P1M Guarantee: Final Day Begins / Updates

May 17, 2015

_DSC0007.jpgWe are back at City of Dreams Manila, Philippines with the start of the final day of the PokerStars Live Manila P1M Guarantee where 28 hopefuls return with one mission, to capture the top prize of PHP250,000 which is inclusive of a coveted APPT 9 Manila Main Event seat.

Entering the day with the most powerful artillery is South Korean player Byeongcheol Kim with 345,500 chips. Running second, though not very close behind, is Filipino player Anthony Gabitan with 287,500 chips. Both players are seated at the same table along with another high finisher from the Day 1 flights, Nickolai from the United States with 199,500 chips. We should be seeing some fierce action at that table.

With an affordable buy-in of PHP4,000, the PokerStars Live Manila P1M Guarantee saw a total 368 entries, generating a total prize poool of PHP1,249,360, easily exceeding the guarantee. The field saw a high contingent of Filipino players take to the felt with 20 of them making the cut into the final day.

While that is happening, there are a couple of events to cap off the four-day festivities:

Qualifier to APPT 9 Manila Main Event Satellite at 1230PM
Buy-In: PHP1,000

APPT 9 Manila Event Satellite (Deep Stack Re-Entry) 2 Seats Guarantee at 215PM
Buy-In: PHP5,000

Cash Games are also running with stakes starting from P25/P50 and up.

We will return with more updates on the P1M Guarantee. Good luck to all the players!

P1M Guarantee
Prize Pool Distribution (PHP)
1st- 200,000 + APPT 9 Manila Main Event Seat
2nd- 170,000
3rd- 114,360
4th- 90,000
5th- 75,000
6th- 65,000
7th- 55,000
8th- 45,000
9th- 35,000
10th- 30,000
11th-12th- 25,000
13th-18th- 20,000
19th-28th- 15,000


Early Bust Outs and Ongoing Games

Early action for the final day with three Filipino players already out within the first fifteen minutes. Manuel Regis was the first casualty, falling in 28th place. Mark Race was railed in 27th place by Edgar Angelo Felix whose Q♣J♠ bested Race’s A♥Q♠ on a board that ran J♣9♥3♥5♠K♠. Then Justin Mondero was ousted by Raphael Bulaong. Bulaong had A♠Q♠ dominating Mondero’s K♥10♦ all the way with the board running A♥4♥7♠Q♣10♣. They all earn PHP15,000 for their finish.

Avoiding elimination was Jose Javier Medina who doubled up through fellow Filipino countryman Jester Intia with his pocket fours landing a set.

The Qualifier to APPT 9 Manila Maine Event Satellite is ongoing.

Cash games up and running starting at P25/P50 blinds.

Down to Two Tables

More players sent to the rail…. Khoo Zhongren from Singapore out in 25th place, followed by a few Filipino players, George Martel in 24th place, May Josef in 23rd place, and Edwin Marzan in 22nd place. After Australian player Mark Lloyd was eliminated in 21st place, the players merged, and we are now down to two tables. All eliminated players mentioned above earn PHP15,000 for their finish.

Angeles Cripples Final Day Chip Leader Kim

Bernardo Angeles is on a roll! Entering the day with 65,000 chips, he doubled up early with his A-J offsuit then collected a few more decent pots until Byeongcheol Kim was moved to his table and they both engaged in a pot that would bring one to the chip leader seat, and the other in the danger zone.

Action Angeles raising it up only to face a three-bet from Kim. Not backing down, Angeles four-bet to Kim who shoved his massive stack. Angeles snap-called and at the showdown it was Angeles way ahead with A♥A♣ and Kim with A-K offsuit. With the board running 3♥K♦J♠8♥7♠, Angeles was shipped the massive pile bringing him up to around 450,000 while Kim spiraled down to 36,000.

Angeles proceeded to eliminate Kim when tried to make a play on the button seat. Kim shoved with 3♥4♥ and Angeles quick-called with A♥7♥. The board ran 3♦7♠Q♠K♠J♠ giving both players a pair but Angeles was ahead all the way.

Byeongcheol Kim exits in 19th place. Just before that bust out, Kilsuck Yang was eliminated by Rapahel Bulaong in 20th place. Both players receive PHP15,000 for their finish.

Angeles is now the current chip leader.

A Set of Happy Ducks for Ison

Cary Allen Ison and Jester Intia always seem to find each other in a battle for a pot with Ison seeming to get the better of Intia. We witnessed one hand where action folded to Intia on the small blind and he limped in hoping Ison would check, but instead, Ison went the extreme end with a shove. Intia quickly folded. Ison showed his ducks. Then shortly after, they engaged in a hand again with Intia moving all in on a board showing 4♠2♣J♥5♣ and Ison with a snap-call. Intia had A♠J♣ for top pair but Ison had much better with 2♥2♠ for a set. With the river of 8♥, Ison scooped up sweet double up. He now sits with over 300,000 chips.

Jutae Kim Burns Cowboys

Jutae Kim may be a very quiet player at the felt but his strike can sometimes be very painful as just experienced by Antonio Lugo who was unable to get away from a hand resulting in Kim’s double up. Kim was all in on a board showing 8♣6♣10♣J♠3♥. Lugo called and revealed his K♠K♣ but it was not good enough against Kim’s 8♠8h] that connected on the board. Kim escalated to over 500,000 chips and is now the current chip leader.

Anthony Gabitan Ousted in 13th Place

Coming into today running second-in-chips, Anthony Gabitan was unable to extend his run to the finish when he took a hard hit to his stack against Gerald Casey. During the hand, both players were all in pre-flop with Casey holding pocket kings and Gabitan with pocket queens. The board ran blanks for Gabitan and he fell to 35,000 chips. Shortly after, he was railed in 13th place. Gabitan earns PHP20,000 for his finish. Casey rose to 430,000 chips.

14th place- Edward Tan
15th place- Jester Intia
16th place- Jose Javier Medina
17th place- Edward Tan
18th place- Wyngard Brillo

*All players mentioned above earn PHP20,000 for their finish.

Rey Concepcion Rising

With action folding to the small blind, Edgar Angelo Felix slid out a raise only to hear big blind Rey Concepcion announce an all in. Felix called and it went to a showdown with Felix ahead holding pocket tens versus Concepcion’s K-Q offsuit. With the board running K♥8♥7♥6♥A♠, Concepcion doubled up with his higher pair.

Two hands later, Concepcion would lose some of his chips to Nicolas Arceo, but quickly recovered those chips and more when he railed Dilip Ajitkumar Menon from India. Concepcion and Menon were all in pre-flop with Concepcion ahead holding pocket kings against Menon’s pocket queens. The board bricked and Menon bowed out in 12th place. Menon collects PHP25,000 for his finish.



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