Qualifier set for Ultimate PokerStars Home Game

March 09, 2011

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George is 21 years old and lives in the Czech Republic. He spends about seven hours a day playing poker. If he’s not doing that, he’s reading the poker forums, working out, or watching American TV sitcoms. When he’s not doing that, he’s trying to figure out how to stay warm in the Czech Republic’s -6°C winter. He’s a normal low-stakes poker player, you know?

Oh, and he’s also about to go on some freaky-amazing poker trip with Daniel Negreanu, Jonathan Duhamel, and…well, let’s start at the beginning.

See, George (known as Hark123 on PokerStars) was one of the thousands of people who created their own private poker club when PokerStars announced its innovative revolution in online poker, Home Games. It was the newest and best way for the kid to play games with his buddies without the hassle of finding a place to play, messing with cards, banking cash, and all that jazz. Sure, they liked to get together for some cocktails, cards, and prop betting from time to time, but that’s not the type of thing you can do every day. Home Games was a good solution to the problem. They played low stakes games together online and the occasional gamble-friendly $1 unlimited rebuy pot-limit Omaha tournament.

“Home Games at Pokerstars is the best,” he said. “Players get a chance play with their friends in their private club and choose their own games.”


Hark123 grinding on PokerStars

Part of starting his PokerStars Home Game and getting his friends involved earned George an entry into the Ultimate Home Game $100,000 freeroll. That’s where things started to get interesting.

See, George won the thing, which may not seem all that interesting until you understand the prize. George now gets to choose a trip for him and his buddies to one of four fairly exotic locations where they will get a bankroll to play in a private game with Negreanu, Duhamel, and another Team PokerStars Pro of George’s choice.

So, now, George has some decisions to make. First, where is he going to take his friends? He can choose from EPT Snowfest in the Austrian Alps, Vancouver, Macau, or Buenos Aires.

“Macao is simply the Las Vegas of China where people play the biggest cash games in the world,” he said. After thinking about his Czech winter, he also mused, “Argentina is 30°C.”

Decisions, decisions.

He also has a huge stable of Team PokerStars Pros from which to choose as his prize. Do we even need to guess?

“Liv Boeree,” he said without a second thought. “She’s very good player and she’s beautiful, too.”


George, perhaps thinking about the best way to approach an evening with Liv Boeree

Of all the insanity he’s set to have, George is already in the middle of the fun. He got to tell his PokerStars Home Game buddies that they are about to go on their trip of their lives.

“At first they didn’t believe it. It was pretty funny watching their reaction when I told them,” he said. “It was like ‘No, it can’t be possible! You’re crazy!'”

Possible? Yes.

Crazy? Certainly.

Real? 100%

“It is really a priceless promotion from PokerStars,” he said. “My friends and I are going to get to play with top class poker players. It is really amazing for me.”


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