dragon trophy is being brought to the felt! Check out the heads-up chip counts below!

Percy Yung – 9,600,000
Buyanjargal Bold – 5,300,000

9:10pm: Victor Teng Eliminated in 3rd Place (HK$1,498,000)

After starting the day as the chip leader and being in control of the table for much of the evening, Aussie Victor Teng has been eliminated in 3rd place.

Teng’s final hand saw him open to 250,000 from the button. Percy Yung three-bet to 570,000 and Teng moved all in for around 4 million, with Yung having him just covered. Yung snap-called and turned over A♠A♦. Teng reluctantly turned over his A♥Q♣.
The board ran out 10♦7♣10♥6♠K♦ and Teng was sent home.

Despite being eliminated in 3rd place, as per the deal, Teng takes home HK$1,498,000 – the largest prize of the three.


Victor Teng – 3rd Place

9:00pm: Bold Picking Up Pots

Buyanjargal Bold continues to pick up some chips during three-handed action. Most of his chips have come from Percy Yung’s stack, while Victor Teng seems to not be playing too many hands at the moment and so has lost a portion of his stack.

Bold recently raked in a pot on a Q♥3♠2♦7♦7♥ board, check-raising the river to 640,000 after Yung bet 300,000. Yung made the call and Bold tabled Q♠Q♦.
Bold is up to around 5.5 million.


Buyanjargal Bold is picking up chips

8:45pm: Level 28 Begins, Blinds 60,000/120,000, Ante 20,000

8:40pm: Buyanjargal Getting Agressive

One of the biggest hands to play out since the deal has just played out.

It started with Percy Yung opening the button to 210,000. Buyanjargal Bold called out of the big blind and the dealer flipped over a J♠2♦4♥ flop. Bold checked to Yung, who bet 225,000. Bold then raised it up to 535,000 and eventually Yung made the call.

On the J♥ turn Bold simply jammed for 2.8 million.

Yung folded and that was that.

8:20pm: Back to Finish Level 27

Following the deal the cards are back in the air.

There is 30 minutes remaining in level 27 – blinds 50,0000/100,000, ante 10,000.

8:15pm: Deal Agreed Upon

The players have agreed on deal. The chip-chop method was used. Payouts are now as follows, with HK$243,000 set aside for the winner and the eventual first-place finisher’s prize incorporating a HK$100,000 ACOP Main Event seat.

Victor Teng (6,825,000 in chips) – HK$1,498,000
Buyanjargal Bold (4,385,000 in chips) – HK$1,244,000
Percy Yung (3,505,000 in chips) – HK$1,159,000

8:10pm: Break Extended for Deal Talk

The break has been extended for the players to talk a deal.

7:50pm: Three to Break

The three remaining players have been sent on a 10-minute break!

Check back here soon for more Red Dragon action!

7:45pm: Richard Hu Eliminated in 4th Place (HK$597,000)

“All in,” Richard Hu said as he slammed his chips onto the felt.

From here the action folded around to Buyanjargal Bold in the big blind and he went deep into the tank. Eventually he announced the call and Hu responded by saying
“Okay,” as he turned over A♦3♦. Bold showed his 4♥4♦.

By the time the 9♥8♦10♣Q♦ board ran out to the turn, Hu had a diamond draw and outs to the chop. Unfortunately the river was a K♣ and it was all over for Hu in 4th place for a HK$597,000 score.

Then there were three and three that remain are now guaranteed at least HK802,000.


Richard Hu – 4th Place

7:35pm: Hu Gets Aggressive

Folded to Buyanjargal Bold in the small blind and he would limp in. Richard Hu was in the big blind and tapped the table.

The J♥10♥8♣ flop would see Bold lead out for 315,000. Hu then moved all in for 915,000. After some thought, Bold opted to let his hand go, sending the pot to Hu.

As Hu raked in his chips he showed 9♠4♣.

7:25pm:Percy Chipping Up

Percy Yung has just past Buyanjargal Bold as the second largest chip stack.
She took down lots of chips like this:

Firstly, Victor Teng opened it up to 200,000 from under the gun. Directly on Bold’s left and Bold would three-bet to 605,000. Yung called from the big blind and Teng got out of the way. Yung led for 650,000 on the 10♥8♥7♠ flop and took it down.

The next hand and Yung would take down a pot against Richard Hu on a 3♥10♦Q♥5♥6♥ board. Yung led for 175,000 on the flop and received a call, both players checked the turn and Yung took it down with a 300,000-chip bet on the river.
Yung is up to around 4.5 million.


