PCA 2012: Do you know Babak Malekain?

January 09, 2012


Do you know Babak Malekain? The Swedish player started the day with 134,800 and is yet to be seen at the felt today. His stack has been dwindling at an accelerating rate and currently sits silent, unhappy and directionless on 80,000. If you know Malekain, we suggest you send him a text, give him a call or prod him with a stick.

pca_day 2_outside.jpg

The Atlantic resort

No shows aren’t unheard of but they are pretty infrequent. Beyond the high stakes grinder opting to miss a couple of levels due to a juicy game where just a couple of big blinds equal the buy-in of the tournament, a Day 2 swerve just doesn’t happen. Oversleeping does happen and occasionally a misunderstanding of the tournament schedule so if you do know online qualifier Malekain do your best to wake him up.

News has reached us that Malekain has a bad case of food poisoning so please stop calling him. What terrible timing for the Swede. His stack is now 75,000. Tournament host Neil Johnson thinks there’s a chance his stack could blind through to Day 3 but will be left short. It certainly adds ballast to Brad Willis’ argument.


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