Last October Sunday Million a treat for Darkillermax

October 27, 2008

On the last Sunday in October, 7,415 players were looking for treats in the Sunday Million and hoping not to get tricked by a bad beat to prevent them from getting their share of the $1.5 million prize pool and the $184,500 first place prize.

Play from three tables down to the final nine went slowly into the wee hours of Monday morning and the final table bubble burst when darkillermax won a race for a huge pot with J-J versus the A-K of cdbr3799. The hand knocked cdbr3799 out in tenth and gave darkillermax a huge lead over the field with more than 31 million chips.


The final table seats and chip counts were as follows:

Seat 1 – Numb Nutzzzz 3,533,560
Seat 2 – moabut 5,019,295
Seat 3 – Lounatic0815 3,163,137
Seat 4 – cashadvance7 6,955,314
Seat 5 – salvo58 11,985,000
Seat 6 – BackDoorovic 1,447,668
Seat 7 – darkillermax 31,025,322
Seat 8 – sms9231 7,613,568
Seat 9 – kadi100 2,447,136

BackDoorovic was first to go in ninth when he pushed 2.3 million with Qd-3c and ran into the As-Ks of sms9231. The board ran out harmlessly for sms9231 and BackDoorovic earned $10,500 for the day.

Cashadvance7 got $17,250 for eighth after he pushed with Ah-3h for 1.1 million after a 400K limp under the gun from Numb Nutzzzz. Only Numb Nutzzzz called the raise with his 4c-4d and was awarded with a flop of 8c-4h-7c.

Cracking kings and winning with kings were key for sms9231 in building a stack at the final table. First, he pushed all-in from the cutoff for 13.6 million and kodi100 pushed all-in for 2.4 million from the button. The hands were As-9c for sms9231 and Ks-Kh for kodi100. The board ran out 7c-Ah-Qc-9h-6d and kodi finished in seventh for $26,250. Three hands later sms9231 raised the 400K big blind to 1 million under the gun and moabut shoved for 2.4 million from the cutoff. Sms9231 made the call with Kd-Kh and this time no ace hit the board to help the Ah-4d of moabut who exited in sixth and collected $39,000.

Lounatic0815 was next to depart when he shoved 6.8 million from the button with blinds at 250K/500K and 50K antes. Salvo58 called from the small blind and showed Tc-Th to be well ahead of the Ad-5h of Lounatic0815. The board ran out 8c-5c-Ts-As-Qh to give salvo58 the dominating set and send Lounatic0815 home in fifth, and with $54,000 in his pocket.

The tournament was then paused so the remaining four players could discuss a deal. They could not work out an agreement so play continued. Shortly afterwards darkillermax raised to 1.35 million from the cutoff and Numb Nutzzzz raised all-in to 6.5 million from the small blind. Darkillermax made the call and was well behind with 5h-5s against the Ts-Tc of Numb Nutzzzz, but the board came 8c-7d-8h-Ad-5d to give darkillermax the full house on the river to knock Numb Nutzzzz out in fourth. He got $69,000 for the finish.

The tournament was paused a second time to discuss a deal and the negotiations were again fruitless, necessitating further play. Sms9231 got the rest of his 10 million into the pot against darkillermax in a blind versus blind situation and was behind with Jh-Td versus Ks-Qc. The board ran out Kd-6h-3h-8c-Th to put sms9231 out in third with $84,000.

The third time was the charm as darkillermax and salvo58 agreed to a deal, giving darkillermax $144,656 and salvo58 $134,793, with an additional $30,000 going to the winner. Darkillermax was the recipient of that extra $30,000 a few hands later when the two got it all-in with darkillermax holding two queens and salvo58 tabling two eights. The queens held and darkillermax was the October 26 Sunday Million Champion and earned $174,656 for the victory.


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