RomkaNN picks up TPL win

March 23, 2011


“RomkaNN” wins the third week of the Twitter Poker League, and claims the record for fastest heads up section ever. 1,067 players turned out for the tournament this week, 153 were paid and $184.82 was awarded to first place. We only had one bounty again, as last week’s 3rd place finisher “checkflagman” was the only of the four bounty players to play and a 500FPP price was placed on his heads as a result.

He made up for the other three players by showing, that despite the larger than usual reward that he was defending – he was more than capable of outlasting 90% of the Twitter Poker League field. Finishing in a respectable 79th place, “checkflagman” was knocked out when he pushed incredibly short, with A♣9♥ and was called by the big blind who held 6♦2♣. The flop 4♥3♥5♥ brought a straight for “HOLERATIK” and unable to catch a heart on the turn 4♠ or the river K♣, he was out. Congratulations to “HOLERATIK” on claiming the 500FPP bounty prize. This week’s final four players will each be offered 300FPP bounty prizes, should they play next week. Be sure to look out for them and claim that bonus for yourself.

6 3 ft.PNG

It was a Russian heavy final table, with four of the remaining nine players hailing from Russia including the initial chip leader “Djuk_67”. He held 30% of all the chips at the start of play on the final table, quite a difference from “Ivanxupz” who was the shortest with just 10 big blinds. As you might expect he was the first to go, though he probably thought he was about to double up when he flopped top pair top kicker on the flop of 8♣K♦6♥ with his A♠K♠ but when the money went in on the turn he was drawing dead to “RomkaNN”‘s set of eights 8♥8♠. Shortly after that “steelsox68” broke his table silence, and moved in with A♦K♦ despite missing the 7♠9♠4♣ board completely. A brave move but it wasn’t going to make “Zucceroo” fold his top pair with 9♥8♣, and the only American at the final table was out in 8th.

7th place this week went to “dimon404200” who after being crippled when his A♣J♣ ran into A♦K♠ shoved very short with Q♣3♠ but couldn’t get ahead of “Djuk_67″‘s K♦6♦. Next to leave was “Romankondr”, he shoved A♣3♠ and was called by “Djuk_67” who held 8♦7♦. The board ran out 7♣Q♠J♦ 7♥ 8♣, so ace-high for the 6th place finisher and a full house for “Djuk_67” who didn’t exactly need any more chips.

Five handed play only lasted three hands, as soon to be 5th place finisher “ElGocho1” was incredibly short. When he finally made his move with 4♦4♠ vs. the 10♠6♠ of “Djuk_67” there was a hope he could double up. Sadly for him though the board came down 6♣7♠8♥ 10♣ K♦ and he hit the rail, but left with a decent $52.81 for his efforts. Four handed play finally saw things slow down a little, soon enough though 4th place meant farewell for “mj500” when his Queens ran right into the Kings of “RomkaNN”.

6 3 standard.PNG

Some things are just unavoidable.

Things sped right back up once we were three handed, which probably had a lot to do with “RomkaNN” running over the table with his 900k chipstack. There was a great deal of folding until “Djuk67” finally gave in and called the big stack bully’s re-shove with Q♥J♠, he lost the flip vs. 9♥9♠ and left the game in 3rd place. Heads up play was over all too quickly, a mere 4 hands was all it took for the winner to be decided. A slow played flopped nut flush, got the better of “Zucceroo” when he turned the second nut flush, all the money went in on the river and it was game over. “RomkaNN” slyly holding the A♣4♣ on the K♣6♣Q♣ 5♣ 7♠ and “Zucceroo” with the second best flush, with the Q♠J♣.

“RomkaNN” took home 20 leaderboard points for that win, on top of the $184.82 1st place prize. He sits tied second as a result alongside “JefKez” and “Jjaxbax1” all of whom have 20 points across the first three games of this season. Leading the way though tied on 21 points for 1st place are “Checkflagman” and last week’s winner “Erashovo”. You get a point just for taking part and 5 points for making the money, with 5 weeks left this season there is no reason why you couldn’t be at the top of the leaderboard by the time week 8 comes around. Registration for next week’s game is already open, check the tourneyID: 368741641 and // for more information.


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