MPC22: Day 1C live updates

March 09, 2015

Familiar Wu leading Day 1c of the Red Dragon

Day 1c of the MPC22 Red Dragon is all over!

What started as 271 entrants has now been whittled down to around 70 and it looks like Taiwanese pro Raymond Wu is going to be the end-of-day chip leader with 160,000. We will have confirmation of Wu’s standing, along with all the survivor chip counts, and a recap of the day’s action posted as soon as possible.

That’s all for tonight! Be sure to join us from 7:00pm local time tomorrow when the fourth and final Day 1 flight takes place. It’s sure to be a massive day that will perhaps see the total field near 1,000 entrants. See you then!


Raymond Wu is the chip leader on Day 1c of the Red Dragon

10:50pm: Final four hands

The tournament clock has been paused and each table will now play four hands before Day 1c of the MPC22 Red Dragon is all over.

10:40pm: Late hit to Kosei

Team PokerStars Pro Kosei Ichinose has taken a late hit to his stack.

Ichinose was up against Dasheng Chen in a blind vs blind situation.

We picked up the action on a 8♥2♠4♦ flop with Chen checking to Ichinose who bet 3,000. Chen made the call and a A♥ hit the turn. This time when Chen checked, Ichinose bet 5,500.

Chen took so long that the clock was called on him. Once the clock was on, Chen quickly called.

On the 6♦ river, Chen checked and Ichinose bet 15,500.

Chen moved all in for 40,000 and Ichinose quickly folded.

As Chen raked in the chips he tabled 8-6 for two pair.

10:25pm: Last level leader

As we play into the last level of Day 1c it is Raymond Wu who is currently the chip leader with a stack nearing 150,000. Wu’s most recent exploits saw him eliminate a short-stacked opponent who was all in with J-8 against Wu’s pocket kings.

10:15pm: Level 11 begins, blinds 800/1,600 (200)

Final level of the night!

10:10pm: Big Mongolian stack

Mongolia’s Enkh-amgalan Batdelger is looking to follow in the footsteps of fellow countrymen and MPC20 Red Dragon champ Buyanjargal Bold.

Batdelger is up to 120,000 and is one of the chip leaders late in the day.

He won a big pot recently against one opponent on a A♦4♥J♠5♠6♣ board. There were already plenty of chips in the pot by the time we arrived on the river and Batdelger was busy betting 9,500. His opponent made the call and Batdelger took it down with J♦5♣.

9:55pm: Triple up for Kosei

Team PokerStars Pro Kosei Ichinose has just managed to triple up.

Ichinose had A♥A♣ when he got 13,500 chips in preflop. One unlucky player held K♠K♦ and another was in trouble with 8♥7♥.

The 5♦8♣3♥9♣A♠ was safe for Ichinose and so he moved up over 40,000.


Kosei Ichinose is looking good late on Day 1c

9:45pm: Wu over six figures

Taiwanese pro Raymond Wu has just moved his stack over six figures.

The hand that saw him move into big stack territory was against Australian David Steicke.

We arrived to the action on the river of a K♣6♥Q♣3♥3♠ board. There was already over 25,000 in the middle and Wu led out for 12,500. Steicke tanked, eventually called, and then mucked when Wu tabled K♠J♥.

Wu’s up to 105,000 in chips.

9:35pm: Last levels begin

The players are back from their break and the cards are in the air for the final two levels of Day 1c of the MPC22 Red Dragon Main Event.

Blinds are now 600/1,200 with a 200 ante.

9:25pm: Final break of Day 1c

The players have been sent on their final 10-minute break of the day.

9:10pm: Thomas no more

Former WSOP Main Event final tablist Russell Thomas has been eliminated.

Thomas was short stacked when he moved all in preflop holding A♣7♥. Jiaqi Teng, meanwhile, looked down at A♠K♠ and was happy to make the call to put Thomas at risk.

The A♥J♥J♦Q♦3♥ board was no good for Thomas and so he was sent packing.


Russell Thomas is out of the Red Dragon

8:55pm: Lifeng sends one home

Lifeng Shen has just sent a short-stacked opponent to the rail.

It was all in preflop, with the player making a move with K-6 and running into Shen’s pocket queens. No danger for Shen on the board and so he had sent a player home!

