Pretty ladies, ugly cards at EPT Barcelona Women’s Event

September 17, 2013

My second time at an EPT event in Barcelona was a lot of fun. I played the €300+€30 Women’s Event. I was a bit stressed at the beginning, but of course, I had my big sister, Charlotte Van Brabander, to look after me. She played, too, but registered later because she was cashing in the Estrellas Main Event. So she joined us a few hours later, but it didn’t last long as she went out after a half an hour.

Charlotte Van Brabander - EPT Barcelona.jpg

When I arrived at the table, I was once again amazed by how pretty all the ladies were. Some of them were looking almost innocent, and some could scare me just with their poker faces.

When I started playing, things didn’t go so well. I lost a few pots and only won a few small pots. After a while, I was really short stacked and had to go all-in a few times to get back to my starting stack. I went from average to short stacked and vice versa. The feeling of making no progress was really annoying.

Camille Van Brabander - EPT Barcelona.jpg

The worst feeling during the tournament was definitely when I went all-in with pocket aces. I was so happy when I got called, but the other lady had the same hand, so it was split pot.

The tournament, sadly, didn’t last long for me. Being short stacked all the time forced me to go all-in with 10 big blinds. I had K-Q offsuit and had been waiting for a long time to get any decent hands. I got called with Q-Q and, of course, there weren’t any kings on the table for me. I ended up around 50th out of 85 players.

After all, it’s okay to lose sometimes. The most important part is to have fun and learn from your mistakes. This was my fourth time playing at an EPT event, and I have to say that, once again, the organisation and events were just perfect. It’s also nice that these small events give the casual players a chance to play. I’d love to come again next year!


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