P1M Guarantee- April: Day 1d Updates

April 01, 2016

P1MD2.jpgThe last flight of the P1M Guarantee Main Event is underway with players quickly filling up the tables at PokerStars Live Manila. There will be two day 1d heats to qualify into the final day, one at 215pm and the other at 530pm. The earlier heat has a P1000 entry fee and unlimited re-entry, and the last heat will have a P2000 buyin and is a freezeout event. Random updates will be posted right here.

10:30PM: Lima eliminated by Perreau; day 1d ends with Perreau on top

After Jun Labadan’s elimination, it was down to the bubble stage. This ended quickly with Roque Lima moving all and getting called by David Perreau and another player. At the flop of 7♦J♦A♠, Perreau went all in and faced Lima on a showdown when the other player folded. Lima had Q♣7♥ and Perreau had A♣6♣. The turn of 3♦ and river of 2♦ failed to improve Lima’s pair and he bubbled to the final day. With his elimination, Perreau ended the day as the chip leader with 184.5K chips.

10:15PM: Gutierrez cracks aces, avoids elimination; Hui rails Issa

Pedro Gutierrez gambled with his pocket sixes without realizing he was up against pocket aces. It was a good all in with the board running 5♦4♣7♣8♦Q♦ giving him a straight and a double up to over 100k.

At the other table, Jean Issa moved all in and was followed by Yao Hui with more chips. Issa had pocket sevens and Hui had pocket kings. The board ran well for Hui as it improved him to a full house 4♥8♦4♦2♣K♣ even if he didn’t need it.

10:00PM: Rockets for Ona gives him the chip lead

Antonio Ona became the chip leader while holding A♦A♥ against a player who shoved with K♣A♠. The board was 2♦K♠J♦7♣10♥. Ona now has over 200k chips.

9:45PM: Erquiaga rails Villanueva, over 150K

Dave Erquiaga ended JR Villanueva’s day in a hand that began with him raising to 25k on the cutoff seat. From the small blind seat, Villanueva moved all in. After Ronald Dimaano on the big blind folded, Erquiaga called. Villanueva had A♠9♥ and Erquiaga had Q♠10♥. With the board running 9♠3♣J♠6♥10♣, Villanueva was eliminated and Erquiaga climbed to 150k chips.

9:30PM: Labadan doubles up through Lima

In a battle of the blinds, short stacked Renato Labadan moved all in and was called Roque Lima on the big blind. Labadan had king-jack and Lima had ace-queen. The board was good to Labadan who connected with both of his cards awarding him a double up. Several hands later, Labadan moved all in again, he had 21.5k chips. He wasn’t called and he earned the blinds and antes.

9:00PM: Ortanez rails a couple; Ona burns two

Christian Ortanez claimed a couple of heads in two separate hands. In the first hand he called a player’s all in. He had pocket nines and the all in player had six-seven offsuit. The board ran 7-Q-Q-K-K and Ortanez won with his nine kicker. On his next win, Ortanez defended his big blind and auto-called a player’s shove. Ortanez had queen-eight against ace-seven. The board landed him a straight with his eight and he scooped up another pot.

At the same table as Ortanez, Antonio Ona was placed in a tough spot when his initial raise of 10k saw one player (with 9300) move all in and Ashley de Guzman following suit with an additional 27.8k for Ona to call. After tanking, Ona called generating a hefty side pot. The first all in player had A♦6♣, De Guzman had A♣Q♣ and Ona had 8♦8♥. The board ran 10♥6♦10♦8♠K♣ giving Ona the solid win with a full house. He eliminated both of his opponents.