There are now approximately 130 players remaining during this third last level of the night.

8:45pm: Level 9 begins, blinds 500/1,000 (100)

8:40pm: Celina jumping in the side event

Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin has just been spotted jumping in the HK$5,000 side event – clearly she had no luck in the Red Dragon Main Event.

We asked Lin how she was eliminated and apparently she shoved all in preflop from the cut off for less than ten big blinds holding Q♦10♦ and ran into pocket jacks. No luck on the board run out and so the two-time Red Dragon champ was on the rail.


Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin out on Day 1c of the Red Dragon

8:30pm: Shell’s stack grows larger

Big stack Michael Shell has continued his rise up the counts, recently sending a player home to move his stack into six-figure territory. Shell had the short-stacked player all in preflop with A♥J♦ against his 7♣7♠. The board ran out 6♥8♠8♥2♠10♣ and Shell scoop the chips.

8:20pm: Two of the big stacks

We’ve taken a look around the field to find some of the big stacks and right now the stand outs are Alexey Gatsko and Michael Shell. Gatsko is up to around 85,000, while Shell already has 95,000.

8:10pm: Big one for Ulf

Ulf Bjaredal has just eliminated a player to see his stack surge to around 65,000.

Bjaredal held A♦K♦ and his opponent all in with A♠Q♦. The board ran out 3♣6♣6♠7♦7♥ and it was one player on the rail as another starts moving up the chip leader board.

8:05pm: Level 8 begins, blinds 400/800 (100)

8:00pm: Big side event kicking off

The PokerStars LIVE Macau poker room is currently jam-packed!

Not only are there still more than a dozen tables in operation for the Red Dragon Main Event, there are also 170 players who just sat down for the HK$5,000 side event. That field grows every few moments too as players are eliminated from the Red Dragon and decide to jump into the HK$5,000.

There are even more side events on offer throughout the next week, so click here and check out the full MPC22 schedule.


The packed PokerStars LIVe macau poker room

7:50pm: Double for Satra

Satrya Teja found a needed double up when he his Q-T managed to find a straight on a 7♥J♦9♠9♦8♥ board against A-T.

With that, Teja is up to 25,000 and looking healthy as we rock into the later stages of Day 1c of the MPC22 Red Dragon Main Event.

7:35pm: Taiyuan sends two home

Taiyuan Lin recently eliminated two players and now sits with a stack nearing 50,000.

Lin held A♥K♠ and was up against J♦9♠ and 10♠10♦.

The board ran out 3♠K♦Q♠6♠J♥ and it was two players on the rail, while Lin had scooped a very handy pot.

7:25pm: Back for Level 7

The players have returned from their break and the cards are back in the air.

Registration is now closed. Looks like 271 total entrants today. We will let you know!

Blinds are now 300/600 with a 75 ante.

7:15pm: Break and Rego closing

The players have been sent on their second break of the day!

Registration closes at the end of this break.

7:00pm: Lin sends one home

Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin has remained active during the last few levels and is starting to once again build a healthier stack after faltering when she ran kings into aces.

Lin eliminated an opponent when the short-stacked player moved all in preflop with K-J and couldn’t find the cards they needed to trump Lin’s pocket eights.


Celina Lin has been active on Day 1c of the Red Dragon

6:50pm: One for Huang

Ming Huang scooped up some chips in a pot against Eric Sia.

We picked up the action on the K♥4♦6♠ flop with Huang checking, Darren Judges checking and Sia leading out for 3,200. Judges folded, while Huang called to see the dealer flip over a 5♠ turn. Two checks and the board completed with a 6♣.

Another two checks and Huang would show his K♣Q♥ – good enough to send Sia’s cards to the muck and rake in the pot.

6:40pm: Last level to register

The most recent late entrant has brought the total field to 271 so far here on Day 1c of the MPC22 Red Dragon. This is the last level to register!

6:35pm: Level 6 begins, blinds 200/400 (50)

6:30pm: Kosei building a stack

Team PokerStars Pro Kosei Ichinose has been having a productive day at the felt so far, currently up over 50,000 in chips. We recently watched Ichinose scoop a small pot against one opponent on the turn of a 9♦9♥Q♠A♣ board. Ichniose led for 950 here and got a fold from his opponent.

