P1M Guarantee Update: Ups and Downs

July 05, 2015

After the bubble burst, big-stacked Wally Sombero found himself in a pre flop raise war against another big stack, John King. This eventually lead to an all in shove on both ends and it was a showdown. Sombero had pocket kings against King’s pocket aces. With the board running blanks for Sombero, King doubled up to around 480k while Sombero fell to around 130k.

This may seem like a big blow to many players but not to Sombero who quickly went to work to regain his chips and the chip lead. On the next hand he moved all in on a board showing 7♣A♥10♦ sending Montebon into the tank. Montebon folded and showed his pocket kings. Sombero showed Montebon an ace.

And still he wasn’t done. One by one Sombero eliminated players at his table, including Wyngard Brillo and eventually Montebon. And just like that, he had the lead again with over 600k chips.

Jack Liew falls to Brion

Jack Lieu may have had a sweet double up with his pocket aces early in the day but eventually fell when he shoved with his A♥10♥ and was called by both Ian Brion and Derek Leano. With a side pot still in play, the board landed 9♠4♣6♣ and both Brion and Leano checked. At the turn of 5♥, Leano checked to Brion who bet 35k. Leano smooth-called. Then on the river of 7♦, both opted to check and Brion won with his 9♦9♥ set against Leano’s Q♣Q♦ and eliminated Liew.

Stephen Chua doubles up through Wally Sombero

Stephen Chua and Antonio Abesamis were all in with chip leader Wally Sombero in the hand with them and the board showing 6♦7♦3♥. At the showdown Chua held 4♦5♥ straight, Abesamis with 5♣7♠ top pair, and Sombero with K♦5♦ flush draw. The turn of K♠ was no help to Abesamis and Sombero. And with the river of 9♣ again no help, Chua doubled up while eliminating Abesamis in the process. Chua now has around 440k.

Luke Pangan railed by Bert Garcia

Day 1a chip leader Luke Pangan saw his last hand of the day in a hand against Bert Garcia. With the board of 8♥10♠Q♥ before them, Garcia bet 20k and Pangan called. At the turn of 5♦ both checked to see a river land 9♥. Garcia moved all in sending Pangan deep into the tank until time was called on him. Pangan eventually called with his A♦J♥ for a straight but Garcia had 4♥7♥ for a flush. With that, Pangan was eliminated.

Takayama’s big slick no good against Runas

Mike Takayama three-bet shoved his remaining stack of well over 100k and was called by the original raiser, Cristopher Runas. Takayama had ace-king and Runas held pocket sevens. The board bricked and Takayama was eliminated.

Sandro Simon chipping up

Sandro Simon looked down at his remaining 55k and was all in against Martin Corpuz who had slightly less. Simon had Q♦4♠ and Corpuz had 7♥7♦. The board ran well for Simon 3♥Q♥9♣10♦9♥, and he scooped the chips while railing Corpuz in the process.

Shortly after, Simon won two more pots, this time without a showdown, then doubled up nicely through Cristopher Runas in a hand that began with Simon raising to 28k and Runas calling on the big blind. At the flop of 5♣7♥5♥, Simon moved all in for 116k. Runas tanked but then eventually called. Simon had Q♠Q♣ versus Runas A♦8♦. The turn of 10♥ and rivero of 6♣ was no good to Runas and Simon doubled up.

Jesse Leonarez on the move

Jesse Leonarez has held on to his big stack all day and seems to only be chipping up. We witnessed him win quite a number of hands with raises pre flop and finding no callers. He also railed Guanghui Toh in 18th place.

Derek Baker rails Anthony Feliciano

Derek Baker has also been chipping up steadily at his table. Baker eliminated a few players such as Michael Kim Enriquez and later Anthony Feliciano. Against Feliciano, Baker called Enriquez all in while holding A♣J♥ versus 10♠10♦. The board ran 8♠A♥4♦7♥2♣ giving him the better pair.

Wally Sombero using his big stack

With a massive stack, Wally Sombero continues to chip up and chip up some more. It is incredible how many pots he has won, and mostly without a call or a showdown. There were a couple of times he revealed his hand, and sure enough they were the nuts, pocket aces. Renato Villanueva put a slight halt to Sombero’s table aggression when he doubled up in a hand that began with Sombero raising to 35k on the button and Villanueva calling on the big blind. At the flop of 7♥K♦2♦, Villanueva checked to Sombero who shoved his monster stack. Villanueva snap-called and revealed his 2♥2♣ set ahead of Sombero’s A♥7♣ pair. With the turn of A♠, Villanueva was a bit worried as Sombero now had two pair. But the river was a 9♥ and he survived. Sombero lost a total of 129k to Villanueva. After that, Sombero resumed his table image, raising and entering as many pots as possible.


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