Play an EPT Main Event from your own home! (Sort of)

May 01, 2019inPoker

The popularity of playing on the European Poker Tour is matched only by the popularity of sitting at home and watching it. What PokerStars Blog pioneered, PokerStars Live continued and for a good few years thousands of people get their updates from the tournament via moving pictures as well as in text form.

Hundreds of armchair poker fans have also made the transition from passive to active participants by winning online satellites or competitions to take their seats in live competition. But now here’s the chance to sample the EPT experience without ever leaving the comfort of your own home.


This week, our good friends at the PokerStars Live webcast are hosting an online version of the EPT Main Event, for 1,000th of the price. This €5.50 single re-entry tournament will be played over four days (May 1–4), starting at 20:05 CEST each day, with registration open until the start of Day 2.

Type “EPT Online” in the search box in the PokerStars client to find the tournament.

It has a similar format (8-max) and structure to the EPT Main Event, but here’s something even players here in Monte Carlo don’t get: added money. The way it works is that at the start of Day 2, players at 10 random tables will all receive EPT Open Madrid satellite tickets.

Players at THREE tables will receive €162 tickets
Players at SIX tables will receive €22 tickets
And players at one other table will receive €11 tickets

That’s 80 tickets in total, representing €5,000 in added value. (PLEASE NOTE: The EPT Online is only open to players in global shared liquidity markets.)

As ever with tourneys arranged by the EPT Live webcasters, there will be a huge field. But there will also be some special guests no doubt playing, including Joe Stapleton and James Hartigan, as well as a number of their celebrity buddies who might opt to sit down for a bit of fun.

Knock out the webcast duo: James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton

Keep watching the stream and reading the updates to build the anticipation levels.


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