P1M Guarantee: Final Table

May 17, 2015

_DSC0007(1).jpgGerald Casey – United States – 613,000
Jutae Kim – Korea – 575,000
Rey Concepcion – Philippines – 570,000
Raphael Berroya Bulaong – Philippines – 520,000
Cary Allen Ison – Philippines – 394,000
Bernardo Angeles – Philippines – 327,000
Nicolas Arceo – Philippines – 269,000
Nickolai Aexandrov – United States – 178,000
Edgar Angelo Felix – Philippines – 127,000
Adora Gonzaga – Philippines – 110,000

*Antonio Lugo exited in 11th place. He earned PHP25,000 for his finish.


Edgar Allen Felix Out in 10th Place

Edgar Allen Felix was unable to chip up at the final table and was the railed by Nickolai Alexandrov with K♠Q♠ besting A♣5♦ on a board that ran 8♣10♦6♦3♥K♣. Felix collects PHP30,000 for his 10th place finish.

Jutae Kim Eliminates Nicolas Arceo (9th) and Cary Allen Ison (8th)

One by one, chip leader Jutae Kim is chopping heads at the final table. After railing Felix in 10th place, he proceeded to rail Nicolas Arceo with his pocket tens winning a coin flip against A-K. Arceo leaves in 9th place. He collects PHP35,000 for his finish.

Several hands later, Kim ended Cary Allen Ison’s day with K-K vs A-5. Though not necessary, the board was good to Kim as it ran 4♦2♣Q♦6♠K♥. Ison bows out in 8th place. He takes home PHP45,000 for his finish.
Kim now has over 1.1M chips.

Gerald Casey rails Adora Gonzaga in 7th Place

The lone lady at the final table, Adora Gonzaga, saw her chips dwindle down to 65,000 and eventually got it all in with two players in the hand with her, Rey Concepcion and Gerald Casey. Her A♥5♥ however was no good against Casey’s K♠K♣ on a board that ran K♥6♦Q♦4♠4♦. Gonzaga leaves in 7th place and collects PHP55,000 for her finish.

Six Remaining, Kim In Control

Jutae Kim has eliminated 4 out of the 7 Filipino players at the final table and he continues to dominate by winning a good number of pots without much of a fight. He has just won three consecutive pots after his respective opponents fold at his flop bet. Kim now has 1.3M chips.

Raphael Berroya Bulaong Railed in 6th Place

Raphael Bulaong ends the P1M Guarantee tournament at the hands of fellow countryman Rey Concepcion. Bulaong’s J♠10♠ was bricked against Concepcion’s Q♥10♥ and he exits in 6th place. Bulaong collects PHP65,000 for his finish.

We are down to 5 players with Jutae Kim in the lead with 1.4M chips.

Alexandrov Loses A Big Pot to Casey

Nickolai Alexandrov saw his chips spiral down to 100,000 after losing a big pot against fellow American Gerald Casey. Action began with Bernardo Angeles who min-raised, then Alexandrov three-bet to an enormous 385,000. Beside him was Casey who quickly called the bet giving Angeles something to think about. Angeles opted to fold and a flop of K-x-x was spread on the felt. Both players checked and a turn of 4♥ landed. Casey immediately laid out a 310,000 bet and Alexandrov relinquished his hand.

Alexandrov Cracks Aces to Survive

It looked like Nickolai Alexandrov was done for when he was all-in with K♥10♣ against Rey Concepcion with A♦A♠ but with the board running J♣2♥6♠10♠K♣, Alexandrov got lucky with two pair and doubled up while cracking aces.

He followed that up with another take down with an all-in holding K♥K♦ that Jutae Kim snap-called holding Q♠J♦. Kim’s hand did not improve and Alexandrov doubled up again. From 100,000, he now sits with almost 600,000 chips.

Nickolai Alexandrov Exits in 5th Place

Nickolai Alexandrov watched his stack seesaw during the final five but it wouldn’t last. His stack swung very low and finally he had to lay it all in the middle with A-K and was called by Bernardo Angeles with 6-4. The board landed two fours giving Angeles trips and the win. Alexandrov collects PHP75,000 for his finish.

Four-Way Deal Made

With the elimination of Nickolai Alexandrov, the players discussed a deal and negotiated to a four-way equal distribution of the cash but will play for the APPT 9 Manila Main Event seat and the trophy. Everyone is now guaranteed PHP143,590 in cash.

Gerald Casey Out in 4th Place

Gerald Casey moved all in on top of Bernardo Angeles’ raise and Angeles called. At the showdown Angeles had A♥Q♠ versus Casey’s A♠K♣. The board ran 6♠Q♥2♥9♥5♦ giving Angeles the win and all of Casey’s chips. Casey collects PHP143,590 for his 4th place finish.

Jutae Kim Settles for 3rd Place

Jutae Kim had a fantastic run all day, holding the chip lead for most of the night. He decided to get all his chips in the middle with K♠10♣ and Rey Concepcion called with K♦K♥. The board was no help to Kim as he quickly left the scene. Kim earns PHP143,590 for his 3rd place finish.

Heads Up Between Angeles and Concepcion

We are now at the heads up round between Rey Concepcion with 2.1 Million chips against Bernardo Angeles with 1.4 Million chips. They will be playing for the APPT 9 Manila Main Event seat and the trophy.

Rey Concepcion Wins the P1M Guarantee!

It’s all over! In just two hands, Rey Concepcion eliminated Bernardo Angeles to claim the APPT 9 Manila Main Event seat and the trophy. Angeles went all in with Q♦6♦ and Concepcion snap-called with K♣10♣. The board ran 7♠9♠7♦6♥10♥ giving Concepcion top two pair and the win. Angeles receives PHP143,590 for his 2nd place finish.

Congratulations to Rey Concepcion! He wins PHP143,590 plus a seat to the APPT 9 Manila Main Event and the P1M Guarantee championship trophy.



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