PokerStars Twitter Poker League: colitas77 rockin’ week 6

July 12, 2010


Snoop Dogg played PokerStars party on Sunday night, tweeting to his 1.5 million followers that he was, ‘Live at the Pokerstars party in Vegas for WSOP and rockin the red n yellw spain jersey. U hear me’, writes Joanne Haslam.

The World Cup final match kicked off at exactly the same time as our Twitter tourney, but 1,110 players decided winning league points mattered more than Spain winning that shiny soccer prize. I’m not sure they’d have had the same loyalty if they’d blagged tickets to see Snoop play PokerStars’ party.

Twitter is all about chat and friendship, and PokerStars’ Twitter Poker League account encourages that sort of thing with commentary on the game and bounties on a handful of players. Twitter League player Dirtlad is even putting a bounty on his own head each week. We understand he’s a whizz with poker strategy in general, but maybe someone should point out this kind of thing can make it harder to win.

Final table. U hear me
Our final table party came together when Husztii11 moved in on a K♣A♥9♣ flop with K♠J♠. Smola37 was lurking with Q♠A♣ to bust the bubble boy. That gave us a final table like this:

Seat 1: Leste (95,815 in chips)
Seat 2: captainlgf (354,472 in chips)
Seat 3: spiderdidi (77,333 in chips)
Seat 4: MarvinSchnix (91,320 in chips)
Seat 5: colitas77 (167,641 in chips)
Seat 6: DreamExtreme (215,410 in chips)
Seat 7: Slinky252 (54,668 in chips)
Seat 8: dirkness41 (246,843 in chips)
Seat 9: Smola37 (361,498 in chips)

Slinky252 was the final table short stack and when he found A♥Q♦ he made the obvious play. Smola37 was the final table big stack and in the right spot to call with K♣Q♠. The K♦ on the turn gave the win to the worst hand, so Slink7252 slunk off, graciously wishing his fellow players well as he departed.

The darkest hour for Dirkness41
Dirkness41 turned a 6♥4♥ into a chip lead when he hit a Q♦4♣4♦ flop. Captainlgf had a Q♠ and made a big call with a losing hand. Dirkness41 didn’t hang on to that lead for very long, he lost a chunk of chips doubling up a short-stacked player when his top pair kicker was second best. Things only got worse. A few hands later he crashed out in dramatic style, getting into a fight with the only player at the table to have more ammunition than him.

Dirkness41 raised with A♣Q♥ and called Smola37’s re-raise. On the 10♠J♣3♦ flop dirkness41 checked then called Smola37’s bet. The river 9♥ was not a card dirkness41 wanted to see, but he wasn’t letting on as much to Smola37. Dirkness41 bet out, but faced an all-in re-raise from Smola37. Just seconds later dirkness41 called with his tournament life on the line. Smola37 had top pair with A♥J♥ and darkness41 would be praying for a river queen. It didn’t come, and the Texan player was out in 8th place, leaving Smola37 smiling with almost as many chips as the rest of the table put together.

Leste has least
Leste had the least chips, and the obvious wordplay must make him wish his user name was moste. He saw a flop from the small blind with 5♣6♠ and when colitas77 bet out he made an all-in stand. Leste had hit a pair, but colitas77’s A♣10♣ fitted the 7♦6♥A♥ flop better. The least hand lost for Leste – we were down to six.

DreamExtreme hit the dream flop for his K♦Q♠, he found the extreme best straight. Smola37 had hopes from the 10♥9♣J♦ flop, too and called DreamExtreme’s bet with A♣Q♦. The A♦ on the turn saw Smola37 get into a whole heap of trouble, he called DreamExtreme’s all-in bet. That was DreamExtreme’s dream come true, and he was our new chip leader.

