175 Platinum Passes awarded

175 Platinum Passes awarded

Daryl Inglis



Daryl Inglis served 20 years in the Canadian military, including deployments to Bosnia and Afghanistan, before receiving a medical discharge in 2015. Accustomed to pouring his energy into his work, the 39-year-old from Ontario, Canada, suddenly found himself without an outlet.

Free to try his hand at whatever he wanted, he tackled a variety of different pursuits. Surfing, kayaking, and mountain biking each had their charms. So did his favorite, skiing. But something was still missing.

“All that adrenaline was on the outside,” he told PokerStars in his video entry for the Chase Your Dream contest. “I needed something on the inside. Then I found poker.”

Now 43, Daryl isn’t a winning player yet. But if he keeps on the path he’s set out for himself, he’ll get there eventually. From the beginning he made it his mission to improve. He reads books, watches poker on TV and online, and play $20 home games with friends to work on his tournament strategy. He’s begun to post winning sessions at his local casino, and that emboldened him to enter the Chase Your Dream contest.

“If I’m selected to go to Barcelona, not only can I survive, but I can win,” Daryl said in his video. Now, as one of the first Platinum Pass winners for PSPC2, he has the chance to test that belief on one of poker’s biggest stages. With a hunger to improve and a year to prepare before the big moment in August 2020, Daryl has all the motivation he could ever ask for.

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