Percy Yung is building momentum at the final table

7:10pm: Four-Handed Counts

Here are the current approximate chip counts of the four remaining players.

Victor Teng – 5,600,000
Buyanjargal Bold – 3,500,000
Percy Yung – 2,700,000
Richard Hu – 2,400,000

7:00pm: Level 26 Begins, Blinds 50,000/100,000, Ante 10,000

6:45pm: Akash Malik Eliminated in 5th Place (HK$430,000)

India’s Akash Malik has just been sent to the rail courtesy of Australia’s Victor Teng.
The hand started with Teng opening the button and Malik calling out of the big blind. On the 2♥5♥A♠ flop, Malik checked and Teng put out a continuation bet of 150,000. Malik then check-raised to 325,000 and Teng called.

The J♥ turn would see Malik lead for 550,000 and Teng call.

The river was a 6♣ and before Malik could finish saying “all in,” Teng had called and turned over 8♥4♥ for a turned flush. Malik tabled his 5♣5♠ for a flopped set and made his way out of the tournament in 5th place.

Teng has a dominating chip lead heading into four-handed action.


Akash Malik – 5th Place

6:25pm: Five-Handed Counts

Below is how the chip stacks are looking at the moment – largest to smallest!

Victor Teng – 4,050,000
Percy Yung – 3,885,000
Buyanjargal Bold – 3,400,000
Akash Malik – 1,800,000
Richard Hu – 1,500,000

6:15pm: Fei Xie Eliminated in 6th Place (HK$334,000)

Fei Xie was short stacked when he jammed all in preflop holding A♦4♣. Unfortunately for him Percy Yung woke up with A♣Q♥ on the button and made the call.
The board ran out 2♥10♠3♠8♥7♠, with Xie sweating a wheel but ultimately not getting there.

Fei Xie takes home HK$334,000 for his 6th place.

The remaining five players are guaranteed HK$430,000.


Fei Xie – 6th Place

6:05pm: Bold Takes Akash’s Chips

Buyanjargal Bold has just taken down a huge pot to see his stack move to around 4 million.

The hand started with Bold opening to 160,000 from the hijack. Akash Malik three-bet to 325,000 from the his direct left and Bold made the call.

On the Q♣3♦8♣ flop, Bold checked and Malik bet 295,000. Bold then check-raised to 765,000. Eventually Malik decided to let his hand go and the hefty pot was sent to Bold.

Malik is now down under 3 million, meaning Victor Teng is the chip leader once again.

5:55pm: Xiao Lin Eliminated in 7th Place (HK$263,000)

Back from the break and a player is gone.

Xiao Lin was the short stack when he shoved all in for around 700,000 from under the gun. Big stack Victor Teng was on his direct left and made a fairly quick flat-call. The rest of the table got out of the way and the at-risk Lin wasn’t too happy to see Teng table K♥K♣. Lin had just K♦8♦.

The board ran out 3♣8♠7♦J♥5♠, with Lin not catching enough to survive.

The 7th place was worth HK$263,000 for Lin, while the six remaining players are now guaranteed HK$334,000.

Teng is up to around 4.1 million, which is only bettered by Akash Malik’s stack.


Xiao Lin – 7th Place

5:45pm: Back to Level 25

The players are back from their break and the cards are back in the air.

The seven survivors are beginning Level 25 with blinds at 40,000/80,000 with a 10,000 ante.

5:35pm: First Break Time

The seven remaining players have been sent on their first break of the day.

Back to it in 10 minutes.

5:25pm: Terry Fan Eliminated in 8th Place (HK$191,000)

Terry Fan’s amazing run has come to a close in 8th place.

His final hand saw him jam for 490,000 from under the gun. The action folded around to Percy Yung in the big blind ans he instantly called.

Yung: A♠K♥
Fan: 4♥4♠

It was a race that Fan could not win as a K♠Q♣7♠K♦2♦ board was spread on the felt.

For his effort Fan takes home HK$191,000.

The players are now guaranteed at least HK$263,000.


Terry Fan – 8th Place

5:15pm: Teng Back on Top

Start-of-day chip leader Victor Teng is back to where he started the day, currently sitting behind almost exactly 3.5 million.

He recently scooped up a handy pot against Richard Hu. It started with Teng opening to 120,000 from under the gun plus one. Only Richard Hu called, from the button, and the dealer flipped over a K♣9♥7♣ flop. Teng led for 150,000 here and Hu quickly made it 350,000 to go. Teng responded by moving all in – with Hu having 1,350,000 more behind. Eventually Hu opted to let it go and the pot was raked to Teng.

