175 Platinum Passes awarded

175 Platinum Passes awarded

Oliver Hutchins

United Kingdom

Platinum Pass Experience - London

On the face of it, Oliver Hutchins “did a Chris Moneymaker” to win his seat in the PSPC, investing £5.50 in an online qualifier then winning the single-table shootout Platinum Pass Experience at Aspers in East London. But Hutchins was quick to point out that the story wasn’t quite right. He had actually had maybe eight tries at those online satellites, so his investment was closer to £40. With the package worth about $30,000, no one else is going to quibble.

The desire to set the record straight is in keeping with the 25-year-old’s approach to poker: he is deeply analytical and level-headed, refusing to allow emotions to affect his judgment. He credits his time in the swingy world of PLO cash games for his solidity, where fortunes fluctuate wildly. It was a useful tool in the short-stacked crapshoot-esque end to the Platinum Pass Experience event, where many players went from chip leader to elimination. Hutchins was lucky enough to run bad at the start and then rebuild, and then beat Ben Rafiei heads-up for the prize.

Hutchins first learned poker around eight years ago, playing with friends while he was at college and then online. He worked for a few years in a warehouse, but quit his job earlier this year, moved house and played a lot more poker.

“I’m not sure if I really consider myself a poker pro yet because I only quit my job three months ago,” he said. “But since then I’ve been playing and I’ve had winning months, and that’s what I’m sticking with.”