P1 Million: Day 1a Updates

October 23, 2015

_DSC0163.jpgCards are in the air for the P1 Million Guarantee Main Event at the PokerStars Live Manila poker room. We will be posting updates right here throughout the day. We have reached the end of late registration. Unofficially, there were 170 entries. Good luck to all the remaining players.

10:00pm: Day 1a is a wrap!

Jesse Leonarez leads at the end of day 1a with 240,300 chips. A total of 30 players qualified out of 170 entries. Congratulations to all the qualifiers!

9:30pm: Leonarez up to 240k

With roughly around 27k in the pot, Jesse Leonarez bet 15k on a turn board of 9♥7♦4♠K♦ which sent Regie delos Reyes tanking for a very long time. The clock was eventually called on her and seconds before cutoff, she went all in. Leonarez snap-called and turned over his cards. Leonarez had A♣9♦ for second pair while Reyes had J♥10♥ for a double belly. Although Reyes had quite a number of outs, the river of A♦ was not one of them and all her chips were shipped to Leonarez. Leonarez instantly became the chip leader with over 220k chips.

Leonarez won the next hand as well and rose to around 240k.

9:20pm: Wong spirals way down

KC Wong thought he could double up his short stack with his ace-jack, but ran kaboom into a player’s bullets and lost almost all his stack. Wong is down to 7k.

9:15pm: Reyes on the move

Regie Delos Reyes has been very active at her table with raises and re-raises to win the pot. In one hand, she called a bet of 9k by Christian Haggart on a board of 4♥K♣9♦ with a pot of around 25k already weighing down the middle of the felt. At the turn of 7s], Haggart continued and bet 10k only to see Reyes fire 25k. Haggart folded and Reyes scooped a nice pot.

9:00pm: Polishetty avoids the rail

Srinivas Polishetty three-bet all in with his remaining 16.3k stack. SJ Kim called and it was a showdown with Polishetty ahead holding K♣J♥ against Kim’s Q♦J♦. The board ran 10♥3♠9♣J♠2♣ giving both a pair of jacks but Polishetty had the higher kicker and was safe from the rail.

8:20pm: Camposanto doubles up through Takayama

Mike Takayama was one of the two chip leaders at the main event with over 170k in his arsenal Bernard Camposanto shaved some off to raise his own stack. Action began with a raise to 3700 by a mid-position player. Three players called which included Takayama and Camposanto. The flop ran 3♠4♦8♣, Takayama bet 6300 and Camposanto called while the other two players in the hand folded. At the turn of 6♠, Takayama laid out a much bigger bet, 35k total, and Camposanto answered with a shove for just another 5400 for Takayama to call. Takayama did and Camposanto was ahead with J♠8♠ against A♣3♣. The river felted a 10♠ giving Camposanto a straight and the double up.

8:14pm: Warriner rails Innocentes

Alvir Innocentes lost his momentum in the tournament and had to go all in with his remaining chips while holding ace-jack. Unfortunately, he had to get lucky because he was up against Edward Warriner who had ace-king. The flop was king-7-jack giving Innocentes a pair, but it also gave Warriner a higher pair. The turn and river were rags and with that Innocentes was sent to the rail.

8:00pm: Concepcion’s gamble does not pay off

Previous P1M champion, Rey Concepcion, raised-all in on a board of J♦9♦4♦ and the initial bettor called for his tournament life. Concepcion had 10♣8♣ for an open ended draw up against 9♣4♣. The board turned a 6♣, no help to Concepcion, and with the river of 4♠, Concepcion had to pay out nearly 28k to the winner.

7:50pm: Three-way shove, Gabitan on top

Anthony Gabitan and two other players were all in preflop. Gabitan had A♥10♥, up against pocket nines and big slick. The board ran paired both of Gabitan’s cards and he won a sizable pot while eliminating one of the players he covered.

7:40pm: Riad bets for the win

Either John Riad had a good read on his opponent or he bluffed, either way, his bet was enough to get his opponent to relinquish his hand. It started with Riad raising to 2200 preflop and was called by two players. At the flop of J♠6♠8♣, Riad bet againt, and was check-called by only one player. On the turn, action was the same with Riad betting and was check-called. Then on the river of 8♠, Riad banged out 11.8k and with that, he claimed the pot after his challenger folded. Riad showed his ace-ten.

7:30pm: Haggart makes it tough for Montebon

Trifie Montebon took a long time to decide on whether or not to take a risk and place his tournament life on the line against big-stacked Christian Haggart. We caught the hand with three players seeing a flop of 7♦J♣10♦. Montebon bet 2500, Haggart called, and the third player folded. At the turn of 10♠, Montebon led out again, this time for 9k, and Haggart called. Then on the river of 6♣, Montebon continued and laid out 15k but Haggart made it 55k total covering Montebon’s remaining stack. This was when Montebon tanked for some time until Haggart finally called the clock on him. Haggart chatted Montebon up a bit telling him he couldn’t’ beat his hand so he may as well fold. Montebon eventually did.

Not long after, Montebon got all his chips in the middle but was railed by Gabitan who had pocket aces.

6:40pm: Innocentes rails one with a bad beat

With a board showing 10-A-9, Alviro Innocentes pushed a player all in and was called. Innocentes had ace-queen while the other had ace-ten for two pairs at the flop. Unfortunately for that player the turn and river were both jacks giving Innocentes the win with a higher kicker.

6:20pm: Haggart’s full house boots two

Christian Haggart, Anthony Gabitan, and another player had their hole cards turned up and chips passed the betting line. Haggart had pocket tens, Gabitan had ace-king, and the third player had ace-three. It was quite a dramatic board running Q♦J♥A♠ giving Gabitan the lead, then the turn of 10♥ extended his lead with a straight but Haggart also improved to a set. Then the board paired with J♦ on the river giving Haggart a full house to take down the pot while booting his two opponents.

