PokerStars Mobile qualifier Alexander Zaja turns cinema ticket into €31,500

December 24, 2012

Alexander Zaja turned an outing to watch new James Bond movie Skyfall into a €31,500 win thanks to PokerStars Mobile

The name’s Zaja, Alexander Zaja. Okay, it doesn’t quite have the same ring about it but even James Bond would surely be chuffed to be able to turn a cinema trip into a €31,500 second place finish at Snowfest.

Zaja, a Croatian financial consultant who usually goes by the name Sascha, had gone to watch new 007 movie ‘Skyfall’ but when the action failed to grip him in a Jaws-like grip he logged onto PokerStars Mobile to take a shot at a Snowfest qualifier. His qualification outlasted Bond’s antics and the journey home: one package to Snowfest with a licence to thrill.


Alexander ‘Sascha’ Zaja: from Bond is not enough to Casino Royale

Zaja quickly turned into a Moon pot raker to chip up all the way to final table, past Team PokerStars Pro Christophe de Meulder who bust in fifth for €12,200 and crippled EPT Vilamoura champ Toby Lewis with aces against kings (who went in third for €17,830). But, unlike in the Bond films, Zaja couldn’t overcome every obstacle and was eventually beaten by Marius Pospiech for the title.


Marius Popsiech, winner of Snowfest

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