PokerStars EPT Monte Carlo: Opposite ends of the generation gap

April 28, 2009

EPTPoker is the great leveller, with all ages and genders competing on the same field, with the same chips, the same chance and playing the same game. And although the young guns have well and truly arrived on the EPT, it’s still a foolish player who fails to respect experience – experience such as that coursing through the Team PokerStars Pro duo of Raymond Rahme and Barry Greenstein.

_MG_2109_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Barry Greenstein

_MG_2114_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Raymond Rahme

Those two have found themselves on the same table today, alongside two of those aforementioned young guns: Constant Rijkenberg, who won in San Remo last week, and Moritz Kranich, who took the EPT Deauville title earlier this year. Rijkenberg has continued precisely where he left off in Italy and is in every pot. Kranich also isn’t shy of getting involved, and we’ve seen him stack huge towers very early on in events, often riding them deep into the money.

Obviously, the action is slow-ish during these early stages, although Kranich and Rijkenberg recently got all the way to the river, bluff betting and bluff calling and then both showing ace-high on an unconnected board. Rijkenberg’s jack kicker took that one. Soon after, Greenstein raised from one off the button, a standard 300. Kranich re-popped from the button, making it 1,000, but Greenstein is not the person to bully and re-re-raised to 3,500. Kranich folded.

All the while, Rahme looked on from the other end of the table, waiting for his moment to enter the fray. The World Series final table player from two years ago knows that there’s as much benefit in staying patient right now as there is is blazing the guns.


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