5:05pm: Victor Gets Bombed on, Then Wins Some Back

Australia’s Victor Teng has just been involed in the last couple of hands.
Firstly he opened it up to 120,000 from under the gun plus one. The action folded around to Percy Yung in the small blind and she moved all in for 735,000. Teng went into the tank and eventually opted to fold. Yung showed an A♠ as she scooped the pot.

The next hand was opened by Buyanjargal Bold to 120,000 from under the gun. Akash Malik made the call on his direct left and Terry Fan called from the button. On Teng in the Big Blind and he quickly slid out a stack of 5,000-denomination chips – making it 500,000. The table got out of the way and Teng scooped the very nice pot.

4:50pm: First board in a while

We have seen our first board dealt on the felt for quite some time.
The hand started with Akash Malik opening to 150,000 from middle position. Xiao Lin called out of the big blind and a 8♠A♠9♣ flop was spread out. Lin check-called a bet of 130,000 and both players checked the 9♣ turn. On the 2♦ river, Lin checked and Malik led for 295,000. Lin let his cards go and some more chips went into the big stack of Malik.

4:45pm: No Flops in Five

The last five hands has seen only preflop action.

The only real action in these five hands was when Victor Teng opened it up to 140,000 from the small blind and Buyanjargal Bold three-bet to 415,000 from the big blind. Teng eventually folded.

4:35pm: Eight-Handed Count Update

Here is how the approximate stacks look during eight-handed play:

Seat 1: Buyanjargal Bold – 1,850,000
Seat 2: Akash Malik – 3,400,000
Seat 3: Fei Xie – 1,800,000
Seat 4: Richard Hu – 1,700,000
Seat 5: Percy Yung – 1,200,000
Seat 7: Terry Fan – 800,000
Seat 8: Xiao Lin – 1,000,000
Seat 9: Victor Teng – 2,800,000

4:25pm: Level 24 Begins, Blinds 30,000/60,000, Ante 5,000

4:20pm: Yung Moves Up the Counts

Percy Yung started the day with the second smallest stack, but is now travelling very nicely on around 1.5 million in chips. Victor Teng on the hand has gone backwards, though is still healthy with the second largest stack at the table.

These two recently rumbled in hand that played out like this:

Buyanjargal Bold was under the gun when he opened it up to 80,000. Yung called from the cut off, while Teng called from the big blind. All three players checked the A♥7♦A♠ flop and a 2♦ was dealt on the turn. This time Teng led for 125,000 and only Yung would call.

On the 8♦ river, Teng checked and Yung bet 225,000. After thinking for quite some time, Teng opted to let his cards go. As Yung raked in the pot she showed a 7♣.


Percy Yung has started the MPC20 Red Dragon strongly

4:10pm: Three Shoves in a Row

There have been three preflop all in shoves in a row.

First it was Percy Yung shoving for 715,000 from middle position after Richard Hu had opened to 90,000. The rest of the table folded including Hu and Yung took it down, showing an A♣ as she did so.

The very next hand and Yung was under the gun plus one when she shoved for 850,000.
Yung received no action and picked up the blinds and antes.

The next hand began with Terry Fan opening to 90,000. Xiao Lin on his direct left moved all in for around 900,000 and he picked up the pot.

3:50pm: Victor Wins Two, Loses One

Chip leader Victor Teng has been staying active at the final table, recently playing three hands in a row. He won two of them – small ones – but lost a big one.
The first hand saw Teng three-bet to 215,000 from the button after Xiao Lin opened to 90,000 from the cutoff. Teng took it down.

The next hand and Teng would open to 80,000 from the cutoff. Fei Xie called from the big blind and the two players checked a K♠4♥7♦ flop. The J♦ turn would see Xie lead for 60,000 and Teng call. Both players checked the Q♦ river and Teng took it down with K♣6♣ against Xie’s A♣8♦.

The next hand was the big one Teng lost.

It started Teng once again opening, this time to 80,000 from the hijack. Akash Malik three-bet to 185,000 from the button and Teng made the call. On the K♥9♣6♠ flop, Teng check-called a bet of 220,000. Both players checked the 2♥ turn and a 9♥ completed the board on the river. This time when Teng checked, Malik bet 295,000 and Teng instantly called.

At showdown, Malik showed A♥Q♥ for a runner-runner flush and Teng seemed a little shocked as he mucked his cards.

It looks like Malik is the new chip leader, while Teng is still very healthy.

3:30pm: Jianhong Liu Eliminated in 9th Place (HK$143,000)

It took around 30 minutes to lose our first player at the MPC20 Red Dragon final table.

