P1M Guarantee Update: Day 1b Freeze Out Action

July 04, 2015

P1M Day 1bDay 1b is in the books with 21 players out of the 183 entries making the cut into the final day. Unlike day 1a where only one player made it into the 200K chip mark, there were three today. Chip leader is Wally Sombero with 270,500 chips. He will enter the final day as the overall chip leader. Jesse Leonarez is second-in-chips with 248,500, and John King in third with 228,000 chips.

Bust outs

Lots of players falling on the wayside during the final hour of the night. Manuel Fernandez was railed when his pocket sixes fell to, ironically, John King’s pocket kings. King also railed a couple of players in a three-way showdown. King had A♥K♥ up against A♣Q♦ and Q♠10♥ and won when the board bricked.

Flo Campomanes fell as well. He was railed by Derek Baker from Australia with A-K. Baker further improved his stack when he eliminated a short stack with his pocket queens.

Jesse Leonarez later railed George Martel. Martel had some big swings early in the day then leveled out but eventually couldn’t keep up with the big stacks around him as the blinds increased.

Final Two Levels

We are entering the last two levels of the night. That means one more hour of play. Currently there are 38 players left in the field. Jesse Leonarez holds a very big chip lead with around 250k. Anthony Feliciano with around 175k. Cristopher Runas with around 150k.

Mid-stacked Mike Takayama gaining momentum with a recent triple up. During the hand he was all in with kings and was up against aces and fours. Takayama caught a lucky break when the board felted a king on the river.

Big stacked Leonarez, Cruz, and Campomanes rising

Now that we are at the freeze out stage, the once capacity of ten tables quickly started breaking down and in just three levels it shrank to half. Jesse Leonarez seems to be the top dog at this time with quite a tower of yellow chips. He has over 200K. Although we were unable to witness the action on how he accumulated those chips, we were given the story by a player at Leonarez table . Leonarez was in a hand against another player with the board showing 5-9-3-9-10. His opponent shoves with a massive amount of chips and Leonarez hero-called with his A-5. The player mucked.

Another player also making waves at his table is Jojo Cruz with around 170k chips. We caught a hand where he railed a player. Cruz raised to 5k pre flop and his opponent shoved for 24,200. Cruz called and it was a showdown. Cruz held K♦Q♣ up against 9♣9♥. With the board running 3♦10♣J♥A♣10♥, Cruz landed a straight and scooped more chips to his growing arsenal.

Florencio Campomanes had a slow start but is on a roll now. Campomanes has won quite a number of pots and recently did so again while eliminating a player at the same time. It started with him raising to 6k then calling a shove of around 20k+. He called and revealed his K♦7♦ up against A♣J♥. Though behind, it quickly changed when the board ran K♠K♣Q♠3♦8♥ giving Campomanes trips and a nice pot in the middle.

End of Late Registration

Day 1b closed with a total of 183 entries. With that number combined with yesterday’s entries, the prize pool easily surpassed the P1M Guarantee. Late comers entering the field were father and son Wally and Brian Sombero, and in the nick of time, Mike Takayama made his way to the PokerStars felt. Taking a quick glance around the room, quite a number of players are sitting with sizable stacks but the the top two at the at the end of late registration was Cristopher Runas with over 100k chips and George Martel with around 92k.


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