P1M Guaranteed Main Event Final Table

July 05, 2015

_DSC0014.jpgAfter 4.5 hours of tournament play, we have reached the final table of the P1M Guarantee Main Event. Sitting on top is the day’s chip leader, Wally Sombero, with 905k. Sombero dominated his table throughout the day, entering a majority of the hands, often raising, and eliminating at least five players at his table.

Running second in chips is Derek Leano who railed Stephen Chua in 10th place denying him a final table berth. He has 835k chips.

Renato Villanueva won several nice pots against Wally Sombero and eliminated Sandro Simon to amass a sizable stake to take 695k into the final table.

Jesse Leonarez is fourth in chips with 685k. Like Sombero, Leonarez won many pots without a showdown, especially with the blinds and antes quite high.

Derek Baker eliminated two players earlier in the day and later, Anthony Gabitan in 12th place. He followed it up with several raises that were unchallenged and enters the final table with 445k chips.

Reynaldo Aguilar managed his mid-ranged stack throughout the day and even claimed some chips off the leader Sombero during the bubble stage to the final table. He comes in with 340k chips.

John King had a big upswing in the earlier part of the day when he doubled up against Wally Sombero with his pocket aces versus pocket kings. King kept fairly steady all day, winning random small pots and a sizable one against Runas during the battle of the blinds. King enter the final table with 335k chips.

Adrian Brion and Crisopher Runas bring up the rear with Brion at 215k chips and Runas at 210k.

Final Table Chip Counts:
Wally Sombero {Philippines) 905k
Derek Leano (Philippines) 835k
Renato Villanueva (Philippines) 695k
Jesse Leonarez (Philippines) 685k
Derek Baker (Australia) 445k
Reynaldo Aguilar (Philippines) 340k
John King (USA) 335k
Adrian Brion (Philippines) 215k
Cristopher Runas (Philippines) 210k

No callers

The first six hands saw no callers as the blinds and antes were given immediately to the raiser. Renato Villanueva claimed a couple of those and Jesse Leonarez as well.

Cristopher Runas doubles up

Action began with short stack John King moving all in immediately followed by Cristopher Runas with an all in as well. King had A♥10♣ and Runas had A♠Q♦. Though not needed, the board landed a queen and Runas kept his lead for a double up to about 300k. King fell to 85k.

John King triples up

With his short stack, John King moved all in and was called by both Cristoper Runas and Renato Villanueva. The board was checked down all the way by both Runas and Villanueva and King was awarded a triple up with his 6♦9♦ on a board of J♠7♠6♣6♥K♥.

Adrion Brion out in 9th place

Adrian Brion is the first casualty of the final table. He moved all in with his 180k and Villanueva was there alongside to join him. Brion had 10♦9♥ against Villanueva’s A♠8♠. The board bricked and Brion bowed out in 9th place. He collects P35,000.

John King eliminated by Derek Baker

King moved all in and was called by Derek Baker. King had A♠K♥ coin toss against Baker’s J♥J♣. The board landed Baker a set and King bowed out in 8th place. He collects P40,000. Baker took the chip lead with over 1M in chips.

Reynaldo Aguilar eliminated by Wally Sombero

With his short stack, Reynaldo Aguilar moved all in and was snap-called by Wally Sombero. Aguilar was ahead with his A♥4♥ against Sombero’s K♠J♠ but with the board running J♦10♠10♦3♣7♠, Sombero connected with a pair and eliminated Aguilar in 7th place. Aguilar takes home P45,000.

Cristopher Runas doubles up twice

Cristopher Runas survived another all in and doubled up through Renato Villanueva. Runas was all in with Q♦J♦, Villanueva had A♥2♦. The board ran 10♥A♣2♠10♣K♥ giving Runas a backdoor straight.

Not long after, Runas moved all in again and was called by Wally Sombero. Runas had A♠Q♣ against Sombero’s 9♥3♦. The board was no help to Sombero and Runas claimed another double up.

Queens are good to Renato Villanueva

Renato Villanueva shoved on top of Jesse Leonarez raise and was quick-called. At the showdown, Villanueva had Q♦Q♥ and Leonarez had J♠10♠. The board gave Villanueva another queen for a set and eventually won the hand for a much needed double up.