The hand started with Jianhong Liu opening to 80,000 from early position. The action folded to Richard Hu in the big blind and after looking at how much Liu had behind, made the call.

On the 10♣Q♦8♦ flop, Hu check-called an insta-bet of 120,000.

The 3♥ turn would see Hu again check and this time Liu led for 140,000 in chips, leaving himself with around 200,000 behind. Hu quickly moved all in and Liu went into the tank.

After a few minutes, Liu called off his last chips and regretted it when Hu showed J♣9♥ for a flopped straight. Liu held just K♠10♣ and was therefore drawing dead. The 7♦ came on the river and Liu exited in 9th place, collecting HK$143,000.


Jianhong Liu – 9th Place

3:15pm: First Three Hands Done

The first three hands have been run and won… by someone.

The first hand of the final table saw chip leader Victor Teng open it up to 90,000 from middle position. Akash Malik was the lone called from the hijack and the dealer flipped over a 10♣4♦2♠ flop. Teng led out with a continuation bet of 90,000 and Malik called. Both players checked and a 2♦ completed the board on the river. Another couple of checks and Malik would scoop the pot with 6♣6♠.

The second hand of the day saw Buyanjargal Bold open it to 85,000 from middle position and pick up the blinds and antes.

The third hand of the day saw Bold open once again, this time to 80,000 from under the gun plus one. Fei Xie was the line called from middle position. The A♥6♥K♣ flop would see Bold lead for 90,000 and Xie call. Both players checked the A♣ turn and a 4♦ hit the river. This time when Bold checked, Xie made it 245,000. Bold tanked, counted out the call and tanked some more. Eventually he called and then quickly mucked when Xie showed A♠10♠ for turned trips.

3:05pm: Introductions Done, Red Dragon final table begins

APPT President Danny McDonagh has just thanked the team and the dealers here at PokerStars LIVE Macau for making it such a great record-breaking MPC Red Dragon.
McDonagh then introduced each of the players and gave the call to shuffle up and deal!
The first player eliminated, in 9th place, will take home HK$143,000.

Level 23 is the first level of the day. Blinds 20,000/40,000 with a 5,000 ante. As previously mentioned levels are now 75 minutes each.

Let’s do this!


The MPC20 Red Dragon final table

3:00pm: Unbag and Delay

As is usually the case at a final table we will see a slight delay as the final nine players unbag their chips and get ready to play. There will be a couple of photos and some introductions before we are underway.

Just a reminder, the levels will be wound back by two, with blinds at the final table kicking off at 20,000/40,000 with a 5,000 ante. Levels also move from 60 minutes each to 75 minutes.

We should be underway in a few minutes.

Who will win the record-breaking MPC20 Red Dragon Main Event?

Nine players head into the PokerStars LIVE Macau poker room today with the same dream – to win the MPC20 Red Dragon Main Event!

Much of the attention will be on Terry Fan as last April Fan defeated a then-record Red Dragon field of 891 players and now he is back at the new record-setting final table. Fan will have to overcome some tough competitors to make history though including chip leader Victor Teng, India’s Akash Malik, Mongolia’s Buyanjargal Bold and the last lady standing Percy Yung.


The eventual champion will take this beauty home

While Day 3 of the Red Dragon came to a close with blinds at 40,000/80,000, the Red Dragon final table has a 40 big blind guaranteed average stack so blinds will be wound back to 20,000/40,000. The players will be quite happy with that as the action was getting very frantic yesterday.

Making the final table means players are currently guaranteed HK$143,000 each, but they have their eyes firmly fixed on the HK$2,010,000 first-place prize. For most of these players winning this event would be the biggest result of their poker life. Check out the final table lineup and a link below to find out more about who is at the final table.

Click here for final table player profiles

Seat 1: Buyanjargal Bold (Mongolia) – 2,700,000
Seat 2: Akash Malik (India) – 2,285,000
Seat 3: Fei Xie (China) – 1,355,000
Seat 4: Richard Hu (USA) – 1,265,000
Seat 5: Percy Yung (Hong Kong) – 760,000
Seat 6: Jianhong Liu (China) – 640,000
Seat 7: Terry Fan (Chinese Taipei) – 1,150,000
Seat 8: Xiao Lin (China) – 1,025,000
Seat 9: Victor Teng (Australia) – 3,535,000

The final table is set to begin at 3:00pm local time and the PokerStars Blog will once again be here providing all the live updates! Be sure to stay tuned to find out who becomes the Red Dragon champion!


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