P1M Guarantee Update: Numbers Climbing

July 03, 2015

Rey ConcepcionAfter two hours of play, we have surpassed the 100 mark with two more hours of late registration still open. Among those latecomers were a high contingent of locals namely Brian Sombero, Ian Brion, Jesse Leonarez, Anthony Gabitan, and previous P1M Guarantee champion, Rey Concepcion.

Checking out some of the action at Conpecion’s table, we caught him three-betting a raise of 1100 to make it 7200. Acting next was Joven Mente who decided to shove with his remaining 12,175 chips. Before action landed back at the original raiser, another player five-bet all-in and made it a total of 27,425 to join the action. The orginal raiser folded and now it was up to Concepcion who could afford the shove but eventually opted to fold and get out of harm’s way. Mente won the hand with his 9♣9♠ surviving a coin toss against A♠K♠.


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