Join “multisurf” in celebrating record breaking Scratch & Match win

July 06, 2017

We tend to like big jackpots around here; anything with a superlative attached is likely to get some attention. So it goes for Russian player “multisurf”, who won our biggest ever Scratch and Match Jackpot, collecting $9,010.43.

“Multisurf” won this via our Russian Poker School (PokerStarter), and what’s good for the winner is good for everyone. Every time someone wins the Jackpot we also run a Freebuy Tournament for the same amount. That means we’ll be giving away 10,000 tickets to this tournament via Scratch and Match throughout the rest of July.

Scratch  Match July17.jpg

Here are the details of that Freebuy tournament:

Prize Pool: $9010.43
Date: August 5, 2017 at 13:05 ET

While half of the prize pool goes towards the next jackpot, 25 per cent goes to the winner, with another 25 per cent added to the Freebuy Jackpot Tournament. The current Jackpot as of today sits at $18,240.86

All of which will interest the latest winner.

By day multisurf works for a hedge fund, playing poker in his limited spare time, when not surfing (hence his username), or spending time with his four year old son and family.

“I joined PokerStars thanks to poker school ‘PokerStarter'”, explained multisurf. “In the promotions section I have found out about ‘Cards of Luck’. It was couple of years ago. Since then from time to time I was playing for fun in this game.”

Like a lot of players, multisurf soon realized that having started to play he wanted to learn more, and followed a friend’s advice to try PokerStarter.

“I have studied courses, read educational articles and thanks to school got acquainted with other types of poker (besides Texas Hold’em).

Multisurf, who took up poker in 2006, found himself with an hour of free time and decided to get in some poker. So he logged into PokerStars just like any other day.

“I decided to play a bit and try my luck, and this time luck gave me a smile.”

Like its English language cousin PokerSchoolOnline, it doesn’t bestow talents required to become professional, but it does equip the keen amateur with the knowhow to do well. And in this case, from time to time, get lucky.

Congratulations to multisurf.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog. Follow him on Twitter: @StephenBartley. What did you think about this post? Let us know on Twitter: @PokerStarsBlog.


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