ogiss67 wins TPL

May 25, 2011


Another solid field of 606 players took part in the Twitter Poker League this week, and “ogiss67” came out on top. He was awarded $114.06 for the victory, and 20 points on the leaderboard. Meaning he is now tied for second place with Week 1 winner “werdan”.

Picking up a cash this week, last week’s winner “lindowsweet1” is the current leader this season with 25 points from two games. He was also one of the three bounty players this week, as a result of his finish in Week 2. The other bounty players this week were, “Chypik19” and “turboatom” who were also worth 300FPP if you managed to eliminate them. “Chypik19” was the first of the three to fall, he picked up A♦K♦ when he was pretty short, but was unlucky enough to run into Jacks and Aces. The turn brought him a potential flush but the 9♥ on the river sealed his fate. “diplc” and “Arielooo_pl” will split the 300FPP prize, congratulations to both of them.

7 3 A.PNG

Next out was “turboatom” who narrowly missed out on cashing this week, finishing in 103rd place when his J♥J♣ couldn’t hold vs. the A♣6♣ of “orenhol”. The big stack flopped a flush draw, turned an open ended straight draw and then rivered an Ace to send our bounty player to the rail, and earn himself 300FPP.

7 3 B.PNG

Proving his ability once again “Lindowsweet1” was the last remaining bounty after the money bubble burst and it wasn’t until he was down to less than three big blinds that he moved all in to try to double up. Sadly (for him) though his K♣J♣ was dominated by “bowie62” who held K♦Q♠.

7 3 C.PNG

Everyone who makes the money in the Twitter Poker League gets five points on the leaderboard, and everyone who plays gets one point just for turning up. However, if you are on the hunt for more than that you have to make it to the final nine. From 10 points for 9th place to a whopping 20 points for 1st are given out at the final table, this usually leads to a pretty fast paced hour and a half before we finally get down to the last table.

7 3 FT.PNG

“ogiss67” lead the table when play started (413k) with a huge lead over second in chips “naitsirc1989” who had 130k. “orenhol” was taking on the role of the shortest stack with just 30k in chips which was around 9 big blinds! Our first victim was “fercaso” when he got it all-in with A♣K♦ only to find out he was dominated by his opponent who held K♣K♠. Even if the players had seen the flop before shoving they likely still would have got all the money in with a King-high rainbow flop 3♦K♥Q♣. The turn didn’t brought the 5♥ and “fercaso” was drawing dead.

Out in ei8hth place this week was “freiherr1113” he also found himself way behind his opponent when the money went in pre-flop. He held Q♣10♣ but his opponent “daimikira” held K♦10♦, the flop 6♣8♣8♠ brought “freiherr1113” a bunch of outs to a flush, but the turn 2♠ and river A♦ were of no help and he was out. Next to go was “zolotarev843” who shoved blind on blind with A♣2♥ and was called by the big blind who held pocket fives. On a board of Q♣8♠J♠ 9♦ J♣ Ace-High was no good and the 5♣5♠ of “BrunoCST” held.

Six-handed play began, and “ogiss67” was still the clear chip leader with 230k – and everyone else was pretty much equal with 120k-130k on average. A short-stacked “daimikira” found pocket fives 5♠5♦ under the gun and shoved, but unluckily for him “El_Bartimus” found the bigger pocket pair A♣A♦ in the cut-off. The flop 10♣2♣2♦ helped neither of them, but the turn brought the A♠ and “daimikira” was drawing dead, and after the river he was out in 6th place. “El_Bartimus” didn’t last long after that though, when he ran into Aces himself! He shoved K♠10♥ five hands later only for “ogiss67” to wake up with A♥A♦ in the big blind. While he did hit King on the flop K♣7♥3♦ it was not much help by the time the turn fell A♣ giving “ogiss67” top set and leaving “El_Bartimus” with no outs and no chips on the river.

bluff and get lucky.PNG

Four-handed play saw a similar chip dynamic, “ogiss67” still the clear leader with 310k and everyone else having around 200k. Having the chip lead short-handed is a very powerful tool, and often allows for a fairly easy way to bully the table and build chips. “ogiss67” must know that as he began to employ the bluff and get lucky technique, a favourite of mine. In the hand above he re-raised preflop with 5♠3♦ and was called by his opponent. They both hit a piece of the flop Q♦3♠J♣ and “ogiss67” lead out and was called, a huge turn for him came – the 3♥ bringing him a set and he lead out again and was called. Both players only had around a pot sized bet behind when the river 5♥ came and “ogiss67” over-bet jammed the pot and “naitsirc1989” called comfortably with Queens and threes with and Ace kicker, only to see that he was well and truly beat by a full house.

A blind on blind raising war saw the end of “BrunoCST” who finished in 3rd place, he ended up getting it in with Q♣J♣ vs. “ogiss67” who held A♣K♦. He couldn’t make a better hand as a 60-40 underdog when the board fell 7♥5♠7♠ 4♣ 6♠ and left the table. Heads up play saw “ogiss67” with a frankly unfair chip lead 720k vs. 200k – not that he hadn’t earned it. This lead to a fast match lasting just four hands and culminating with a big flip between “orenhol”‘s A♦3♠ and the J♥10♣ of this week’s winner. The final board of the night came Q♦10♦8♣ 8♥ 10♥ bringing yet another full-house for “ogiss67”. Now, he may have won the tournament, but in my humble opinion the real hero this week was 2nd place finisher “orenhol” who had started the final table with just 9BB and had managed to work his way up to finish as the runner up, not to mention he also picked up a 300FPP bounty prize!

Each of the top four finishers from this week will return as bounty players next week, all of whom have 300FPP prices on their heads should you manage to knock them out. Be sure to join us this coming Sunday for Week 4 and registration is already open for – tourneyID: 391040872.


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