P1M Guarantee Update: Eliminations and Bubble Bursts

July 05, 2015

P1M Final Day BubbleThe first hour of the P1M Guarantee was full of all in action with many short stacks trying to double up however for most of them, they would be denied, and eventually one would be the bubble.

First bust out was Soo Ghee Lim whose A♥10♥ could not survive against Derek Leano’s K♠K♣.

Srinivas Polishetty eliminated Romeo Catayas with pocket nines holding up against ace-queen.

Ed Marcelo could not chip up with his A♣7♣ and fell to Ganghui Toh’s A♦J♣.

Joven Huerto’s pocket jacks ran into Jack Liew’s aces, but fell to fellow countryman Derek Leano whose ace-queen landed pairs on the board defeating Huerto’s pocket nines.

Trifie Montebon also scalped a player, so did Frank Geissler, and Matthieu Flipo.

Before the bubble burst, Christopher George Waite landed himself a triple up with his very short stack bringing him up to around 25k but not long after, he found himself all in again (with 19k) and was called by both Bert Garcia (all in as well with 32k) and Luke Pangan who had them both covered. Waite had 7♥7♦, Garcia had 3♦3♥, and Pangan with 2♠4♣. The board ran 10♥4♥K♦A♠3♣ and with that Garcia landed a celebratory set and Waite bowed out as the bubble in 37th place.

We are now in the money! Congratulations to all the survivors!


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