Poker In The Ears lifts lid on “Shade and “Stuey” and announces EPT live streams

October 30, 2020inPoker

This week’s Poker In The Ears kicks off with announcements of the upcoming EPT Online (2:40). James and Joe will be streaming the biggest events, including the $1k Arena Championship, $10k High Roller, $25k High Roller, and the last three days of the $5k Main Event.

To get us in the mood, the EPT Retro will return, starting where it left off with Season 7. You can check out the first of those shows this Tuesday, 3 November.

Then it’s on with the main topic (8:01). The boys lift the lid on two “classic” films that emerged out of the 2003 poker boom – Shade and Stuey. The latter is about the life of the legendary but fatally flawed Stu Ungar, but does it do his tragic life justice?

The Stu Ungar movie is also the subject of this week’s Superfan Vs Stapes (42:58).

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