PokerStars 10th Anniversary Review: Tournament variety

November 22, 2011


For most of us, our first taste of online tournament action on PokerStars has been the traditional No Limit Hold’em freezeout. That’s certainly how I first came to play via the first-ever World Blogger Championship of Poker (WBCOOP) back in 2005, and I bet most of you reading this came in through the freezeout door as well.

Over time, though, there is the danger that familiarity breeds contempt, so unless you are winning tidy sums of cash regularly, you’ll want to try something fresh once in a while. That’s why the PokerStars lobby and tournament schedule is packed full of different types of tournaments and promotions to suit every taste.

Sure, the current 10th Anniversary celebrations have thrown up many new promotions, but these are also introduced all-year round, together with additions to the regular tournament schedule. The Daily Bigs, for example, were first introduced in April, 2011. These were four daily tournaments with varying buy-ins, each with tasty guarantees. While they were big, they got bigger – and bigger still. Now there are 13 Daily Big tournaments each day! You may also have tried Flighted Tournaments, Knockouts, Bounties or Shootouts.

It’s not just multi-table tournaments that have seen changes over the years. In Sit & Go tournaments, PokerStars mastered the Steps system and then shook things up early in 2011 with the introduction of Fifty50 Sit & Go tournaments. Here, once half the field is eliminated, everyone gets their buy-in back and then remaining prize funds are distributed according to chip stack at that point. There’s a rather complicated formula involved, and if you’re into such things, then you can look at the Fifty50 rules on this page.

One thing is for sure, variety is the spice of life, and if you keep playing on PokerStars, you’ll have a long and happy poker journey. If you don’t play on PokerStars yet, isn’t it about time you tried it out? Visit now and download the easy-to-use software.

Good luck!


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We are publishing these daily review articles throughout November as PokerStars gears up to celebrate its 10th Anniversary.

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