Have a heart
MarvinShnix had been playing a fairly quiet game but was about to make some noise. He called Smola37’s minimum raise, along with two other players. He was first to act when we saw a 10♦J♥7♥ flop, and moved all-in with 4♥6♥, wholeheartedly liking the hearts. Colitas77 called and was re-raised by Smola37. Colitas77 decided he didn’t like his hand that much and got out of the way. Smola37 held J♣J♦ and MarvinShnix was looking for a heart to stay in the tournament. The turn was A♣ and the river A♥. One of those cruel, ‘Yes, but not that heart!’ situations. MarvinShnix finished 6th.

Smola37 had the lead yet again, but DreamExtreme wasn’t far behind. Captainlgf and spiderdidi were wishing chips would head their way.

Smola37 and captainlgf were on the blinds and saw A♠3♠8♦ on the flop. Smola37 played his chip advantage to toss in a bet with J♣9♦. Captainlgf called with flush potential in J♠6♠. The turn J♥ gave both players the same pair, captainlgf thought it a good place to make a stand with an all-in, but Smola37’s kicker won the day. Captainlgf out to a chorus of chat box, “gg’s”.

Dream flop
Smola37 seemed to have a habit of getting involved with other big stacks each time he held the chip lead. DreamExtreme was second in chips and raised, Smola37 re-raised with K♦K♠. DreamExtreme called and bet the 7♥10♠J♥ flop. Raise, re-raise, all-in, call. That’s the kind of thing that’ll happen with cards like these… Smola37 was unfortunate that his K♦K♠ was losing to DreamExtreme’s J♣J♠. Dream Extreme won that mighty pot and became the first chip millionaire at the final table.

Spiderdidid had been all-in a few times and only won the blinds, but he probably needed a call to win a double-up. He pushed with K♥Q♥ and Smola37 called with 9♠9♣to give him that chance. Spiderdidi didn’t get the cards he needed and he was out in 4th place.

Extreme nightmare
Three handed DreamExtreme had an extreme chip advantage, but calling Smola37’s 2♦2♣ all-in cost him some. Then he found the wrong time to try to bully colitas77, colitas77 was always going to call DreamExtreme’s all-in re-raise with his with A♥K♠, he beat the chipleader’s K♦J♦. Then another expensive hand, Smola37’s A♥9♠ versus DreamExtreme’s A♠7♦ . It seemed DreamExtreme’s heady days of bossing the table were far behind him.

DreamExtreme did well to survive a hand where he held two pair against colitas77’s straight, but colitas77 would attempt to finish him off a few hands later. DreamExtreme found A♠6♥ and colitas77 A♥10♠ and it was all-in pre-flop. But was it all over? Nope. The board was all diamonds for a split pot.

DreamExtreme found another ace so tried the same again; A♣5♠ this time, and colitas77 had plenty of chips to call with J♠10♠. The J♥ was the first card on the board, and DreamExtreme would be extremely third.

Live at the heads-up party
Heads up chips looked like this:
colitas77: 1,136,326
Smola37: 528,674

A few minor skirmishes fell colitas77’s way, but the decisive battle occurred when colitas77 raised with A♦J♣ and Smola37 called with K♣8♣. Colitas77 had the best hand, the board hit neither player and colitas77 took the victory. Congratulations to colitas77 for winning tournament 6 of the Twitter Poker League.

6 of 8
The Twitter Poker League tourneys award prizepool cash each week, but the best results over the eight weeks will win Step ticket prizes. To see who stands to win PokerStars added prizes check out the league table below. If you want to play the next game Twitter Poker League tourney try CTRL+T in the lobby and enter #281527823. The Twitter Poker League website has full details about prizes and points. I’ll be back with a full report on next week’s game, but for now I’m off to listen to some Snoop…

Twitter Poker League Leaderboard – Week 6 (07-11-10)
bra boy84 43
3detch 36
McNamara2011 30
Danilo1012 29
Sashhh27 28
thop5574 28
captainlgf 26
PeppeSwe 25
dodgethis12 23
Debiloki 23



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