EPT Warsaw: Day four/five, level 21 updates

October 24, 2009


Live updates from day five, level 21 of the EPT Warsaw Main Event event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 8,000-16,000 (2,000 ante)

1.26pm: Last hand
And that was the last hand of that level. We’re now on to 22.

1.25pm: Battisti takes a big one
Alfio Battisti made it 45,000 from early position and Clayton Mozdzen called from the small blind. Just the two of them for a flop of: 4♥Q♠Q♣. Mozdzen bet 40,000, Battisti raised to 88,000 – and Mozdzen called.

They both checked the J♣ turn and Mozdzen then bet 160,000 at the 9♠ river. Battisti peered over the top of his glasses to see if he could pick up anything from Mozdzen, but there was no chance. He’s huddled beneath hoodie and behind his hands clasped in front of his mouth. No matter, Battisti called and Mozdzen showed 4♣5♣ for bottom two pair. Battisti’s pocket tens were good.

1.20pm: Anatoly Gurtovoy out in eighth place, winning €32,082 (133,570 PLN)
The first elimination of the day. After five minutes of play Anatoly Gurtovoy shoved all-in for around 300,000. Oleksandr Vaserfirer made the call as every stepped out of their way. Ace-queen for Gurtovoy, pocket jacks for chip leader Vaserfirer. The board ran: 7♥8♣K♦7♠9♦ Gurtovoy first out.

1.15pm: First flop
Oleksander Vaserfirer raises to 45,000 in late position and Clayton Mozdzen calls. He is the only one. The flop comes 4♦8♦J♣, which is checked. The turn is 7♣ and Mozdzen bets 56,000, Vaserfirer calls. The river is 3♦ and both check. Mozdzen’s pocket sixes are good.

1.15pm: Seating order

Seat 1 – Luca Pagano
Seat 2 – Anatoly Gurtovoy
Seat 3 – Oleksandr Vaserfirer
Seat 4 – Alexander Klimashin
Seat 5 – Clayton Mozdzen
Seat 6 – Ruslan Prydyk
Seat 7 – Alfio Battisti
Seat 8 – Christophe Benzimra

1.10pm: First all in
It’s folded around to the tournament short stack Alexander Klimashin. He moves all in and gets it through.

1.05pm: Under way
And we’re off. Clayton Mozdzen takes the first one with a free-flop raise that gets all the way though.

1pm: Back for the final table
Sun up in Warsaw, at least we think it’s there above the grey sky somewhere. The casino doors are open, staff have dusted off the good chairs, like you would on a Sunday, which surround a single table on the tournament floor. The table itself is surrounded by cheaper chairs turned backwards, not to be sat on but to keep people from charging the stage. Players are being introduced, a hearty crowd are already in position and there’s 17 minutes 11 seconds on the clock. Stand by for the final table.

Full wrap is available on the, errr, on the full wrap page.

Those final table chip counts are also on the chip counts page.

See you for the final table tomorrow. Meanwhile, here’s a look in moving pictures at how Debus went out…

Watch EPT 6 Warsaw Day 4: Final table bubble! on PokerStars.tv

6.35pm: Debus done, day four done
Alexander Debus moved all-in for 180,000. Next in line was Luca Pagano who also moved all-in, keeping this one a two player affair. He showed Q♣Q♦ to Debus’s A♠6♠. The board ran: 5♥6♣5♣8♥4♣, ending the day right there. Debus is eliminated in ninth place. A full report on the day, as well as the official chip counts are on the way.

6.15pm: Debus on the ropes, Battisti survives
Alfio Battisti was all in against Alexander Debus, who had him covered, but only just.

Debus: Q♣Q♥
Battisti: A♣K♠

Battisti needed to catch – and that he did on the flop of 3♥K♣9♥. But the 6♥ turn gave him a sweat as Debus now had a flush draw. The 8♦ river put an end to that, however, and Debus is down to 170,000. Battisti is up to 535,000.

6pm: Sarwer slaughtered by Vaserfirer
Jeff Sarwer is out in tenth, the victim of ace-king. Twice. First up, he and Debus went to war, as described below, but shortly after it was even more ugly as he tussled with Oleksandr Vaserfirer. It was the last hand he played.

Sarwer raised to 38,000 under-the-gun (five-handed, remember) and Vaserfirer made it a straight 100,000 from the small blind. The big blind Debus got out the way, and Sarwer shoved for his last 260,000-odd. Vaserfirer called instantly, and the emotions went on the roller coaster.

“I need to win this flip,” Sarwer said, and probably thought he had when the flop came A♥6♠10♦. The 10♠ was also all right, but the Q♥ was a sickener for Sarwer but a delight for Vaserfirer. He continues to plunder everything this afternoon.

With nine players we’re down to our final table that isn’t a final table. One more until we reach the eight for the big bucks.

Sarwer recounted his woes to our video blog team…

Watch EPT6_Warsaw_Day4_JeffSarwer_exit on PokerStars.tv

5.50pm: Debus at the double
Alexander Debus, a PokerStars qualifier, doubled up through Jeff Sarwer. Debus only had around 250,000, and had pushed several times with no takers. But this time, Sarwer moved all-in behind him, forcing the rest of the table to get out of the way.

Debus: K♣K♥
Sarwer: A♣K♠

Sarwer needed to catch an ace, but the board came K♦2♣9♠8♦8♠ for Debus’ full house.

We move on.

5.40pm: It’s that time again
Two of our reporting team are relaying up and down the stairs with the latest from the tournament floor but have yet to return. Either the drama is on hold or the longest hand in tournament poker’s history is taking place. Stand by.

5.25pm: Back
Just like that, they’re back. This lot:

Oleksandr Vaserfirer, Ukraine, 1,401,000
Clayton Mozdzen, Canada, PokerStars qualifier, 925,000
Luca Pagano, Italy, Team PokerStars PRO, 764,000
Jeffrey Sarwer, Canada, 648,000
Ruslan Prydryk, Ukraine, 611,000
Christophe Benzimra, France, 520,000
Alfio Battisti, Italy, 425,000
Anatoly Gurtovoy, Russia, 324,000
Alexander Debus, Germany, PokerStars qualifier, 304,000
Alexander Klimashin, Russia, 285,000

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