PCA 2015: The perils of the random seat draw

January 09, 2015

You might think you wouldn’t have to persuade someone that you hadn’t won two WPT Player of the Year titles, but it turns out that on occasion you do.

This happened to Jonathan Little as play began today.

“What were you, WPT champion twice?”

“No just one time… that was a long time ago”

“Really, just once? I thought it was twice.”

“No one,” said Little. “I won two titles…”

That seemed to leave Wellenbach at ease, but Little put on sunglasses and headphones just in case.

Jonathan Little_pca2015_med1b.jpg

Coast clear for Jonathan Little

Scott Wellenbach_pca2015_med1b.jpg

Perfectly safe, Scott Wellenbach

It’s something of an occupational hazard when you’re a successful and recognisable pro. You never really know who you’re going to sit with as you turn up for work, and whether or not they’ll take an interest in you.

Barry Greenstein had a similar situation, taking his seat. Sean Jazayeri spotted him, and occupying the seat next to him figured he’d try not to be overawed. He’s start a conversation instead.

“No books anymore?” asked Jazayeri.

“No,” replied Greenstein, who has long since given up presenting a copy of his book to the player who busts him purely to save having to pack them.

“Who do I complain to?” Jazayeri was enjoying himself.

“No reason to knock me out,” deadpanned Greenstein.

“Yeah, that completely changes my strategy. Why do you think I asked for this seat?”

Sean Jazayeri_greenstein_pca2015_med1b.jpg

Sean Jazayari and Barry Greenstein back to the business at hand

But just as in Little’s case, Greenstein could breathe easy if he was worried about spending the day next to a live one (he admitted later he’d never worried about what type of person he’d be sitting alongside). Jazayeri, whose online record is a modest one except for the giant spike of a WPT win, got back to the business of playing.

In Little’s case it was all in jest. Wellenbach, buoyed perhaps by a first career live cash in a small side event this week, was simply getting chatty with the two time one time WPT Player of the Year (who also happened to finish second in a side event this week, albeit for more than ten times as much). He even took on Little, re-raising him before shoving all-in, only for Little to call and chop the pot, both players showing the nuts.

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Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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