6:15pm: Warriner’s set gets paid

Several levels back, Edward Warriner was ailing with a very short stack of 3200 chips and found himself a nice opportunity to double up when he was dealt pocket tens. From then on, he continued to rebuild his stack and in a recent hand against Raymond Enriquez, his stack further escalated to just under 60k. Action began with a preflop raise that had three players head to the flop. On the flop of Q♣10♥4♠, everyone checked. At the turn of 6♥, players seemed to like that card with action steaming up the felt. Enriquez bet 4k, Warriner raised to 12.5k, next player folded, Enriquez shoved (covered Warriner), and in a snap, Warriner called. At the showdown, Enriquez had Q♥10♠ for two pairs but Warriner had 6♣6♠ for a set. With the river landing 2♠, Enriquez was unable to improve and Warriner bagged a sweet double up.

5:50pm: Pangan continues to amass more chips

Luke Pangan rose to around 90k chips in a hand that didn’t go any further than the flop. In a hand with two others and a raised pot in the middle, action saw a bet, a raise, and then Pangan with a shove on a board of 7♥8♦3♦. No one could match the all in as he was already the big stack at his table. Pangan showed his pocket threes for a set.

5:40pm: Cherelov ousts Cruz

Mark Rirod dela Cruz was not happy to burn out the way he did but with his short stack of 6350, anything goes. During the hand, Cruz three-bet shove and Stoyan Cherelov called. At the showdown, Cruz had Cherelov dominated with A♥10♥ against Q♥10♦. The board ran 8♣6♦7♦Q♦4♥, and with that, Cruz was out.

5:35pm: Quad aces for Innocentes

Last night’s side event winner, Alvir Innocentes just railed his fellow countryman Renato Villanueva with an absolute beauty of a hand. Innocentes had pocket aces against Villanueva’s pocket nines, Villanueva was all in preflop which was called by Innocentes. The flop landed a pair of aces and a king and that was it. Villanueva was drawing dead and was sent to the rail.

5:30pm: Pangan climbs to 70k

Luke Pangan’s table may be filled with some big guns such as Dave Erquiaga and Jesse Leonarez, however, that doesn’t stop him from his quest to win as many pots as possible. We caught a hand at the shipping with Pangan getting paid big with his J♠8♠ against Leonarez’s A♠K♠ and another player’s Q♥Q♠ on a board that ran 8♣2♠8♦9♠5♥. Pangan now has around 70k chips.

5:20pm: Flush over flush, Hamzavian vs Villanueva

Catching the action at the flop of 7♣K♠Q♠, big blind player Hamid Hamzavian checked to Renato Villanueva who bet 1100. Hamzavian called and off to the turn it was with the dealer felting 2♠. Once again, Hamzavian checked to Villanueva who bet 1500. This time, Hamzavian returned the gesture with a raise to 4k. Villanueva called. On the river of 8♣, Hamzavian opted to check, Villanueva bet 7250, and after a short pause, Hamzavian called. Villanueva had a flush with his 8♠7♠ but it was no good against Hamzavian’s 9♠3♠ flush.

5:15pm: Lau doubles up Kim

Alan King Lau has built himself a pretty big stack so when he goes up against a short stack, he can actually afford to lose a little. In a hand against short-stacked Wong Jung Kim, Kim was all in with pocket kings and Lau had pocket jacks. The board bricked and Kim was awarded the double up to just above starting stack.

4:15pm: Haggart tanks to Marzan’s raise

Big stacked Christian Haggart, Edwin Marzan, and Danilo Munoz engaged in a hand that started with Haggart raising to 600 preflop and getting both blinds players to call, Marzan on the sb seat and Munoz on the bb seat. At the flop of 4♥3♠4♠, action was checked to Haggart who bet 1k. He was check-called by both players. At the turn of J♦, everyone checked and got to see a free river card of 6♠. At this point, there was a bit more action with Marzan checking to Munoz who bet 1500. Haggart flat-called, but Marzan check-raised to make it 6500. Munoz got out of the hand but Haggart squirmed for some time deciding what to do. Although he had more than enough chips to cover the bet, he gave up his hand.

4:10pm: Argao can’t call Lau’s shove

It was a moment of intense silence at Alan Kung Lau and Maria Argao’s table when Lau shoved with over 12k on a board showing 6♣3♦J♥9♦ sending Argao tanking. There was 3850 already in the middle plus a bet of 2500 by Argao. Argao eventually folded.

4:00pm: More notables arrive, over 100 entries

Just an hour and a half into the event and we have already surpassed 100 entries. Among the latecomers were Jesse Leonarez, Mike Takayama, Jester Intia, Srinivas Polishetty, In Sin, SJ Kim, and John Riad.

3:15pm: White scoops up another

Anthony White called a short stacked player’s all in raise on a turn board showing 2-king-4-king. White had ace-queen against queen-6. The river card was a 7 and White took down the pot and railed a player.

3:00pm: Haggart, Dilera, and White early double ups

Several players such as Christian Haggart, Roe Dilera, and Anthony White have already doubled up and booted fellow tablemates in the process.

Satellite winner Roe Dilera has some tough guns at her table but found herself quickly doubling up with her pocket nines landing a set against a player’s shove on a nine-high flop. Her opponent had pocket eights. Dilera is now up to around 27k chips.

2:45pm: Notables at the felt

Seen at the felt early, Ka Cheong Wong , Alan King Lun Lau, Shih Chieh Su, David Colclough, John King, and Luke Pangan.


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