Nick Wealthall: Getting a handle on my blog

November 11, 2010

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by Nick Wealthall
So my blog has become a bit like the door handle that goes into my living room and barely works – it comes out of its socket in your hand 20% of the times you use it. It has needed writing for ages like my handle needs fixing. There’s nothing stopping me writing it, but the longer it goes the more of a chore it feels.

There’s a scene in friends where Rachel meets a doctor whose a gynecologist and she is put off him because he expresses that what he sees all day at work he doesn’t want to see in his free time. I think blog writing is like that for me – I write all time so it’s more writing.

Anyway let’s jump off the introspection band wagon.

We’re between UKIPT seasons and I feel a bit naked without it. Season 1 ended in London and I won’t do the commercial bit about how well it all went but, um, it really did go very well. I loved the whole season; UKIPT events have their own atmosphere and they really do kick other poker events’ ass… royally… from above. Season 2 will be on us soon (first one in Galway, first week in December) and I have a sneaking suspicion it’ll be bigger, better and sexier than season 1. Just you see if it’s not.

Things are going great away from the tour, thanks for asking. It’s weird when you’re freelance and there’s no structure or plan, but after a period of some frustration earlier in the year things are happening on lots of different writing and performing projects. I’ll ‘blog’ about them when they’re certain, but it’s a fun exciting time. Which is nice.

In other news, here are things I like at the moment:

– The Apprentice. Christ it’s good. I like to take a drink everytime someone says ‘skill set’, and am mullered by 9.35pm. Last week someone actually said to a person’s face: “I look forward to dialoging with you later.” Genius.
– The NFL. Loved it years ago and I’m right back into it this season. Helps that it’s one of the most competitive seasons in years and that my childhood team the Raiders have their first decent outfit for ages.
– Red wine. Have started to frickin love the stuff. Think it’s a sign of being old, but who cares? I know a tiny bit about it and want to keep it that way – I think knowing more about it would spoil it for me. Currently working with Malbecs. Tremendous!
– Sky + HD recorder (other satellite/cable and HD recorders are available).was very late
to this party but it really is the shizzle. Especially when you’re into watching North American sport.

Not much else really – you’d think after a couple of months break I’d have more to say but to be honest, deep down I’m a very shallow person.

I guarantee the next time we speak the door handle won’t be fixed because where as I can type, if I try to do anything DIY related ever not only will the initial problem not be fixed but 14 more will be created.


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