There’s a lot to fill you in on in the €10K High Roller, so we won’t waste any time being cute.

First off, it has been snowing quite heavily here in beautiful Prague, and the fallen snow has created a gorgeous white blanket over the the cars and trees. Even though you’ll need a scarf, muffs and mittens out there, it sure does make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

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OK, OK, so we’ll waste a bit of time being cute, but from here on it’s nothing but business.

When play kicked off today, registration also came to a close, meaning we now have full field, prizes and payout information.

In total this event collected 256 entries, including 61 entries, to create a prize pool of €2,483,200. That amount will be split between the final 39 players, with a min-cash worth €17,000. However, all eyes are up top, as the winner will bank a massive €498,000. You can view the whole prizes and payout page here.

Right now, players have just returned from their second break of the day, and there are currently 51 players remaining.

The man leading the bunch by quite some way is Christopher Kruk, who you may also know as ‘Apotheosis92’ on PokerStars. He’s Canada’s #2-ranked online player in the world right now (formerly #1), but as he’s been showing us over the past couple of years, he’s pretty darn good live too.

PSC_Prague_VELLI-746_Christopher Kruk.jpg

Kruk keeps collecting

Kruk won a huge pot in the last level to surge up to the top of the counts. On a K♥K♦6♣K♣3♣ board and with a pot of more than 300,000 already out there, Kruk moved all in for last 160,000. Artan Dedusha was his sole opponent, and he used two time banks before eventually making the call. Kruk turned over the A♥A♠, and the kings-full-of-aces was good against Dedusha’s Q♣7♣ flush.

Kruk is the only player with over a million chips (1.02 million, to be precise) at the current level (2,500/5,000/500), his next nearest competitor being Sergio Aido with 640,000. Aido eliminated Ryan McEathron just before the break with two pair over top pair.

Keep an eye on PokerStars Team Pro Jake Cody too. While his 318,000 stack seems far off Kruk’s, it’s actually good for the 13th biggest stack in the room right now as they head towards the bubble.

PSC_Prague_VELLI-681_Jake Cody.jpg

Cody’s up there

Here are the top 10 counts right now:

Player Chips
Christopher Kruk 1,020,000
Sergio Aido 640,000
Roman Emelyanov 500,000
Kfir Ivgi 475,000
Joao Vieira 440,000
Sergi Reixach 424,000
Sam Greenwood 415,000
Preben Stokkan 395,000
Hossein Ensan 366,000

We’ll be back to bring you all that important bubble info soon. In the meantime, you can follow live updates over with our friends at PokerNews.

Photos by René Velli.


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