P1M Guarantee Updates: Ups and Downs, Re-Entries and Alternates

July 04, 2015

P1M Day 1bWe are in full swing here at PokerStars Live Manila with lots of action left and right and lots of late entry players idly standing by eager to get seated. At the time of writing, there are 148 entries recorded on the screen and no doubt climbing with registration still open for another hour. Read up on some of the action.

Martin Corpuz triples up

Too bad we only caught the action at the shipping of the chips in Martin Corpuz direction but from what we say, Corpuz had K♦J♦ versus 3♠3♦ and Q♠10♥. The board was 10♦Q♦3♥6♥9♥ giving Corpuz a straight on the river. Corpuz now has around 40K chips.

Win some lose some for Khoo Zhongren

Khoo Zhongren had a exciting back-to-back hand. In the first one he raised to 1200 and found two callers to join him to the flop of 2♣A♣8♠. Acting first, Zhongren checked to a mid position player who bet 4500. Big blind player folded and action went back to Zhongren who shoved covering his opponent in chips. He was called and it was a showdown with Zhongren holding 8♣8♦ set dominating his opponent’s K♦K♥. With the turn of 10♦ and river of 10♥, Zhongren scooped the pot while eliminating a player simultaneuously.

On the very next hand, Zhongren found himself all in against Manuel Fernandez on a board showing 10♥2♦4♠. Fernandez had Q♠Q♦ ahead of Zhongren’s 9♥9♦. With the turn of K♣ and river of 3♣, Zhongren failed to improve and lost around 20K to Fernandez.

Matthieu Flipo outkicks with a boat

Catching the action on the river, small blind player bets 1500 on a board showing 9♣9♦6♥J♥5♦. Matthieu Flipo on the big blind raised to 4000 and was quickly called. Flipo won the hand with his 9♠6♣ full house against the small blind’s A♥9♥ trips. Apparently it was a battle of the blinds with the sb player limping in preflop.

Alternates and Re-entries

New players and re-entry players continue to line up for a seat as the numbers keep rising. We have now surpassed the 100 mark. Ten tables in full swing. Among the late comers are Rey Concepcion, Brian McAllister, Dave Colclough, Flo Campomanes, Jesse Leonarez, Cristopher Runas, Martin Corpuz, Edgar Angelo Felix, and Rehg Delos Reyes.

Gustavo Cavalieri swinging

With lots of players lining up to get a seat, those at the felt are busy holding on to theirs especially Gustavo Cavalieri (Argentina) who saw his swing wildly. It began with Ardie Mariano (Philippines) raising to 600 from mid position and was called by Cavalieri on the button. Acting next was the small blind who three-bet to 2800 sending the action back to Mariano when the big blind folded. Both Mariano and Cavalieri called. At the flop of 4♣Q♣A♦, everyone checked. At the turn of 9♦, sb checked to Mariano who shoved with his 10,200 sending Cavalieri into the tank. Not long after, Cavalieri called and sb folded. Mariano had 8♦7♦ for a flush draw while Cavalieri held A♣J♠ top pair. With the river felting a 4♦, Mariano exhaled a huge sigh of relief for connecting with a flush while Cavalieri shook his head in disbelief.

With only a few chips left, Cavalieri went all in on the next hand and Mariano called. Cavalieri had 9♠6♠ versus Mariano’s J♣7♣. With the board running 8♠9♦8♦Q♠6♦, Cavalieri doubled up and now had a total of 1300 chips.

Still very short, Cavalieri moved all in again and got himself two callers, Mariano again was one of them. Cavalieri tripled up with his A♠K♥ on a board that ran 3♣5♥6♦7♥5♠

Cavalieri is still low in chips but is holding on strong with the blinds very playable with his stack.

Jav Medina wins a good pot

Action began with a min raise to 400 by the utg player, was re-raised by a mid position player to 1025, then four-bet by Jav Medina on the small blind seat to make it 2325. The original raiser folded while the mp player called. At the flop of 3♠3♥Q♦, Medina wasted no time thinking, he led with 3500, and with that, he won the hand when the mp player folded.

Jung Keun doubles up through Byeongcheol Kim

Byeongcheol Kim is known to be one of the more aggressive players around that when he was faced with a raise by mid position player Jung Keun, he shoved from the small blind. Keun took the challenge and put his tournament life on the line. At the showdown, Kim had 3♣7♣ and Keun had Q♣Q♥. With the board running 10♥7♠10♣, Keun was looking good. At the turn of 6♣, Keun was still ahead but Kim now had a flush draw. Then with the river of 4♥, Keun maintained his lead and doubled up. He now has 29K chips.



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