8:45PM: Gutierrez rails two, climbs to over 120k

With already a big stack to aid him, Pedro Gutierrez pumped it up more in two hands back-to-back. In the first hand, he limped in the 2k big blind, then JR Villanueva re-raised to 5200, the big blind player shoved his 10k stack, and both Gutierrez and Villanueva called. At the flop of Q♣8♥5♦, Gutierrez bet 5k then called a raise to 11k by Villanueva. On the turn of A♣, Gutierrez moved all in with a large stack for Villanueva to call. He opted to fold and Gutierrez took the side pot. On the showdown with the all in player, Gutierrez had A♥K♦ and was ahead against Q♦J♦. The river of 7♣ ended the hand with Gutierrez winning the pot while railing a player.

On the next hand, Gutierrez had’t arranged his chips yet when he called the all in of a player with 24,700 chips. Gutierrez had K♦Q♦ and his opponent had 10♥10♠. The window card was a good one with the flop of K♥9♠5♠. The turn of 6♠ and river of 7♦ sealed the win for Gutierrez and he shipped in another sweet pot. Gutierrez now has around 120k chips.

8:30PM: Ortiz doubles up

Chris Ortiz mustered up the guts in this hand and it proved to be fruitful in the end. It began with him raising to 3500 only to get challenged by a three-bet by the big blind to 9800. Ortiz quickly called and the dealer laid out the flop of 3♠10♦A♣. The big blind player went all in with his remaining 10k and with only 7100 in his arsenal, Ortiz] dumped it in the pot. The bb player had pocket kings and Ortiz had ace-four diamonds. With the turn of 7♥ and river of J♦, Ortiz scooped up a double up while crippling down his opponent.

8:15PM: Ortanez doubles up and rails Gopez; Felix rails one

Christian Ortanez was all in with Ronaldo Barbon and Edilberto Gopez with him in the hand. Ortanez had pocket sevens and was up against ace-king and ace-two. The board landed another seven giving him a set and the win. Gopez was railed in the process.

Edgar Angelo Felix and another player called a short stackedplayer’s all in on a board of 5♣J♠A♠. On the turn of 7♠ both checked, but on the river of 9♦, Felix led out for 5500 and eventually his opponent called. Felix won the hand against the all in player with his Q♠5♠ landing a flush.

8:00PM: Late registration ends

Late registration of the final heat of day 1d has ended with 148 players in the books. There are currently 95 players remaining. They will play down to 15 players.

7:45PM: Aquino earns a good pot

Raul Aquino earned a good pot that we caught on the river. With a board of 2♠J♥6♦6♥A♣, Aquino bet 3500 and got his challenger to call. Aquino revealed his full house with pocket jacks. His opponent showed his ace two pairs on the river.

7:30PM: Hyongchol Kim and Labadan current leaders

With 115 players still in the field and late registration still open, Hyongchol Kim seems to be the current leader with nearly 50k chips, that’s around 4x the average stack. Jun Labadan sits with over 40k.

7:15PM: Notables at the felt

As we are catching the action late, here are some of the notables left in the field: Joven Huerto, Dave Colclough, Jessie Leonarez, In Sin, Anacleto Quijano, Edgar Angelo Felix, Jean Issa, Regie Ann delos Reyes, Edilberto Gopez, and Seyedomid Hadipour.

7:00PM: Action at the 2nd heat of day 1d

Now that the first heat has concluded, we zone into the second heat with 137 entries so far in the books. Since this is a freezeout tournament, those eliminated will not be allowed to re-enter. There are currently 109 players left in the field.

6:45PM: Padernal boots Shin; day 1d first heat ends

Manny Padernal called Jae Wook Shin’s all in preflop and it was a showdown. Shin had Q♥J♥ and Padernal had A♥K♠. The board ran A♣2♠9♥6♣8♣ and Shin was eliminated. With 7 players remaining, they bagged up. Padernal ended the first heat of day 1d as the leader with 175k chips.

6:30PM: A big hand for Leano, down to the bubble

Derek Leano called a player’s all in of 50.5K leaving himself just under 20k behind. Leano had J♣J♦ and was up against K♥10♥. When the flop landed J♥9♥10♦, Leano had a set but his opponent had a pair straight flush draw. The turn of 8♦ kept Leano ahead, and when the river felted the last remaining jack, J♠, Leano exclaimed in celebration at his quads. This left 8 players in the table with only 7 qualifying into the final day.

