New kids on the block

October 30, 2005

With just one level remaining tonight and 50 players still battling, it seems likely that there’ll be 30 or more making it to the second day – with 27 of them earning a pay-day.

There’s been a seismic power shift at the summit of the leaderboard, with Andy Black now scratching the felt and the frightening number of frighteningly young players taking frightening control.

This is Henric Olander, from Sweden.

He just knocked two players out in one hand. They were asking for it, really. One had king-ten, the other pocket sevens. Good call from Olander with his jacks and he’s the tournament chip leader with 165,000.

Here’s David Pomroy, poker blogger, online poker professional and now doing just fine with real, clay chips in his hands. Estimates put him at around 110,000.

This one is Jonas Molander, under the watchful gaze of another chap who did something related to poker once.

The Fossilman himself would be proud of Molander’s 100,000.

Noah Boeken is now also in the mix, sitting with 80,000, while Luca Pagano has recovered to about 65,000 after slumping to about 12,000. All his chips went in with pocket nines and even though his opponent woke up with jacks, a third nine on the flop had the Italian offering a hand of apology – while the other raked the chips. Luca is sitting beside Ahmit Melin, the PokerStars competition winner, who is still (free)rolling.

It’s not all good news, however, with Isabelle Mercier and Baard Dahl both biting the dust an hour or so ago. Baard’s queens faced ace-king for a 60,000 pot. A couple of bullets on the flop ended that race before it had really begun.


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