The Japanese pro’s best result in Macau is for winning a HK$20,000 side event at the April 2013 Macau Poker Cup. Ichinose would love to add a Red Dragon title to his resume and this is a good start to accomplishing just that.

6:20pm: Shell with lots

Michael Shell is looking like the current chip leader with a stack of around 75,000.

We havent seen Shell win any massive pots, but we did witness him flexing his muscles against Ningdan Shi on the turn of a J♠A♦3♥7♠ board. Shell had led for 3,600 before Shi raised it up to 8,000. It was at this point that Shell moved his big stack all in, having Shi well covered. Shi sort of chuckled and folded his hand.

6:05pm: Lin hurting

It’s been one of those roller coaster days for Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin and she’s been on the downhill end of that coaster recently as she ran kings into aces.

5:55pm: Level 5 begins, blinds 150/300 (25)

5:50pm: Yvo Sens Zhang home

Yvo Molin has started Day 1c very strongly. He’s up towards 30,000 after eliminating Fanghua Zhang.

Zhang shoved his short stack all in preflop from the button holding Q♠10♣ and Molin called from the big blind with 9♠9♣. The board ran out J♦2♣3♣2♠5♠ and it was all over for Zhang.

5:40pm: Si takes chips off Darren

Darren Judges and Na Si had taken to a 10♥6♠7♠ flop with one other opponent. It was checked to Si, who bet 1,500. Judges made the call, while the other players involved in the pot got out of the way.

Si and Judges checked the 10♣ turn and the board completed with a 3♣.

Judges opted to lead out for 2,000 here and Si stared him down before making the call.

As soon as the call had been made, Judges mucked his cards.

As he scooped the pot, Si tabled his A♣4♦ for just ace high.

5:25pm: Straight river for Kitty

Former Red Dragon champ Kitty Kuo has moved her stack well over 25,000 after scooping a handy pot off Jun Hyeonseob.

With a 6♠2♣4♦5♦8♦ board out on the felt and only a small pot in the middle, Kuo and Hyeonseob both committed 2,000 each to head to showdown. Hyeonseob tabled 8♥8♠ for a set of eights, which was trumped by Kuo’s 7♣5♣ for the rivered straight.

5:15pm: Back for Level 4

The players are back from their break and the cards are in the air.

The antes have now kicked in with blinds at 100/200 (25).

Registration is still open until the end of the next break – around 7:30pm local time.

5:05pm: First break of Day 1c

The players have been sent on their first 10-minute break of Day 1c.

Check back soon for continued action.

4:55pm: More and more entrants

There have been hanful more entrants during this level and no the running tally is up to 265, which is in fact just seven less than the combined field size from the first two Day 1 flights.

We have noticed plenty of fresh faces recently, including prominent Australian pro and WSOP bracelet winner Aaron Lim. We watched Lim lose a small pot against Allen Wong on a 4♣8♦J♣K♥3♦ board. There was 4,000 in the pot by the river and Lim ultiamtely tank-folded to a bet of 1,500.

New players can join Lim, and the few hundred others at the table, until the end of the sixth level.

4:40pm: Double time for Team Pro Lin

Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin had fallen under 10,000 in chips early on Day 1c of the MPC22 Red Dragon, but now finds herself up over 20,000 after a recent double up.

We arrived at the table on the turn of a 10♣6♦9♠3♦ board with Anita Liu first to act checking before Lin did the same. There was one other player involved in the hand and they led for 1,400. Liu made the call, while Lin check-raised to 3,800. The initial aggressor got out of the way and Liu made the call.

The board completed with a 2♣ and this time when Liu checked, Lin moved all in for 3,425.

Liu eventually made the call and Lin tabled 8♠7♠ for a flopped straight.

Liu’s cards went into the muck and the chips went to Lin!


Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin at the MPC22 Red Dragon

4:25pm: Level 3 begins, blinds 100/200

4:20pm: Twelve entrants off 1a and 1b combined

There are now 260 total entrants so far on Day 1c of the MPC22 Red Dragon Main Event – twelve less than the total from Day 1a and 1b combined. We remind you that registration is open for the first four hours of play, so expect a handful more to take their seats.

