175 Platinum Passes awarded

175 Platinum Passes awarded

Florent Benlloch


Platinum Grind

Florent Benlloch currently lives in Thailand, but the Frenchman is one of those young professional poker players who has used the flexibility their job affords them to travel the world. He has previously lived in Malta, as well as Las Vegas for eight months, and has a long string of cashes from tournaments in Ireland too.

He also plays poker online and once won $100,000 in a Spin & Go (not on PokerStars), which obviously also helps with the travel expenses.

Benlloch is 27 and plays online as “JAX_T30”. He took up poker in 2012 and started online with a €25 free bonus. He says he has never once had to deposit anything in an online account, and has ground all the way up from $1 tournaments. His regular game now is heads-up sit n gos and Spin & Gos on PokerStars.fr, typically at the €100/€250 level. He won his Platinum Pass via the Platinum Grind promotion.

And if things don’t go so well? He lists his hobbies as including Muay Thai, aka Thai boxing, so locals in his adopted hometown of Hua Huin should beware.