PokerStars Casino records massive €8.1m jackpot win

May 07, 2021inPoker

Whatever your game on PokerStars, whether it’s poker, casino, slots… there’s always the chance that one hand, one spin, will change your life. It doesn’t happen to everyone, but it happens to someone.

And last week it struck again.

The winner had planned on a typical day when he got out of bed last Friday morning, enjoying one of his hobbies, hiking.

But he decided to load up PokerStars before heading out.

I play almost daily in PokerStars, I was going to go hiking today and wanted to play a bit before leaving. I’ve always liked to play a bit, no tactics, just hoping for good luck.”

What happened next follows almost exactly the pattern we hear from all big winners.

Something ordinary and fun, turns into something extraordinary and life changing. It came on a 70 cent spin on our Deal or No Deal Megaways casino game.

One spin changed his life. The big one. A top prize of €8,133,445.

Imagine this popping up on screen…

“When I won I could not believe, I cannot believe yet.”

He ran to tell his wife. She couldn’t believe it either.

Then the next familiar phase of a great story like this. It follows in the moments after a player wins.

After the jumping up and down, an urgent need for confirmation that what’s happening is in fact true. That the numbers flashing up on your screen are correct, and that the seven with the six zeroes behind it, sitting there on your account screen, are not some heart breaking malfunction.

Which is why we always call our big winners, to help with the sinking-in process. Plus it’s a fun call to make.

“These days this was my favourite game and I choose to play it with you because I know you are a serious company. I’ve always played casino, since I was young and I also play poker. I had unfortunately never won anything big.”

That all changed last week.

But not everything changes. There was still time to give thanks to those things he was already grateful for in life.

“My children, grandchildren and wife have been what has made me happiest in the past 12 months.”

Congratulations to the winner on an extraordinary and life changing day.




PokerStars staff

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