4:10pm: Martin calls clock, wins chips

One of the few Australians in today’s field is Jacob Martin and it’s so far, so good as he’s already up over 25,000 in chips from a starting stack of 15,000.

A recent hand that went to Jacob saw him move all in on the river of a A♠5♣7♣10♠3♠ board. There was a hefty amount of chips already in the middle and the move prompted Martin’s lone opponent, Jun Zhou, went so deep into the tank that the clock was called on him. Zhou waited until his timer had 10 seconds remaining, then folded and sent the pot to Zhou.

3:55pm: King Kosei

Japanese Team PokerStars Pro Kosei Ichinose has had a great start to Day 1c, already finding himself with a stack of well over 20,000.

Ichinose recently took down a pot against one opponent on a 5♥J♣8♠3♦10♦ board.
There was around 4,000 in the pot by the time the river was out there and it was here that Ichinose was faced with a bet of 4,500. Ichinose made a fairly quick call and watched his opponent table 6♠4♠ for nothing but a busted straight.

Ichinose, meanwhile, tabled his K♦K♣ and the pot was his!


Kosei Ichinose has had a strong start to his Red Dragon campaign

3:45pm: Level 2 begins, blinds 50/100

3:40pm: Ten of spades save the day for Yvo

Macau regular Yvo Molin has just scooped up a handy pot during the first level of the day.

We picked up the action on the river of a 7♣6♠2♠7♠3♠ board with Molin and two opponents involved in that hand that had seen around 5,000 already in the middle.

The first player to act checked, Molin checked behind and then a player bet 1,500.

There was one fold before Molin called.

At showdown, Molin’s opponent tabled 10♥10♣ for a pair of tens.
Molin had the same, but his 10♠10♦ was good enough to make a flush and scoop the pot.

3:30pm: More than first two flights combined?

APPT President Danny McDonagh has just got on the microphone here at PokerStars LIVE Macau and announced that there is a chance today will see more players than Day 1a and Day 1b combined.

There are currently 229 players, with the first two Day 1 flights having 272 combined.

Registration is open for the first four hours of play, so definitely expect more entrants.

3:20pm: Notables in a sea of faces

The field has already marched past 200 players for Day 1C of the Red Dragon.

There are plenty of familiar faces out there including internationals like Darren Judges, Yvo Molin, Thomas Ward and former Octo-Niner Russell Thomas, along with stars from this region such as Raymond Wu and former Asia Player of the Year Jian Yang.

There are also a few former champs out there, including Kitty Kuo, two-time Red Dragon victor Celina Lin and inaugural Red Dragon champion Kenny Leong. Lin isn’t the only Team Pro in the field either as Japan’s Kosei Ichinose is also trying his luck on Day 1c.

3:05pm: How today will run

Before we head out to the tournament floor to see who is playing, we thought we would let you know how Day 1c of the MPC22 Red Dragon is going to work.

Players start with 15,000 in chips, levels last 40 minutes and there will be 11 of them played before calling it a night. That means the day will finish at around 11:00pm local time.

Blinds kick off at 25/50 and the day finishes at 800/1,600 with a 200 ante.

3:05pm: Cards flying on busy day

Dozens of players have scrambled into their seats as Day 1c of the MPC22 Red Dragon Main Event has begun! Dozens of others, meanwhile, are currently in the registration line ready to dich up their HK$12,000 buy-in to get into the tournament.

The atmosphere is certainly buzzing harder than it has over the last few days… This is the Macau we know and love. Stay tuned for what is sure to be a massive day.

Momentum building on third Red Dragon Day 1

Welcome back to PokerStars LIVE Macau!

We are here for the third Day 1 flight of the MPC22 Red Dragon Main Event.

The momentum of the field size is starting to build up after 110 players hit the felt on Day 1a and 162 on Day 1b. There is no doubt today will be larger than both of those days. How much larger? Only time will tell, but if the registration line is anything to go by, you can expect quite a hefty field indeed.

The cards will be in the air from 3:00pm local time and you can find all the live updates right here on this page. Be sure to stay tuned, and in the meantime, check out the links below to read how the first two Day 1 flights played out.

Yi the lone six-figure warrior on Day 1B

Dutch Danny dominates Day 1A


Who will win gather the most chips on Day 1C? Find out right here!


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