175 Platinum Passes awarded

175 Platinum Passes awarded

Jenn Carter


Mega Path

Jenn Carter was one of the most popular players at the 2019 PSPC. Having won a Platinum Pass, she joined the record-breaking field and brought to the table a knitted heart she had made, which she passed to the player who knocked her out (Tim Reilly, as it turned out). The idea was that he then passed it to the player who knocked him out, and so forth, until the heart made it all the way to the final. It meant Carter had a presence all the way to the conclusion, even though she fell short of the money.

There was nothing but delight, therefore, when Carter became one of the first people to qualify for the 2020 PSPC, winning another Platinum Pass in a Mega Path satellite. The 48-year-old from Toronto, Canada, said it felt amazing to be heading back to the PSPC, adding that she felt “disbelief at first”, which then gave way to “giddiness”.

She added: “Somehow those hours of playing online and watching poker on TV/YouTube/Twitch was actually worthwhile. Some skill must have been absorbed from all the influence. I do not have a hud, I don’t spend hours in the lab. I don’t use Pio[Solver]. Sometimes the cards just go your way.”

She said the experience of the first PSPC campaign made this second attempt all the more comfortable and paid tribute to the friends she made in the Platinum Pass winners Facebook group, who railed her to success once more. “This win kind of felt… easier?” Carter wrote. “There were fewer players to beat, which was less intimidating. It went quicker. I knew there would be other chances to try. Maybe that helped reduce the stress of it. Also this time I knew I was being railed; the Pass Winners Facebook group (Willie, Asif, Toke) was watching (and playing)…Somehow this felt more personal, rather than a huge anonymous field.”

Carter is still obsessed with knitting — “Knitting is my life!” she says — and works in a yarn store where she can combine business and pleasure. She is keen on “crafting in general” and has “also been known to bake and cook”. She also says she is an enthusiastic cyclist, having never owned a car in her life.

In between all of that, she also has two daughters and remains obsessive about poker, struggling to name a favourite player. “It’s changed over the years,” Carter says. “There are so many: Selbst for balls, Liv for
brains. Ivey for poker face, Dwan for range, Somerville for innovation, Spraggy for humour, Lex for brawn, Berkey for eloquence.”

She will no doubt rub shoulders with them all again in Barcelona next year.