PAGCOR Chairman’s Cup: Day 3, levels 16 and 17 (4,000-8,000, 500 ante)

March 24, 2010

2.40pm: Break time
Break time on day three. Players take ten minutes and when they return will play blinds of 5,000-10,000 with a 1,000 ante.

2.35pm:This nut’s been cracked
Harold Louis Trinidad raised from the cut-off and then called when Almond Cabral pushed from the small blind. Cabral tabled 9♥9♦ but was dominated by Trinidad’s Q♦Q♠. The board ran 7♦A♦2♥2♣7♥ to eliminate Cabral.

2.20pm:Feels weird
Play has slowed right down. We haven’t had an all in in at least ten minutes!

2.05pm: Another three-way all-in
More for Percy Yung who suddenly finds her stack in better shape and being part of a three-way all-in with John Delassandri and Hirohide Oka.

Oka: J♦J♠
Yung: Q♠A♦
Delassandri: A♣K♠

Delassandri was covered and playing for only the main pot while Yung and Oka battled it out for the side.

The board came 5♠2♠K♣8♠A♠, the spades ultimately giving Delassandri the main pot and Yung the side. She moves up to 220,000, Delassandri has 160,000 while Oka drops down to around 55,000.

1.55pm: Three-way all in
A three-way all in just played out on table 11 and it gathered quite a crowd with the possibility of a double knockout. Jhana Hale was the shortest stack and the first to move all in and he was soon followed in by Amelito Segarra. Elton Tsang had them both covered and made the call from the big blind to create a show down:

Hale: A♠9♦
Segarra: 10♣10♥
Tsang: 4♣4♥

Tsang said a four was coming and he was right too as the board came 3♦9♣10♦4♦7♣. Segarra also hit a set too and took the pot for a near triple-up. Hale wished everyone luck and headed for the payout desk.

1.45pm: Over-pair can’t hold
Raul Aquino was down to his last 24,000 when he moved all-in from early position and the action was folded around to Jeffrey Rapaport in the big blind who felt obliged to call, doing so with 7♦9♦.

Aquino was in good shape with J♦J♥ but that all changed with the A♦3♠10♦Q♦9♠ board. Rapaport made a flush by the turn and avoided the re-draw on the river.

1.40pm: All about the ten
Jon Parsons from the UK moved all-in and was called, eventually, by Geoffrey Quiba who spent some time asking how many players were left and watching the clock. When he turned over his cards he showed 10♥10♣ to Parsons’s J♦Q♦.

Quiba called for a ten. The flop came 2♥5♦K♣ and the turn A♦. Quiba now changed his tune. “No ten!”

The river came Q♥ giving Parsons the double up. Quiba now close to the felt.

1.30pm: Terror of Terrence
On a flop of 5♥10♦8♠ Terrence Chan, the current chip leader, made it 17,000 and was called by Philipson Chua on the button for a Q♠ turn.
Chan checked and Chua bet 20,000, leaving himself about 27,000 behind. Chan raised to 43,500 and Chua called, wincing when he saw Chan’s 10♥K♦ against his own 9♠9♦. The river came a 6♦ and Chua was out.

1.20pm: Ernie comeback?
Once Ernie Batalla put his ante in he could only afford to call all-in with his remaining 6,000 and did so from under-the-gun. Victor Chan offered him extra hope by raising from the button to force out the two blinds. As the cards went on their backs a lot of players came over and offered Batalla their support by shouting “Go Ernie!”

Batalla: 10♣5♣
Chan: A♥8♥

The board ran 2♣J♥4♦K♣A♠ Battala picked up a flush draw on the turn and he called for the ace of clubs but the wrong black ace came to eliminate him.

1.10pm: Silk takes the rough with the smooth
Bin Nguyen moved all-in with a board of 9♦10♠6♦8♥ with close to 100,000 in the pot. He used nearly that amount for his all-in. Asking for a count was Danny Silk, but he quickly realised he had no further part to play in the hand and folded.

1.05pm: Yung fun
Percy Yung is still borrowing clothes from other players, a white hoodie passed to her by Elton Tsang. It was red yesterday. Then again, she is a bit thin.

Yung is also objecting to Danny McDonagh’s decision to ban headphones and music from now on, her protests being partly responsible for the McDonagh U-turn. Players are now allowed their music back until two tables remain.

1pm: Where’s Ernie, Bert?
Ernie Batalla started today with 33,000 but he’s a no-show so far and his stack has dwindled to just 8,500.

STOP PRESS: Batalla has turned up in time to play his last 6,500.

12.55pm: King Amito
Badiyonaid Amito has taken care of Edward Penaflorida. It all went in pre-flop with the former holding K♣K♦ to the latter’s 7♥8♥ and the board ran A♣A♠7♠9♣2♠.

12.50pm: Not okay for Oka
Victor Chang raised 10,000 from the small blind and was re-raised immediately by Hirohide Oka, another 10,000. Chang then raised again, 30,000 which Oka called for a flop of 9♠4♥10♦.

Change then moved all-in, getting an all-in triangle from the dealer. Oka asked how much before going through an elaborate routine that involved counting chips, and writing numbers on the table with his finger, some complicated equation that ultimately led him to fold.

12.45pm: No aces this time
Yong-suk Chang made himself famous and popular among his peers last night by busting two players and the bubble at the same time. He’s carried on where he left off today by eliminating Edgar Felix. Chang raised from first position and then snap-called Felix’s shove from the cut-off.

Chang: K♥K♣
Felix: A♥Q♣

This time Chang wanted to avoid an ace, doing so as the board came 8♠9♦6♦J♣5♦.

12.40pm: The scores
Don’t forget, you can keep track of which players are still in on the chip count page, and who has been eliminated on our payout page.

12.38pm: LEVEL UP
Blinds are now 3,000-6,000 with a 500 ante.

12.32pm: Double bust-out to kick things off
Hsuan Lee has taken care of two players right at the start of today’s play. He raised to 22,000 from under-the-gun and saw Eric Cheung and Kay Kwok move all in from the next two seats. He called to create a three-way showdown:

Lee: Q♥Q♣
Cheung: 4♠4♣
Kwok: 8♠8♣9♠3♥5♥ to eliminate both players. Expect a host of eliminations during the first hour or so as play this afternoon as we have so many short stacks that were hanging on last night, just to get into the money.

12.30pm: Cards in the air
There are eight minutes left to play on level 15 before level 16 begins.

marc_rivera_d22 - Copy.jpg

Chip leader Marc Rivera

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Manila: Stephen Bartley and Marc Convey.


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