Derek Leano falls to Wally Sombero

Derek Leano found himself all in against Wally Sombero with Sombero holding A♠4♦ against his K♣6♣. The board bricked and Leano was eliminated in 6th place. Leano earns P55,000.

Jesse Leonarez nears 2M, massive chip lead

Jesse Leonarez three-bet Wally Sombero’s 160k raise with an all in shove of 870k. Sombero snap-called and it was a showdown with Leonarez holding A♥7♠ and Sombero with Q♣10♣. The board ran A♠K♦K♠6♥3♥ giving Leonarez two pair and a huge amount of chips nearing 2M. Leonarez is the new chip leader.

Wally Sombero back over 1M

Wally Sombero may have just lost a huge chunk of his chips to Jesse Leonarez but he quickly gained it back in a hand against Renato Villanueva. During the hand, Sombero pushed and Villanueva obliged. Sombero had K♥7♥, Villanueva had A♠4♦, and with the board running 9♥K♣J♠10♦4♠, Sombero won the hand with top pair. Sombero is now back over the six digit chip mark.

Cristopher Runas with his 4th double up

Cristopher Runas is on his fourth all in shove and was called by Jesse Leonarez. Runas had 8♠8♥ and Leonarez had 10♠6♠. The board bricked and again Runas doubled up.

Renato Villanueva and his ducks

Renato Villanueva looked down at 2♥2♦ and felt he’d seen this before. Well, he has. Ducks have been good to him, landing a set earlier in the day. Action began with Derek Baker raising to 160k, Villanueva shoved, and Baker called. Baker had A♣3♠. The board ran 4♠6♣4♦2♠Q♦ giving Villanueva a full house and a sweet double up.

Derek Baker goes up and out

After doubling up Renato Villanueva, Derek Baker moved all in and was protected by Jesse Leonarez who re-raised enough to prevent anyone else from entering the pot. Leonarez had A♠J♦ and Baker had Q♠6♥. The board landed K♦9♣7♠J♥Q♣ and with that, Baker doubled up.

But that was short-lived. On the next hand, Baker had to fold his big blind to Wally Sombero leaving him with 280k. At the button, Baker moved all in and Cristopher Runas called. Baker had K♥9♠ and Runas had 2♥2♦. the board offered no help to Baker and he bowed out in 5th place. Baker collects P30,000 in cash plus a seat to the APPT 9 Manila Main Event.

Renato Villanueva burned by Wally Sombero

With blinds fairly high and escalating, Renato Villanueva sent his remaining 270k chips in the middle and after a bit of squirming, Sombero called from the small blind and big blind player Jesse Leonarez also matched it. At the flop of 9♠A♦5♣, Sombero and Leonarez checked. At the turn of J♥, they checked again. Then on the river of 7♦, Sombero led out for 200k which Leonarez decided not to call. Villanueva was first to show, he had A♥J♠ for top two pair but it wasn’t good enough for a triple up because Sombero had A♣A♠ for a set. Crazy! Villanueva bowed out in 4th place and earned P65,000 plus a seat to the APPT 9 Manila Main Event.

Cristopher Runas knocked out by Wally Sombero

At three-handed, Cristopher Runas moved all in and was snap-called by Wally Sombero. Runas had A♠8♦ while Sombero had K♠K♥. The board bricked and Runas took his leave in 3rd place. Runas collects P85,848 in cash plus a seat to the APPT 9 Manila Main Event.

Heads Up between Wally Sombero and Jesse Leonarez

With the elimination of Cristopher Runas, it was heads up time between Wally Sombero and Jesse Leonarez. Sombero had close to a 3:1 chip lead over Leonarez.

Sombero 3,285,000
Leonarez 1,385,000

It didn’t take long for the battle to end. After a several hands back and forth without much action, Leonarez moved all in and Sombero announced a big call. Leonarez had Q♠Q♦ and Sombero had 7♠5♥. With a big crowd excited for the outcome, the dealer burned the flop of 3♣7♥7♣ giving Sombero a sick trips. At the turn, a queen was being called out instead a J♥ landed. And on the river, the dealer felted a 7♦, giving Sombero an insane quads for the victory.

Leonarez earned P120,000 plus a seat to the APPT 9 Manila Main Event.

Sombero took home the big kahuna of P175,000, the championship trophy, plus a seat to the APPT 9 Manila Main Event.



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