P1M Guarantee Update: Freeze Out Stage Action

July 03, 2015

Christopher MateoWe have reached the end of late registration and have now entered the freeze out stage. A total of 128 entries were recorded with over half the field already gone. Among those casualties was local pro Mike Takayama who did not re-enter. On the flipside, two locals, Luke Pangan and Trifie Montebon have racked up a very nice stack each. Pangan has 96K chips while Montebon has 75K. They are the current chip leaders.

Christopher Mateo on the rise

Winner of yesterday’s P300K Guarantee event Christopher Mateo is also in the house with quite a hefty stack already accumulated. In a recent hand, Mateo railed Nelia Nepomuceno that brought his stack to around 120K. Mateo shoved with preflop with A-K and Nepomuceno obliged with all her chips placing her tournament life on the line. Nepomuceno had pocket queens. The flop was good to Nepomuceno with a queen landing giving her a set however Mateo had a possible gutshot with a ten also on the board. The turn kept her safe but with the river putting a jack on the board, Mateo won with a straight and Nepomuceno was eliminated.

Kim Enriquez takes the chip lead

Kim Enriquez and Luke Pangan with big stacks behind them tangled in a pot that earned Enriquez a pot of around 50K. Not long after, he added more to his arsenal when he entered a limped pot with 4 other players. Everyone played it soft until the river with Enriquez calling a 6K bet on a board that showed 4♥6♥6♦3♦10♠. Enriquez held J♦10♦ against his opponent’s A♥Q♣. Enriquez now has around 160K chips.

Cap at Level 14

Tournament Director Danny McDonagh has just announced that play will stop at the end of level 14. Currently there are 30 players left in the field.

Ian Brion one of the chip leaders

Ian Brion has quietly been accumulating chips at his table winning small pots here and there with blinds already fairly high. In a hand against Nickolai Alexandrov, Brion bet 7500 on a board showing K♠7♣J♥ and was called. At the turn of 8♣ Brion continued and laid out 12,500. Again he was called. Then on the river of 3♠ Brion barreled out one more bet, this time 40,000, and after tanking, Alexandrov opted to fold. Brion now sits with around 175K chips.

Luke Pangan wins big stack battle

At table 11, three players with massive stacks, Luke Pangan, Christopher Mateo, and Kim Enriquez engaged in a pot that began with Enriquez raising to 7K an was called by both Pangan and Mateo with Cristopher Runas on the small blind on a forced all in. At the flop of Q♥2♦6♥, Mateo and Enriquez checked to Pangan who laid out 9K. Mateo called and Enriquez folded. At the turn of 10♦, both opted to check to get a free river of 9♦. Mateo checked again, Pangan bet 15K, and after squirming for a bit on his seat, Mateo called. Pangan won with his K♦Q♦ flush. He scooped the sweet pot and eliminated Runas in the process. Pangan now has around 178K chips.

End of Tournament play

The P1M Guarantee Main Event has concluded with 21 players out of the 128 entries moving on to Day 2. Leading the pack is Luke Pangan with 205,500 chips. Running second-in-chips is Ian Brion with 181,000 chips and in third position is Christopher Mateo with 176,500 chips. Congratulations to the qualifiers and see you back on Sunday!

For those planning to join Day 1b, it begins at 215pm tomorrow.


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