6:15PM: Leano breathes a sigh of relief

Derek Leano was in a hand with a short stacked player who was all in. After both hole cards were revealed, Leano was way ahead with pocket aces and was up against jack-ten. When the board ran 10-9-4-Jack, Leano was suddenly behind, but with the river landing an ace, Leano jumped back in the lead with a set and eliminated his opponent.

6:00PM: Shin goes up and then gets chunked

At the first hand of the final table of 11 players, one player went all in and Shin shoved as well. Shin had 9♦9♣ and was looking to avoid two overcards A♥Q♦ to win the pot and eliminate a player. The board ran 2♦6♣7♦9♥10♣ and Shin scooped the pot with a set and sent one to the rail.

Shortly after, Shin lost a chunk of his stack when his A♠Q♠ failed to land a higher hand against Alejevel Yburan with pocket kings. Yburan nears 100k chips.

5:45PM: Sigua doubles up through Shin

In a battle of the blinds, Aristotle Sigua and Jae Wook Shin battled for a pot that had Sigua getting the best of it. Catching the action only on the river, the board showed 3♥10♠3♠6♥4♥. Acting first was Sigua who laid out a bet sending Shin tanking for a bit. Shin then shoved his bigger stack and in a snap, Sigua called. Shin had 7♠5♣ for a straight however Sigua had 3♦10♦ for a full house.

5:30PM: Day 1d P2000 heat setting up

The second heat of day 1d is about to get underway. We will have updates for you after the first heat has ended.

5:30PM: De Guzman climbs to over 70K; Padernal wins four way shove, has over 70K

We didn’t catch most of Joe De Guzman’s rise but in a recent hand, he claimed another head and big pot with his pocket jacks. With that win, he surged past 70K chips.

At another table, Manny Padernal earned a sweet pile of chips after winning a four-way all in jackpot. He had A♦K♦ and was up against pocket jacks, king-jack, and another short stack with 10-7. The board banged an ace on the flop giving him the lead that held on to the end. Having the most number of chips,Padernal climbed to almost 80k chips.

5:15PM: Leano gaining ground

Derek Leano is picking up some chips. He railed a player with his ace-five besting king-five and then won another pot with his king-queen out-flopping pocket jacks with a queen landing on the board. This gave him a happy double up.

5:00PM: Players dropping fast

It seems there are player hitting the rail almost every second. Recent casualties were John Tech and Yao Hui. Antonio Angeles railed two players instantly, one of them being Jean Issa. Angeles had pocket kings against one player’s pocket jacks and Issa with ace-queen. The board ran a dramatic A♦3♥10♥K♦2♠.

4:45PM: Big stacks

Getting a feel of who the big stacks are at this time, John King and Jae Chul Chang are well over double the average stack however both are seated at the same table. Joseph Sia is also sporting a hefty stack at his table.

4:30PM: Leonarez eliminated

With the blinds and antes forcing short stacks to shove lest they get blinded out, Jessie Leonarez moved all in and was up against a fellow countryman Aristotle Sigua with a higher stack. Leonarez had K♠Q♠ and had to get lucky on the board against A♥8♠. The board did not do him any justice as it ran 2♥7♣6♣6♥8♥ and he was eliminated.

4:15PM: Late registration closes

Late registration is now closed and we have entered the freezeout stage of the first heat of day 1d. There were a total of 135 entries with 66 remaining. It was announced the 7 players will qualify into the final day.

3:15PM: Notables and Info

After one hour of play, that’s 4 levels, there are 107 entries already posted on the screen with 20 of them having already hit the rail. Among those seen battling it out at the felt are Jean Issa, John Tech, Yao Hui, Jae Chul Chang, Edilberto Gopez, and Joseph Sia to mention a few.


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