Road to WCOOP paved with $1m of WCOOP tickets. Take a first step today

July 26, 2021inPoker

It’s not a giant leap kind of step, nor one that kicks off one of those thousand mile journeys you see on the walls of conference rooms. But it is the first towards this years’ World Championship of Online Poker.

Also, unique to steps, this one can be made sitting down.

Because from today you can start oping in to a series of challenges, simply by going to your challenges window in the PokerStars lobby.

Here’s how it works

There are four weeks until WCOOP starts on 22 August, with its headline $100 million guarantee, and you can opt in for each of those weeks to take part.

So from today, and then every Sunday onwards until 21 August.

  • Opt-in each week to the Road to WCOOP promotion via your Challenges Window.
  • Choose a Redemption Points Target – Low, Medium, or High. You can only earn points towards one target each week (and can therefore only enter one draw).
  • Play your favourite poker games from Sunday-Saturday, between 00:00 ET-23:59 ET, to complete the Challenge associated with your target.
  • Meet your Redemption Points Target and you’ll get a ticket to a weekly draw. There will be separate draws for each category – Low, Medium, and High – and they take place on Sundays at 00:05 ET.
  • Then, check if you’ve won WCOOP tickets. If you didn’t don’t worry, you’ll get a ticket to our Ambassador Freeroll on Sunday, August 22.

$1m of WCOOP tickets to be won

In total there are $1,000,000 worth of WCOOP tickets to be won, and $200,000 worth of tickets in that Ambassador Freeroll.

That should be a fun contest, with an added bonus of WCOOP Main Event tickets to anyone who knocks out a PokerStars Ambassador. They’ll be plenty of them. Tickets and Ambassadors.

The Road to WCOOP starts today but you can join any time. So if you miss a week that doesn’t matter either. Get back on the road the week after that. And if you want even more details you can find them on the Road to WCOOP homepage.

We’ll see you there.



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